Friday, March 27, 2015

The camera lies.

Make no mistake about it. These waves were actually no damn good at all. It was abject rubbish out there today.

But the camera causes you to believe things that are manifestly not true, even after the truth of the matter has been laid bare.

That said, Brittany acquitted herself quite well, so there's that.

And the day itself was uber-pleasant.

Friday, March 27, 2015

MacLaren was hating it. The waves, that is.

But the new noserider. Ah yes, the new C.C. Rider. A thing of rare functionality and beauty. Claude Codgen is the master.

My feet have rested atop a lot of noseriders over the decades, but I'm beginning to think that this board is the most maneuverable, sweetest-responding-to-control-moves noserider I've ever ridden.

The above sequence may or may not demonstrate that sort of thing to some of you, but I can certainly feel it, that's for damn sure.

Thanks for getting the frames, Jesse.