Dings and Strings. Or is that Strings and Dings?

Gary Hughs & Newt Broome have a little shop.


Oh man, but you gotta go by and check this thing out, ok? Little hole in the wall shop, tucked back near the end of Manatee Ave, not really all that far west off of A1A. Mind you, we’re less than half a mile south of Ron Jon, in darkest Tourist Cocoa Beach, but for all the place gives away, it might as well be somewhere two hundred miles north of El Paso, or perhaps way out on the Kenai Peninsula

Newt Broome and Gary Hughes have got a thing going here folks, no doubt about that.

Walk through the front door, between the life size surfboard on the left of the door, and equally large (head high, in case you’re wondering) electric guitar on the right side of the door, and you’re immediately transported into another world.

First thing you hit is Gary’s guitar repair area, just behind a minimalist counter.

Oh shit, but what a bunch of cool stuff!

Among other things: A set of bongos, complete with case and stand, that were used in Don Ho’s show in Honolulu. Real McCoy. Sears catalog Silvertone early sixties guitar, with the case that doubled as an amplifier, vacuum tubes and all. Ask Gary to play it. Perhaps, if he’s in a good mood, and you’re not an asshole, he will. Too cool!

Gary does INSANE guitar work. Woodwork from another dimension. Extravagantly well done. Perfect finish. Perfect tone. Oh shit, I could go on forever. Screw me, and get your ass over there to check the shit out in person, ok?

Back of Gary’s area, you encounter Newt’s part of the operation.

Surfboard restoration. Everything from the quickie ding repair you need to get you back into the lineup straightaway, to complete board restoration.

Newt specializes in rapid turnaround, but if you’ve got some time, he can give it the full wazoo.

Witness the middle sixties vintage Hobie Gary Proper team board. Damn thing looks like it’s a hundred years old. But it’s got a PERFECT factory gloss finish. Time capsule stuff! Gotta see it to believe it!

Both Newt and Gary are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Easy going, down to earth, and willing to talk things over to allow you to get exactly what you’re looking for. Unless you’re an asshole. They’re doing turn away business and don’t like pushy bastards or bogus bullshitters, and they don’t have to put up with that kinda shit.

But if you’re any kind of honest or honorable kind or person, this, my friend, is the place for you!

Get down there and check it out! Even if you really don’t need their services, they’ll be tickled just to walk you through this most unique of operations. Hell of a fucking vest pocket kinda place.

Sounds like a fucking commercial, doesn’t it? What can I say? I like it. I like a lot. You’ll like it too. Trust me.

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