NASA Acronyms - Full List as of 2012
A ampere
A analog
A analog signal
A&A advertise and award
A&CO activation and checkout
A&COTA assembly and checkout technical analysis
A&E architects and engineers
A&E architectural and engineering
A&L approach and landing
A&P airframe and power plant
A&P attitude and pointing
A&PS Administration and Program Support (MSFC directorate)
A&R assembly and recycle
A&R automation and robotics
A&RC application and resource control
A&S alignment and stabilization
A&SS alignment and stabilization subsystem
A&T assembly and test
A&TA assembly and test area
A/A air-to-air
A/A airplane avionics
A/A analog-to-analog
A/A angular accelerometer
A/B airborne
A/C air conditioning
A/C aircraft
A/C associate contractor
A/D analog-to-digital
A/F air-to-fuel ratio
A/F airframe
A/FM arm firing mechanism
A/G air-to-ground
A/J antijam
A/L airlock
A/L approach and landing
A/L autoland
A/M area to mass
A/M auto/manual
A/N account name
A/N alphanumeric
A/O analog output
A/P airport
A/P autopilot
A/R as required
A/R autoland roll-out
A/S acquisition sensor
A/S airspeed
A/S arm/safe
A/S ascent stage
A/S auxiliary stage
AA accelerated assembly
AA associate administrator
AA accelerometer assembly
AA affirmative action
AA air-to-air
AA airplane avionics
AA American Airlines
AA angular accelerometer
AA antiaircraft
AA Associate of Arts degree
AA/AL airplane avionics/autoland
AA/AL automatic approach/autoland
AAA allocations, assessments, and analysis
AAA astronaut-actuated abort
AABNCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post
AACCS analytical approach to candidate constellation selection
AACPSM actual average cost per successful mission
AACS attitude and antenna control system
AADEW attack assessment for directed-energy weapon
AADR applications approval design review
AADS ascent air data system
AADSF advanced automated directional solidification furnace
AAE abort advisory equipment
AAE aerospace auxiliary equipment
AAE American Association of Engineers
AAFE advanced applications flight equipment
AAIR advanced atmospheric sounder and imaging radiometer
AAMP advanced architecture microprocessor
AAMRAM air-to-air medium-range missile
AAO Astronaut Activities Office (JSC)
AAP Affirmative Action Plan
AAP Affirmative Action Program
AAP airlock adapter plate
AAP analog autopilot
AAP assemble at pad
AAS abort advisory system
AAS advanced antenna system
AASM Association of American Steel Manufacturers
AB adapter booster
AB afterburner
AB air bearing
AB airborne
AB anchor bolt
AB autobeacon
AB avionics bay
ABA dc amplifier, buffer, and attenuator
ABC Ada browse capability
ABC automatic brightness control
ABCAS algorithm beam center and shape
ABCF as-built configuration file
ABCL as-built configuration list
ABCP airborne command post
ABCR as-built configuration record
ABD Airborne Ballistics Division (NASA)
ABE air-based electronics
ABE air-breathing engine
ABE arm-based electronics
ABERT auto bit error rate test
ABES air-breathing engine system
ABETS airborne beacon test set
ABI avionics bus interface
ABJIT algorithm beam jitter
ABL airborne laser
ABL aircraft-based laser
ABLE airborne laser evaluation
ABLOS algorithm beam line of sight
ABM acquisition bus monitor
ABM advance bill of materials
ABM antiballistic missile
ABM apogee boost motor
ABMA Army Ballistic Missile Agency
ABMCP airborne military command post
ABMO Antiballistic Missile Office
ABNCP Airborne National Command Post
ABPS air-breathing propulsion system
ABRES antiballistic reentry system
ABS air-break switch
ABS ammonia boiler system (subsystem)
ABT air-bearing table
ABTCU active baseplate thermal control unit
AC advanced composite
AC aerodynamic center
AC application controller
AC assembly complete
AC audio center
AC auxiliary computer
ac alternating current
ACA altitude controller assembly
ACA annunciator control assembly
ACA Associate Contractor Administration
ACA attitude controller assembly
ACA auxiliary crew compartment
ACAP Advanced Computer Airframe Program
ACB air-cushion barge
ACC advanced carbon-carbon
ACC aft cargo compartment
ACC automatic control console
ACC auxiliary crew compartment
ACCE augmented continuous control evaluator
ACCESS assembly concept for construction of erectable space
ACCN audit central control network
ACCS adaptive communication control subsystem
ACCU audio central control unit
ACD accuracy control document
ACD anti-carryover device
ACD architectural control document
ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDNS attitude control, determination, and navigation
ACDS attitude control and determination system (subsystem)
ACE acceptance checkout equipment
ACE actual average cost per successful mission
ACE attitude control electronics
ACE automatic checkout equipment
ACEL Air Crew Equipment Laboratory (U.S. Navy)
ACES acceptance checkout and evaluation system
ACES acceptance control equipment section
ACES automatic checkout equipment sequencer
ACEU aerocontrol electronics unit
ACF American Car and Foundry
ACI age-controlled item
ACI allocated configuration identification
ACIL automatic controlled instrument landing
ACIP aerodynamic coefficient identification package
ACIP aerodynamic coefficient instrumentation package
ACL access control list
ACL allowable container load
ACL ascent closed loop
ACLC adaptive communication live controller
ACLS automated control and landing system
ACM acquisition control module
ACM actual average cost per successful mission
ACM Association of Computing Machinery
ACM auxiliary core memory
ACMA Army class managing activity
ACMB Applications Configuration Management Board
ACME attitude control and maneuvering electronics
ACMS automated configuration management system
ACN acceptance change notice
ACN Ascension Island (STDN)
ACO acceptance checkout
ACO administrative contracting officer
ACO assembly checkout
ACP airborne command post
ACP astronaut control panel
ACP audio control panel
ACPL assembly component parts list
ACPM associate contractor program manager
ACPM attitude control propulsion motor
ACPO Associate Contractor Project Office
ACPS attitude control propulsion system
ACR actual cost report
ACRC assured crew return capability
ACRES automated change request and evaluation system
ACRIM active cavity radiometer irradiance monitor
ACRS accelerated cost recovery system
ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards
ACRV assured crew return vehicle
ACS advanced combat system
ACS aft crew station
ACS alternating current synchronous
ACS altitude control and stabilization
ACS American Chemical Society
ACS atmosphere control system
ACS attitude control and stabilization
ACS attitude control system
ACS automated control system
ACSN advance change schedule notice
ACSN advance change/study notice
ACSU alternating-current switching unit
ACT acquisition coarse tracker
ACT acquisition, control, and test
ACT audio center transmission
ACTA activate test article
ACTS acquisition coarse tracker subsystem
ACTS advanced communication technology satellite
ACU annunciator control unit
ACU avionics cooling unit
ACUO avionics cooling unit operator
ACV air-cushion vehicle
ACWP actual cost for work performed
AD Administrative Operations and Support Service
AD advanced development
AD air density
AD associate director
ADA adaptive diagnostic authoring
ADA azimuth drive assembly
Ada DOD high-level programming language
ADABECS airborne demonstration advanced beam extraction am
