Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ok, let's not kid ourselves.

We don't belong here.

Florida is a death-trap, and anyone with half an eye, half a brain, can see that.

Florida spoke clearly to us, just a couple of days ago.

Before The Great Life Support System, before The Great Safety Net, almost nobody lived here, and almost nobody lived here for good and sufficient reasons. Consider the number of properly indigenous people inhabiting Florida in the days long before the Seminole Wars, before railroad trains, mosquito control districts, vaccinations against things like yellow fever, smallpox, diphtheria, and their ilk, before the days of summer food in winter, and winter food in summer, before summer itself in winter and winter itself in summer, before..... I could go on. Oh yes, I could go on and on. But nobody remembers. Nobody knows. Nobody wants to know. The Lawyer Sand got laid down, and will get laid down again, but the ocean and the atmosphere will have the last words in the matter, and the fat cats will take their smug smiles and piles of money with them when they are finally forced to admit defeat, and move somewhere else with a laugh, and not a thought or a care for those they have worked over, for those they have used, for those who they claim to support, but who they really could not possibly care less about as they wantonly go about their nasty hubris-ridden business of fucking everything up, shrugging, and then admitting to no responsibility for any of it.

They entice great swarms of people into places where people have no business being. They fleece them for all they are worth, and then laugh and move on.

They want to turn Cocoa Beach into Myrtle Beach and will succeed before it's all said and done, bank accounts bulging, and then they will shed a few crocodile tears for the way it used to be, before they themselves came along and fucked it all up.

But the ocean and the atmosphere will have the last say in the matter. Their word is law and all else is bullshit, and anyone who believes otherwise will get exactly what they deserve in the end, unless they are lucky enough to die before it all comes down.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Meanwhile, those members of your life support system.

Those members of your safety net.

Go about their delusional business.

Living lives composed almost solely of mindless fiction.

Living lives so divorced from the fearsome realities that surround them daily that it takes your breath away.

How far do you think you can trust this life support system, seeing its individual members displaying such stunning ineptitude?

How much more winter in summer do you think them capable of bringing you?

How many more days without mosquitoes so thick that they show a grimly dark handprint against the far side of the screen when you take the palm of your hand away from it?

Do you really think those days are without number? Will those days go on forever? Really?

The fools are in charge.

The fools are running the show.

And they consider you with smugly condescending smiles on their faces, shake their heads, and turn back to the pursuit of greed, to the television set, to the instagram feed, to whatever bread and circuses which they have become accustomed to.

The moon covers the sun, darkness falls, and then the sun returns.

The wind rises with the water, lays waste to all before it, and then it departs and the sun returns.

The fools return with it, to their beach towels and surfboards.

It all looks so funny and foolish, but there is a deadly infrasonic thrum beneath all of it, and it is increasing.