ADAC attitude determination and control
ADACS attitude determination and control system
ADADL Ada design and documentation language
ADAES advanced data assessment expert system
ADAM automated distributed architecture model
ADAMS automated dynamic analysis of mechanical systems
ADAP aerodynamic data analysis program
ADAP automated data analysis program
ADB Aerodynamic Data Book
ADB auxiliary memory data output bus
ADC Aerospace Defense Command
ADC Air Defense Command
ADC air data computer
ADC analog-to-digital computer
ADC analog-to-digital converter
ADC attitude determination and control
Adc amperes direct current
ADCN attitude determination, control, and navigation
ADCOM air defense command
ADCR applicable document contractual record
ADCS attitude determinate control system
ADCS attitude determination and control subsystem
ADD architecture definition document
ADF automatic direction finder
ADF automatic display finder
ADFRF Ames/Dryden Flight Research Facility
ADH advanced development hardware
ADI analytic and design investigation
ADI attitude direction indicator
ADI attitude director indicator
ADI attitude display indicator
ADIC Air Defense Intelligence Center
ADL Ada design language
ADL Ada-based design language
ADL Advanced Development Laboratory
ADL Avionics Development Laboratory
ADM air data management
ADMS automated data management system
ADOP advanced distributed on-board processor
ADP acceptance data package
ADP acceptance documentation package
ADP Advanced Development Program (NASA)
ADP air data package
ADP air data probe
ADP automated data processing
ADP automatic data processing
ADPA air data probe assembly
ADPE automated data processing equipment
ADPE automatic data processing equipment
ADPF automated data processing facility
ADPL as-designed parts list
ADPS acceptance data package system
ADPSSM ADP system security monitor
ADR Aerospace and Defense Research
ADRL automatic drawing release list
ADS air data sensor
ADS air data system (subsystem)
ADS angular displacement sensor
ADS ascent design system
ADS attitude determination subsystem
ADS attitude display system
ADS audio distribution system
ADSA alternate demonstration structural article
ADSF automatic directional solidification furnace
ADT air data transfer
ADTA air data transducer assembly
ADU annunciator display unit
ADU ascent driver unit
AE architectural and engineering
AEB aft equipment bay
AEC aft end cone
AEC aft events controller
AEC American Engineering Council
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AECS area entry control system
AECS automated entry control system
AED Aerospace Electrical Division (Westinghouse)
AED analog event distributor
AEDC Arnold Engineering Development Center
AEDS analog event distribution system
AEM acoustical emission monitoring
AEM arsenal exchange model
AEM assembly and external maintenance
AEOP adaptive electro-optical processor
AER Atomic Energy Research
AERO Aeroballistics (MSFC)
AES advanced electrical schematic
AES American Electrochemical Society
AES American Electroplaters Society
AES analog event system
AES atmosphere exchange system
AES Auger electron spectroscopy
AESOP an easy system of programming
AET aerosurface end-to-end test
AET algorithm evaluation and test
AETB alumina-enhanced thermal barrier
AETL approved engineering test laboratory
AF aft fuselage
AF Air Force
AF airframe
AF audio frequency
AF award fee
AF/DBS areal fluid data base system
AF/IN Air Force/Intelligence
AFA airframe assembly
AFA American Foundrymen's Association
AFAD armed forces acquisition document
AFAL Air Force Astronautics Laboratory
AFAL Air Force Avionics Laboratory
AFALD Air Force Acquisition Logistics Division (WPAFB)
AFAPL Air Force Aero Propulsion Laboratory
AFATL Air Force Armaments Test Laboratory
AFB Air Force base
AFBMA Antifriction Bearing Manufacturing Association
AFBMD Air Force Ballistic Missile Division
AFC aerodynamic flight control
AFC automatic flight control
AFC automatic frequency control
AFCS automatic flight control system
AFCSC Air Force Cryptologic Support Center
AFD acceptance for data
AFD aft flight deck
AFD assistant flight director
AFDE aft flight deck equipment
AFDO aft flight deck operator
AFDR ascent flight design review
AFE Aeroassist Flight Experiment
AFEB Award Fee Evaluation Board
AFEC Award Fee Evaluation Committee
AFESD Air Force Electronic Systems Division
AFETR Air Force Eastern Test Range
AFETRM Air Force Eastern Test Range Manual
AFEV Air Force experiment vehicle
AFF acceptance and ferry flight
AFFDL Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Center (EAFB)
AFFTC/RPL Air Force Flight Test Center/Rocket Propulsion
AFGE American Federation of Government Employees
AFGL Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Center
AFI automatic fault isolation
AFLC Air Force Logistics Command
AFM Air Force manual
AFM arm/firing mechanism
AFMDC Air Force Missile Development Center
AFML Air Force Materials Laboratory
AFMTC Air Force Missile Test Center
AFO abort from orbit
AFO announced flight opportunity
AFOSH Air Force Occupational Safety and Health
AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AFP advanced flexible processor
AFP Air Force plant
AFP Ariane-furnished property
AFP888 designation for P80-1 spacecraft
AFPC Air Force Program Control
AFPD authorization for program development
AFPM Air Force program manager
AFPR Air Force plant representative
AFR Air Force regulation
AFRPL Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (EAFB)
AFRSI advanced flexible reusable surface insulation
AFS Air Force standard
AFS Air Force station
AFS ascent flight system
AFSA Air Force study and analysis
AFSAT Air Force satellite
AFSATCOM Air Force satellite communication(s)
AFSC Air Force Space Command
AFSC Air Force specialty code
AFSC Air Force Systems Command
AFSCF Air Force Satellite Control Facility
AFSCF Air Force Space Command Facility
AFSCF Air Force Systems Command Facility
AFSCN Air Force satellite control network
AFSCN Air Force Space Command network
AFSCS Air Force satellite communications system
AFSD Air Force Space Division
AFSIE Air Force standard items and equipment
AFSIG Ascent Flight System Integration Group
AFSLV Air Force space launch vehicle
AFSPACECOM Air Force Space Command
AFSRT avionics flight systems readiness test
AFSSD Air Force Space Systems Division
AFSTC Air Force Satellite Test Center
AFSTC Air Force Space Technology Center
AFSTC Air Force Space Technology Command
AFSWC Air Force Special Weapons Center (Holloman AFB)
AFT active fine tracker
AFT aerodynamic flight test
AFT atmospheric flight test
AFTA acoustic fatigue test article
AFTA aft frame tilt actuator
AFTEC Air Force Test and Evaluation Center
AFTOC Air Force Tactical Operations Center
AFTP Air Force test procedure
AFTS aft fuselage thrust structure
AFWAL Air Force Weapons Analysis Laboratory
AFWAL Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory
AFWAL/ML Air Force Wright Aeronautical Lals Laboratory
AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory
AFWPAL Air Force Wright-Patterson Aeropropulsion Laboratory
AFWSG Air Force Weapons System Group
AFWTR Air Force Western Test Range
AG artificial gravity
AG attitude gyro
A-G air-to-ground
AGAA attitude gyro accelerometer assembly
AGAP attitude gyro accelerometer package
AGARD Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development
AGC Aerojet General Corporation
AGC automatic gain control
AGCA automatic ground-controlled approach
AGCS automatic ground control station
AGCU air/ground cooling unit
AGCU attitude gyro coupling unit
AGE aerospace ground equipment
AGE air/ground equipment
AGE automatic ground equipment
AGI agreement item
AGL above ground level
AGL above-ground link
AGL absolute ground level
AGMA American Gear Manufacturer's Association
AGMC Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center
AGN&C advanced guidance, navigation, and control
AGO Santiago, Chile (STDN)
AGOES advanced geosynchronous observation environment
AGOSS automated ground operations scheduling system (KSC)
AGREE Advisory Group in Reliability of Electronic Equipment
AGS abort guidance system
AGS antigravity suit
AGS ASPS gimbal system
AGT adaptive guidance throttling
AH ampere hour
AH attitude hold
AHCS advanced helicopter control system
AHI artificial horizon indicator
AHM automatic hold mode
AHP analytical hierarchy process
AHP pitch axis attitude hold
AHR ablative heat rate
AHR roll axis attitude hold
AHRS attitude heading reference system
AHS aft heat shield
AI action item
AI airspeed indicator
AI altimeter indicator
AI altitude indicator
AI anti-icing
AI artificial intelligence
AI associate investigator
AI/ES artificial intelligence/expert system
AIA Aircraft Industries Association
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AICC action item control card
AICE American Institute of Chemical Engineers
AICP aerodynamic instrumental coefficient package
AICS action item closeout sheet
AID abbreviated item description
AID action item disposition
AID analog input differential
AID audit item disposition
AIDE aerospace installation diagnostic equipment
AIDS airborne integrated data system (subsystem)
AIEE American Institute of Electrical Engineers
AIIM Association for Information and Image Management
AIL Avionics Integration Laboratories
AILAS automatic instrument landing approach system
AILS automatic instrument landing system
AIM automatic information management
AIME American Institute of Mechanical Engineers
AIOD ascent insertion on-orbit deorbit
AIP aircraft instrumented payload
AIP avionics integration plan
AIR action item report
AIR adaptive intercommunication requirement
AIS action item sheet
AIS airborne imaging spectrometer
AIS airlock illumination subassembly
AIS analog-in single-ended
AISC American Institute of Steel Construction
AISD Autonetics ICBM Systems Division (Rockwell)
AISI American Iron and Steel Institute
AIST abbreviated integration system test
AIST advanced interferometric system technology
AIST Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
AISTR advanced interferometric system technology requirement
AIT autoignition test
AIU abort interface unit
AIU avionics interface unit
AJ antijamming
AJ assembly jig
AJCS automated job card system
AKA active keel actuator
AKM apogee kick motor
AL airlock
AL approach and landing
AL autoland
ALAS approach/landing autopilot subsystem
ALASAT air-launched antisatellite
ALASS alternate low-altitude surveillance system
ALB acceptance log book
ALC aft load controller
ALC air logistics center
ALC audio load compensator
ALC automatic level control
ALC automatic light control
ALCA aft load controller assembly
ALCA automatic level-control assembly
ALCC Airborne Launch Control Center
ALCM air-launched cruise missile
ALCOA Aluminum Corporation of America
ALCOM algorithm line-of-sight comparison
ALDC automatic load and drive control
ALDO activity-level-dependent operation
ALE Airborne Laser Experiment
ALE airport lighting equipment
ALERT acute launch emergency reliability tip
ALERT acute launch emergency restraint tip
ALFA air-lubricated free attitude
ALFT approach and landing flight test
ALGOL algorithmic language
ALIO activity-level-independent operation
ALL Airborne Laser Laboratory
Al-Li aluminum lithium
ALMS automated logistics management system
ALOSA algorithm line-of-sight angle
ALPS advanced liquid propulsion system
ALPS approach and landing procedures simulator
ALRC Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company
ALRUTS automated line replaceable unit tracking system (KSC)
ALS Ada language system
ALS advanced launch system
ALS advanced logistics system
ALS airlock system
ALS alternative landing site
ALS approach/landing system
ALS automatic landing system
ALSA astronaut life support assembly
ALSE astronaut life support equipment
ALSEMP ALS Engineering Management Plan
ALSGEM ALS global evaluation module
ALSS advanced life support system
ALSS airlock support system (subsystem)
ALSSSWG ALS System Security Working Group
ALSSW ALS software
ALT approach and landing test
ALTR approach and landing test requirement
ALTS avionics LRU tracking system
ALU arithmetic/logic unit
ALV advanced launch vehicle
ALV advanced logistics vehicle
ALVIB algorithm payload vibration
AM actuator mechanism
AM Administration and Management Operations (KSC
AM aeromedical monitor
AM airlock module
AM alpha meter
AM amplitude modulated
AM amplitude modulation
AM antenna management
AM assurance management
AMAL Aeronautical Medical Acceleration Laboratory
AMAL Aviation Medical Acceleration Laboratory
AMBD automated maintenance data base
AMC aft motor controller
AMC Air Material Command
AMC Army Missile Command
AMC automatic manual control
AMC automatic mixture control
AMCA aft motor controller assembly
AMCC ADL master control console
AMCM advanced missions cost model
AMCR automated master change record
AMDCS assurance management document control system
AMDS advanced missions docking system (subsystem)
AME abort maneuver evaluator
AMEC aft master events controller
AMEU alpha/Mach indicator electronic unit
AMF abort motor facility
AMF apogee memory image
AMFL Aeromedical Field Laboratory
AMG Activation Management Group
AMG angle of the middle gimbal
AMI airspeed/Mach indicator
AMI alpha/Mach indicator
AMI apogee memory image
AMIC Automated Management Information Center
AMIS acquisition management information system
AMK aircraft modification kit
AML approved materials list
AMLC asynchronous multiline controller
AMLS advanced manned launch system
AMMM autonomous magnetic momentum management
AMO Aerospace Medical Operations (JSC)
AMOOS advanced maneuvering orbit-to-orbit Shuttle
AMOS Air Force Maui optical site
AMPD Applied Materials Physics Division
AMPR aeronautical manufacturer's planning report
AMPR aeronautical manufacturer's progress report
AMPS atmosphere, magnetosphere, and plasmas in space
AMPS atmospheric magnetospheric plasma system
AMPTE active magnetospheric particle tracer explorer
AMR area-to-mass ratio
AMR Atlantic Missile Range
AMRF Automated Manufacturing Research Facility
AMRO AMR operations
AMRV astronaut maneuvering vehicle
AMS acoustic measurement system
AMS actuation mechanism subsystem
AMS aeronautical material specification
AMS amplifier subsystem
AMS attached manipulator system
AMS automated material system
AMS automated measurement system
AMSC advanced military space flight capability
AMSD Autonetics Marine Systems Division
AMST advanced medium STOL transport
AMT auxiliary master tape
AMTAS automatic modal tuning and analysis system
AMTD automatic magnetic tape dissemination
AMTF Acoustic Model test Facility
AMU astronaut maneuvering unit
AMU attitude match update
AMW angular momentum wheel
AMX AM transmitter-receiver
AMY Ada management yield
AN alphanumeric
AN Army-Navy
ANA Air Force-Navy aeronautical bulletin
ANARS autonomous navigation and attitude reference system
ANC active nutation control
ANC Air Force-Navy-civil
AND Air Force-Navy aeronautical design standard
AND Air Force-Navy design
ANI authorized, not implemented
ANL automatic noise limiter
ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center
ANRA air navigation radio aid
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANT Antigua (ETR)
ANT Antigua Island
AO acoustic-optical
AO analog output
AO announcement of opportunity
AOA abort once around
AOA airborne optical adjunct
AOA American Ordnance Association
AOA angle of attack
AOC annual operating cost
AOC auxiliary output chip
AOCP ac on-board computer program
AOCP AVCS on-board computer program
AOCRD acceptance and operational checkout requirements
AOCS attitude and orbit control subsystem
AOD advanced object data
AOD Aircraft Operations Division (JSC)
AOD analog output differential
AOD assistant operations director
AOES advanced orbit ephemeris system
AOFEE advanced orbiter flight evaluation experiment
AOI area of interest
AOIS automatic optical inspection system
AOL area of launch
AOM acoustic-optic modulator
AOP annual operating plan
AOP assembly operations plan
AOPL advance order parts list
AOPM airline operations planning model
AOQ average outgoing quality
AOQL average outgoing quality limit
AOS acquisition of signal
AOS ACTS optical system
AOS airborne optical system
AOSP advanced on-board signal processor
AOT actual operating time
AOT alignment optical telescope
AOT avionics operating time
AOT avionics overall test
AP accelerometer package
AP access panel
AP access point
AP administrative procedure
AP air pressure
AP atmospheric and space physics
AP autopilot
AP Procurement, Supply, and Transportation (KSC
AP&P advanced plans and programs
APA abort programmer assembly
APA allowance for program adjustment
APAE attached payload accommodations equipment
APAS Aerodynamic Performance and Sizing Program
APC adaptive payload carrier
APC advanced propulsion comparison
APC aft power controller
APC airborne particle counter
APC armored personnel carrier
APC automatic phase control
APCA aft power controller assembly
APCP Aerojet photoelectric cell program
APD area passive dosimeter
APD avalanche photo diode
APDL Ada programming design language
APE arithmetic processing extension
APES advanced processor emulator system
APGC Air Proving Ground Command
API air position indicator
APIF automated process information file
APIRD authorized procurement information requirements
APIRL authorized procurement information requirements list
APK accelerometer package
APL applications program library
APLAC analysis program linear active circuit
APLIS automated payload ICD system
APLM applications program library maintenance
APM ascent particle monitor
APM assistant project manager
APM associate program manager
APMSM assembly phase maintenance simulation model
APN ACE problem notice
APO automated purchase order
APP advance procurement package
APP astrophysics payload
APPF Automated Payload Processing Facility
APPLE advanced propulsion payload effect
APPS auxiliary payload power system
APR advance parts release
APRF Army Pulse Radiation Facility
APS aft propulsion system (subsystem)
APS ascent propulsion system
APS attitude propulsion system (subsystem)
APS automated planning system
APS automatic processing system
APS auxiliary power subsystem
APS auxiliary propulsion system
APSAP auxiliary propulsion system aft pod
APSE Ada programming support environment
APSS atmospheric pressure supply subsystem
APT airborne pointer tracker
APT astronaut preference test
APT automatic programmed tool
APTE automated production test equipment
APTI actions per time interval
APU auxiliary power unit
APU auxiliary propulsion unit
APUS auxiliary power unit subsystem
APUT auxiliary power unit test
APWL automatically processed wire list
AQL acceptance quality level
AR acceptance readiness
AR acceptance review
AR acid resisting
AR antireflection
AR antireflective
AR as required
AR atmospheric revitalization
ARA attitude reference assembly
ARA auxiliary recovery antenna
ARABSAT Saudi Arabian communications satellite
ARAP Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton
ARAP astronaut rescue air pack
ARAR accident risk assessment report
ARC aggregation of red blood cells
ARC Ames Research Center (NASA, Moffet Field, California)
ARC automatic responsivity correction
ARCOMSAT Arab League communications satellite
ARCS aft reaction control subsystem
ARD abort region determinator
ARDC Air Research and Development Command (Air Force)
ARES advanced railroad electronic system
ARFDS automatic reentry flight dynamics simulator
ARGMA Army Rocket and Guided Missile Agency
ARIA advanced range instrumentation aircraft
ARIES astronomical radio interferometric Earth surveying
ARINC Aircraft Radio, Incorporated
ARIS advanced range instrumentation ship
ARIS ALS requirements information system
ARMA accumulator-reservoir manifold assembly
ARMS automated requirements management system
ARN action and reply notice
ARN additional reference number
ARP as-run procedure
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency (DOD)
ARPCS atmosphere revitalization pressure control system
ARPCS atmospheric revitalization pressure control system
ARPESH accurate and reliable prototype Earth sensor head
ARQ automatic request
ARRS air recovery and rescue service
ARS Air Rescue Service
ARS air revitalization system (subsystem)
ARS ALS release system
ARS American Rocket Society
ARS atmosphere revitalization subsystem
ARS atmospheric revitalization section
ARS atmospheric revitalization system
ARS attitude reference system
ARSDA advanced radiation space defense application
ART automated reasoning tool
ARTCC air route traffic control center
ARTO Advanced Radiation Technology Office
ARTOOS Advanced Radiation Technology Office optical support
ARTS advanced remote tracking station
ARTS automated restricted tracking system
ARTS automated retrieval and tracking system
ARTSE Ada run-time support environment (for embedded systems)
ARU attitude reference unit
AS antispoof
AS&ASD Autonetics Sensors and Aircraft Systems Division
AS/CP attitude set/control panel
AS/RS automated storage and retrieval system
ASA abort sensor assembly
ASA adapter service area
ASA advanced system avionics
ASA aerosurface amplifier
ASA aerosurface servoamplifier
ASA American Standards Association
ASAC aerodynamic surfaces assembly and checkout
ASAP ACE Shuttle application processing
ASAP advanced sensor analysis program
ASAP Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
ASAP as soon as possible
ASAPTS automated scheduling and product tracking system
ASAS aerodynamic stability augmentation system
ASAT antisatellite
ASATS antisatellite simulation
ASB airlock stowage bag
ASC aerodynamic surface control
ASC aerosurface control
ASC airlock support component
ASC American Satellite Corporation
ASC array stowage container
ASC Ascension Island
ASC automatic sensitivity control
ASC auxiliary switch normally closed
ASCADS aft station command and data system
ASCE airlock signal conditioning electronics
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCOP Applied Science Corporation of Princeton (Division of EMR)
ASCP attitude set control panel
ASCS atmosphere storage and control subsystem (Spacelab)
ASCS atmospheric storage and control section
ASCS attitude stabilization and control system
ASD advanced systems development
ASD Aeronautical Systems Division (Air Force)
ASDE aerosurface driver electronics
ASDM aerosurface driver/monitor
ASDTIC analog-signal-to-discrete-time-interval converter
ASE advanced space engine
ASE aerospace support equipment
ASE airborne support equipment
ASE automatic support equipment
ASEA American Society of Engineers and Architects
ASED Avionics System Engineering Division (JSC)
ASF Atmospheric Science Facility
ASFT abbreviated system functional test
ASFTS auxiliary system function test stand
ASG Aeronautical Standards Group
ASG Avionic Subsystems Group
ASGPD attitude set and gimbal position display
ASI airspeed indicator
ASI amended shipping instructions
ASI augmented spark igniter
ASI augmented spark indicator
ASI augmented system ignition
ASIC application-specific integrated circuit
ASIC application-specific integration circuit
ASK amplitude shift keying
ASKA automatic system for kinematic analysis
ASL above sea level
ASL approved source list
ASLU antenna select logic unit
ASM air-to-surface missile
ASM American Society for Metals
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASN average sample number
ASO auxiliary switch normally open
ASO Aviation Safety Office
ASP aerosurface position
ASP airborne science program
ASPI aerosurface position indicator
ASPP atmospheric and space plasma physics
ASPR armed service procurement regulation
ASPS annular suspension and pointing system
ASPSL ASPP Sortie Laboratory
ASQC American Society for Quality Control
ASR air-sea rescue
ASR automatic send and receive
ASR avionic system review
ASRE American Society of Refrigerating Engineers
ASRM abort solid rocket motor
ASRM advanced solid rocket motor
ASRS automated Shuttle requirement system
ASRS automated support requirements system
ASSD Autonetics Strategic Systems Division
ASSE American Society of Sanitary Engineers
ASSESS airborne science Shuttle experiments system simulation
ASSH advanced space systems hardening
ASSO assistant system security officer
ASST American Society for Steel Treating
AST all-systems test
AST Atlantic standard time
ASTB AGN&C simulation test bed
ASTD Advanced Space Technology Division
ASTE American Society of Tool Engineers
ASTF Aeropropulsion System Test Facility
ASTG Aerospace Test Group
ASTIA Armed Services Technical Information Agency
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
ASTP Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
ASTRA advanced star tracker
ASTRO ascent trajectory optimization
ASTS avionic system test specification
ASVIB algorithm scoreboard vibrations
AT access tower
AT action time
AT assembly truss
AT&L acceptance test and logistics
AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph
ATA abort time assembly
ATA advanced tactical aircraft
ATA aft test article
ATA Air Transport Association
ATA assembly test article
ATA avionics test article
ATAC Advanced Technology Advisory Committee
ATC ablative thrust control
ATC active thermal control
ATC Air Training Command
ATC air traffic control
ATC aircraft target computer
ATC assistant test conductor
ATC ATE computer
ATC/FTD Air Training Command/Field Training Detachment
ATCA attitude translation control assembly
ATCO ambient temperature catalytic oxidizer
ATCS active thermal control system (subsystem)
ATDAP aircraft target data acquisition program
ATDB aerothermal data book
ATDB aerothermodynamic data book
ATDF automated test development folder
ATDP acceptance test data package
ATDP aircraft target data program
ATDRP aircraft target data reduction program
ATE aerospace training equipment
ATE airborne test equipment
ATE automated test equipment
ATE automatic test engineer
ATE automatic test equipment
ATF advanced tactical fighter
ATG Aerospace Test Group
ATG automated time line generator
ATH above the horizon
ATI average total inspection
ATIS automatic terminal information system
ATL Advanced Technology Laboratories
ATL Aero-Thermal Lab (Marquardt)
ATL Avionics Test Laboratory
ATLAS abbreviated test language for avionic systems
ATLAS analysis of thrust structure loads and stresses
ATM Apollo telescope mount
ATM ascent trajectory model
ATO abort to orbit
ATO automatic turn-on
ATOLL acceptance test of launch language
ATOP Ada technology operational planning
ATOS automated technical order system
ATP acceptance test procedure
ATP acceptance test program
ATP acquisition, tracking, and pointing
ATP activation test program
ATP advanced technical payroll
ATP airborne tracking and pointing
ATP authority to proceed
ATPA alpha temperature probe assembly
ATP-FC acquisition, tracking, and pointing fire control
ATPG automatic test program generator
ATPSE acquisition, tracking, and pointing system emulator
ATR air transport rack
ATR air transport radio
ATR air transport rating
ATR air transportation rack
ATRS automated training records system
ATS acceptance test specification
ATS Atlantic tracking station
ATS automatic terminal system
ATS automatic test set
ATS automatic transcribing system
ATS administrative telephone system
ATS administrative terminal system
ATS advanced technology satellite
ATS analog tone signal
ATS applications technology satellite
ATS assembly trusses and structure
ATS asynchronous task storage
ATS Atlantic tracking ship
ATT acceptance thermal testing
ATTACK advanced threat technology attack coordination and
ATTS automatic telemetry tracking system
ATU audio terminal unit
ATU audio/thermal unit
ATVC ascent thrust vector control (controller)
ATVC automatic thrust vector control
ATVCD ascent thrust vector control driver
ATVCS automatic thrust vector control system
AU accounting unit
AU astronomical unit
AUASAM automatic aimpoint selection and maintenance
AUB aft utility bridge
AUC average unit cost
AUCV advanced unmanned cargo vehicle
AUDF automated unit development folder
AUF authorized user file
AUP Ames unitary plan (wind tunnel)
AUTO-BF automatic body flap
AUTODIN automatic digital network
autoland automatic landing
AUTO-P automatic pitch control mode
AUTOVON automatic voice network
AUTO-YR automatic yaw roll mode
AV audiovisual
AV average value
AVC automatic volume control
AVCG automatic vapor crystal growth
AVCOR algorithm vibration correlation
AVCS attitude and velocity control system (subsystem)
AVD air vehicle detection
AVE aerospace vehicle equipment
AVE airborne vehicle equipment
AVE atmospheric variability experiment
AVE automatic volume expansion
AVE Avenal (TACAN station)
AVID automated verification information data base
AVL address validity
AVL Avionics Verification Laboratory
AVLSI advanced, very large scale integration
AVO avoid verbal orders
AVRCS attitude, velocity, reaction control system
AVREL availability and reliability program
AVSM auxiliary video switch matrix
AVT acceptance vibration testing
AVVEU altitude/vertical velocity indicator electronic unit
AVVI altitude/vertical velocity indicator
AW airlock wall
AW assembly workstand
AWAA attack warning and attack assessment
AWACS advanced warning and control system
AWCS agency-wide coding structure
AWG Activation Working Group
AWG American wire gauge
AWI accommodation weight investigation
AWL augmented wire list
AWL automated wire list
AWPV automated weld process verification
AWS advance warning system
AWS air weather service
AWS American Welding Society
AWS automated wiring system
AXAF Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility
AZEL azimuth and elevation
B&P budgetary and planning
B/A barometric
B/A boost/abort
B/A buffer amplifier
B/C bench check
B/L baseline
B/M bench maintenance
B/O booster/orbiter
B/O breakout
B/O burnout
B/P blood pressure
B/SC brake/skid control
B/V bleed valve
BA bank angle
BA breathing air
BAC Boeing Aerospace Company
BAC Boeing Aircraft Company
BAC booster assembly contractor
BAC budget at completion
BAC buffer access card
BACS body axis coordinate system
BAF Barnes absorption filter
BAFO best and final offer
BAI barometric altitude indicator
BAIR breathing air
BAN budget allocation notice
BAROC baroset correction
BARS baseline accounting and reporting system
BAS breathing air system
BASD Ball Aerospace Systems Division
BASS backup avionics system software
BATE base activation test equipment
BATES battlefield artillery tactical engagement system
BATSE Burst and Transient Source Experiment
BAU business as usual
BB baseband
BB brassboard
BB breadboard
BBC before-business clearance
BBN Bolt, Beranek, and Newman
BBS DEC all-in-one bulletin board system
BBXRT broadband X-ray telescope
BC base construction
BC broadcast
BC bus coupler
BC baseline configuration
BC battery charge
BC battery conditioner
BC bell cord
BC beta cloth
BC between centers
BC binary counter
BC bolt center
BCC beacon control console
BCCT break control command transducer
BCD baseline concept definition
BCD baseline configuration document
BCD binary-coded data
BCD budget change document
BCE backup control electronics
BCE burn control element
BCE bus control element
BCH base Chaudhuri-Hocquenghen
BCH binary-coded hexadecimal
BCI baseline configuration identification
BCID baseline candidate item data base
BCLS base cardiac life support
BCO booster cutoff
BCP base condemnation percent
BCP benchmark control point
BCR bar chart report
BCR budget change request
BCRD basic consolidated requirements document
BCRT binary code range time
BCS beam control system
BCT bus configuration table
BCU battery control unit
BCU bus control unit
BCWP budget costs for work performed
BCWS budgeted cost for work scheduled
BD binary decoder
BD binary digit
BD binary discrete
BDA backup drive amplifier
BDA Bermuda Island (STDN)
BDCR baseline document change request
BDD baseline definition document
BDD burst detection dosimeter (IGS)
BDD burst detector dosimeter
BDI budget data and integration
BDP burst detection processor (IGS)
BDP burst detector processor
BDS-2 booster phase detection system
BDT block data transfer
BDW burst detector EMP sensor
BDW EMP sensor
BDX burst detection X-ray sensor
BDX burst detector X-ray sensor
BDY burst detector optical sensor
BE beam expander
BE bell end
BEAF beam expander alignment function
BEC backup event controller
BECO booster engine cutoff
BER bit error rate
BESS biomedical experiment scientific satellite
BESS biomedical experiment support satellite
BEST booster exhaust study test
BET best-estimate trajectory
BET best estimate of trajectory
BETA ballistic exploitation and target acquisition
BF back feed
BF beat frequency
BF body flap
BFC backup flight control (controller)
BFC body flap control
BFCS backup flight control system
BFEC Bendix Field Engineering Corporation
BFL back focal length
BFL Bakersfield (TACAN station)
BFN beam-forming feed network
BFO beat frequency oscillator
BFP buyer-furnished part
BFRP boron fiber-reinforced plastic
BFS backup flight software
BFS backup flight system
BFSPLP BFS payload preprocessor
BFSS backup flight software system
BG back gear
BH/MP breather hose/mouthpiece
BHN Brinell hardness number
BHP brake horsepower
BHS base heat shield
BI background information
BIA booster insertion and abort
BIA bus interface adapter
BIB blocked impurity band
BIBIB back-illuminated blocked impurity band
BIC bus interface controller
BILBO built-in logic block observer
BIS biocide injection system
BISC biomedical instrumentation, scientific and crew
BIT built-in test
BITE built-in test equipment
BITS budget impact tracking system
BIU buffer interface unit
BIU bus interface unit
BJR blockhouse junction rack
BKNO3 boron-potassium nitrate
B-L bill of lading
BLOW booster lift-off weight
BLPG buried long-period grating
BLS bottom left side
BLV bleed valve
BM ballistic missile
BM battle management
BM bench maintenance
BM body-mounted
BM branch manager
BM business manager
BM/C3 battle management and command, control, and
BMA body-mounted accelerometer
BMAG body-mounted attitude gyro
BMAP buffer map
BMAS body-mounted accelerometer system
BMB base maintenance building
BMB bench maintenance building
BMC3 battle management communications (three types)
BMD ballistic missile defense
BMDATC Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center
BMDSCOM Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command
BME bench maintenance equipment
BMEWS ballistic missile early warning system
BMFT German D-1 Spacelab payload
BMI Battelle Memorial Institute
BMMD body-mass measuring device
BMO Ballistic Missile Office
BMO ballistic missile organization
BMS background measurement satellite
BMS battle management simulation
BMTS bench maintenance test set
BM-TW/AA ballistic missile tactical warning/attack
BMU bus monitor unit
BMVU ballistic missile view
BN ballistic number
BN bullnose
BNS bomb navigation system
BO beating oscillator
BOA broad ocean area
BOC Base Operations Contract (contractor)
BOC blowout coil
BOD beneficial occupancy date
BOD bright-object detector
BOE break of entry
BOF beginning of file
BOI break of integrity
BOL beginning of life
BOM beginning of month
BOM bill of material
BOP baseline operations plan
BOP basic overall polarity
BOPACE Boeing plastic analysis capability for engines
BOS backup operating system
BOS bright-object sensor
BOSO ballistic orbital support operations
BOT beginning of tape
BOW bill of work
BP back pressure
BP budgetary and planning
BP buttock plane
BP bandpass
BP barber pole
BP base plate
BP bid and proposal
BP blood pressure
BP blueprint
BP boilerplate
BP boiling point
BPC backpressure control
BPC boost protective cover
BPD baseline program document
BPD baseline program documentation
BPI boost phase intercept
bpi bits per inch
bpm beats per minute
BPMS blood pressure measuring system
BPO blanket purchase order
BPR bimonthly progress report
BPR bypass ratio
BPS boost propulsion system
bps bits per second
BPSK biphase shift key
BPSK biphase shift keying
BPT body point
BPV bipropellant valve
BR bit rate
BRAVO business risk and value of operation in space
BRCS basic reference coordinate system
BRDF bidirectional reflectance distribution function
BRF band rejection filter
BRIL budget receipt/issuance log
BRL Ballistic Research Laboratory
BRM baseline reference mission
BRM biological research module
brpm breath rate per minute
BRRS Banana River Repeater Station
BRS bottom right side
BS backup subsystem
BS beam splitter
BS block specification
BSA battery bus solar array
BSA bus status/alternate bus table
BSC brake skid controller
BSD Ballistic Systems Division
BSDP booster-stage discharge pressure
BSE booster systems engineer
BSEE Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering
BSGE Bachelor of Science degree in general engineering
BSI basic shipping instruction
BSI Boeing Services International
BSI booster situation indicator
BSM beam-steering mechanism
BSM booster separation motor
BSME Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering
BSP business system planning
BSR basic system release
BSR BITE status register
BSRM booster solid rocket motor
BSS backup system services
BSTS boost surveillance and tracking system
BSTS boost surveillance tracking system
BSW BFS software
BT burn time (engine)
BTC binary time code
BTC bus tie contractor
BTE bench test equipment
BTH below the horizon
BTMS body temperature measuring system
BTR burn time remaining
BTR bus transfer
BTU bus terminal unit
Btu British thermal unit
BU&C/O buildup and checkout
BUAER Bureau of Aeronautics (Navy)
BUC backup computer
BUC Buckhorn (GSTDN)
BUFC backup flight controller
BUIC backup interceptor control
BUN BITE update notice
BUORD Bureau of Ordnance (Navy)
BUOU backup optical unit
BUR backup rate
BUSGEN Bussin generator
BUSHIPS Bureau of Ships
BV balanced voltage
BV boost vehicle
BV booster vehicle
BVC boost voltage converter
BW bandwidth
BW beam width
BW bridge wire
BWG Birmingham wire gauge
BWO backward wave oscillator
C candle
C core (metal)
C cosine
C cycle
C hundred
C capacitance
C cathode
C Celsius
C center
C centigrade
C coefficient
C complete
C constant
C&C command and control
C&C communication and control
C&CS command and control subsystem
C&D communication and data
C&D controls and displays
C&DH command and data handling
C&DP control and data processor
C&DS command and data simulator
C&DSS communication and data subsystem
C&I communication and instrumentation
C&M control and monitoring
C&P contracts and pricing
C&T communication and tracking
C&TS communications and tracking system
C&TSS communication and tracking subsystem
C&W caution and warning
c.g. center of gravity
C/A coarse acquisition (navigation signal)
C/A code standard positioning service
C/B circuit breaker
C/C combustion chamber
C/D countdown
C/DPM cost/design performance management
C/F center frequency
C/O changeout
C/O checkout
C/O contamination/overpressure
C/O cutoff
C/P cold plate
C/R commutation rate
C/S cost/schedule
c/s counts per second
C/S/P cost/schedule/performance
C/SC cost/schedule control
C/SCS cost/schedule control system
C/SCSC cost and schedule control system criteria
C/SCSC cost/schedule control systems criteria
C/SR cost/schedule report
C/SSR cost/schedule status report
C/T control and timing
C/W carrier wave
C/W caution and warning
C2 command and control
C2I command, control, and intelligence
C2S command and control subsystem
C3 command, control, and communications
C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence
CA carrier aircraft
CA completion of assembly
CA cone angle
CA contract advice
CA contract award
CA corrective action
CA cost account
CA critical analysis
CAA Civil Aeronautics Administration
CAA composite audio amplifier
CAA cost account authorization
CAALIS computer-aided assembly-line inspection system
CAAT computer-aided assembly tool
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board
CAB Civil Aviation Board
CAB computer address bus
CAB Corrective Action Board
CAB Cost Audit Board
CACB center aisle connector bracket
CACC communications and configuration console
CAD computer-aided design
CADAM computer graphics augmented design and manufacturing
CADDS computer-aided design and drafting system
CADE controller/attitude direct electronics
CADFISS computation and data flow integrated subsystem
CAD-OPS computer-aided design costing for operations
CADS command and data simulator
CADS computer-aided design system
CADSI communication and data systems integration
CADU control and display unit
CAE computer-aided engineering
CAE corrective action engineer
CAFB Chanute Air Force Base
CAI computer-aided instruction
CAIT computer-aided instruction terminal
CAIT computer-aided instruction trainer
CAL canister airlock
CAL computer-aided logistics
CAL contract advice letter
CAL Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory
Cal/OSHA California Occupational Safety and Health Act
CALS computer-aided acquisition and logistics support
CALS computer-aided logistics system
CALST Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory Shock Tunnel
CAM carrier aircraft modification
CAM Civil Aeronautics Manual
CAM computer annunciation matrix
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
CAM content-addressable memory
CAM cost account manager
CAMERA control and monitoring equipment resource allocation
CAMP common Ada missile package
CAMP computer-aided message processing
CAN certification analysis network
CAO Cost Administration Office
CAP capability assurance program
CAP computer application program
CAP contractor-acquired property
CAP cost account package
CAP cost account plan
CAP crew activity plan
capcom capsule communicator
CAPRI capacitance rate integrator
CAPS common attitude pointing system
CAPS crew activity planning system
CAPS crew altitude protection suit
CAPS crew altitude protection system
CAPSS computer-aided planning and scheduling system
CAR certification analysis requirements
CAR certification approval request
CAR configuration and acceptance review
CAR contractual action request
CAR corrective action record
CAR corrective action report
CAR corrective action request
CAR customer acceptance review
CARB Central Acquisition Review Board
CARDE Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment
CARID customer acceptance report item disposition
CARID customer acceptance review item disposition
CARM customer accommodation requirement model
CARR customer acceptance readiness review
CARR customer accommodation requirement representative
CARS configuration accounting and reporting system
CAS calibrated airspeed
CAS CITE augmentation system
CAS command augmentation system
CAS computer airspeed
CAS configuration accounting system
CAS cooperative application satellite
CAS cost accounting standard
CAS crew accommodation system
CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board
CASE care application service element
CASE computer-aided system engineering
CASE computer-automated software engineering
CASES control and structures experiments for space
CASO cancellation addendum sales order
CASP change assessment summary package
CAS-P CAS pitch control mode
CASR cost and schedule reporting system
CASS CITE augmentation support system
CASS consolidated automated support system
CAS-YR CAS yaw roll control mode
CAT computer-aided test
CAT control attenuator timer
CAT-2 communications and tracking comprehensive analysis tool
CATS change action tracking system
CATS correspondence action tracking system
CAU command acquisition unit
CAU command activation unit
CAU customer acquisition unit
CAWG Customer Accommodation Working Group
CB center of buoyancy
CB circuit breaker
CB coax (or coaxial) interface bracket
CB control board
CBA C-band transponder antenna
CBA collective bargaining agreement
CBARS classified baseline accounting and reporting system
C-BARS classified baseline accounting and reporting system
CBB contract budget baseline
CBC change board commitment
CBC complete blood count
CBE connector bracket experiment
CBIL common and bulk items list
CBO Congressional Budget Office
CBP connector bracket power
CBR California bearing ratio
CBrF3 bromotrifluoromethane (fire-extinguishing material)
CBS connector bracket signal
CBSA cargo bay stowage assembly
CBT computer-based training
CBV cabin bleed valve
CBW constant bandwidth
CBX C-band transponder
CC carbon-carbon
CC contract completion
CC control center
CC corner cube
CC cost center
CC crew certified
CC crew compartment
CC channel controller
CC closing coil
CC color code
CC commercial control
CC communications control
CC compatibility change
CC computer center
CC contamination control
C-C carbon-carbon
C-C center-to-center
CCA communications carrier assembly
CCA contract change authority
CCA contract change authorization
CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
CCATS command communications and telemetry system
CCB Change Control Board
CCB Configuration Control Board
CCBD Configuration Control Board directive
CCBD Control Change Board directive
CCC central computer complex
CCC command control console
CCC communication control center
CCC complex control center
CCC computer checkout console
CCC Consolidated Controls Corporation
CCC contaminant control cartridge
CCC controller checkout console
CCC coordinate conversion computer
CCCD crew compartment configuration drawing
CCD central command decoder
CCD charge-coupled device
CCD checkout command decoder
CCD constants change display
CCDR contractor critical design review
CCE computer command engineer
CCE continuous control evaluator
CCF central computer facility
CCF converter compressor facility
CCFF Cape Canaveral Forecast Facility
CCFT controlled current feedback transformer
CCHS crew compartment heat shield
CCIM command computer input multiplexer
CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee
CCL closed-circuit loop
CCL commonality candidate list
CCL critical characteristics list
CCM controlled carrier modulation
CCM counter-countermeasure
CCM crew/cargo module
CCME contract change mass estimate
CCMS checkout, control, and monitor subsystem (LPS)
CCMS command, control, and monitor system
CCMTA Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex
CCN contract change negotiation
CCN contract change notice
CCN contract change notification
CCO contract change order
CCO current-controlled oscillator
CCO customer contracting officer
CCOH corrosive contaminants, oxygen, and humidity
CCP center console panel
CCP contamination control plan
CCP contract change proposal
CCP controlled components program
CCP corrosion control plan
CCP cost control program
CCP Change Control Panel
CCP change control package
CCP commercial change proposal
CCP computer control panel
CCP configuration change point
CCP Configuration Control Panel
CCP configuration control phase
CCP configuration control point
CCPDSR common center processing and display system replacement
CCPDSR communications center processing and display system
CCR cargo compatibility review
CCR configuration control record
CCR contract change record
CCR contract change request
CCR contractor change review
CCR control center rack
CCRA Cape Canaveral reference atmosphere
CCRF consolidated communication recording facility
CCS central computer and sequencer
CCS central control section
CCS central control station
CCS command and communication system
CCS complex control set
CCS computer core segment
CCS console communication system
CCS contamination control system
CCS contract control system
CCSD Chrysler Corporation Space Division
CCSD Collins Communications Systems Division
CCSDS Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CCSR carbon-carbon survivable radiator
CCSR crew compartment stowage review
CCT command/control transmitter
CCT computer-compatible tape
CCTCF communication circuit technical control facility
CCTV closed-circuit television
CCU camera control unit
CCU central control unit
CCU communications carrier umbilical
CCU communications carrier unit
CCU coupling control unit
CCU crew communications unit
CCU crew compartment umbilical
CCU crewman communications umbilical
CCV chamber coolant valve
CCVA chamber coolant valve actuator
CCW counterclockwise
CCZ command and control zone
CD call director
CD candela (luminous intensity)
CD coefficient of drag
CD coin dimple
CD cold-drawn
CD command decoder MDM
CD components demonstration
CD countdown
CD current density
CD&SC Communications, Distribution, and Switching Center
CD/V concept definition and validation
CDA command and data acquisition
CDA critical design audit
CDAS configuration design analysis simulation
CDAS configuration development analysis and simulation
CDAS configurations development analysis simulation
CDAS core design analysis simulation
CDB central data buffer
CDB command data base
CDB computer data bus
CDBFR common data buffer
CDC classified document control
CDC Collins Defense Communications
CDC command and data handling console
CDC Computer Development Center (NASA)
CDC confined detonating cord
CDC Control Data Corporation
CDC countdown clock
CDCD cargo design control drawing
CDCD Collins Defense Communications Division
CDCM coupling display, manual control IMU
CDCO coupling display, manual control optics
CDD command decoding and distribution
CDD common data dictionary
CDDB common diagnostic data base
CDDT countdown demonstration test
C-DEL complete delivery
CDF cable distribution frame
CDF central data facility
CDF circuit design fabrication
CDF combined data file
CDF confined detonating fuse
CDF cool-down facility
CDF&TDS circuit design, fabrication, and test data
CDG Concept Development Group
CDH constant delta height
CDH constant differential height
CDI contract definition instruction
CDI course deviation indicator
CDID contract data item description
CDM communications data manager
CDM configuration design module
CDMA code division multiple access
CDMS command and data management system (subsystem)
CDMS contractor data management system (VAFB)
CDN CDR discrepancy notice
CDNR CDR discrepancy notice record
CDOM chief draftsman office memorandum
CDP command data processor
CDP computational data processing
CDP computer data processing
CDP confidence development program
CDP critical design parameter
CDPA classified data preparation area
CDPIS command data processing and instrumentation system
CDQ certificate of qualification
CDQR critical design and qualification review
CDR cleaning, decontamination request
CDR command destruct receiver
CDR conceptual design review
CDR configuration design review
CDR contract data requirements
CDR critical design review
CDRL contract data requirements list
CDRR contract documentation requirements record
CDRS contract data requirements schedule
CDS cavity digitizing system
CDS control and display system
CDS control data system
CDS controller select direction
CDS coupling display system
CDS central data subsystem (LPS)
CDS central data system
CDS closeout door system
CDS cold-drawn steel
CDS computer design and simulation
CDS configuration design system
CDS configuration development system
CDS consolidated direct support
CDSC Communication Distribution and Switching Center
CDSC coupling-display scanning-telescope manual control
CDSF commercially developed space facility
CDSL Computer Data System Laboratory
CDSR contract data status report
CDSR cost data summary report
CDT central daylight time
CDT command descriptor table
CDT compressed data tape
CDT configuration data table
CDT countdown time
CdT cadmium telluride
CDU computer display unit
CDU coupling data unit
CDU coupling display unit
CDU CRT display unit
CDUM coupling display unit IMU
CDUO coupling display unit optics
CDW command data word
CDW computer data word
CDW control data word
CE cargo element
CE change engineer
CE change evaluation
CE civil engineering
CE control element
CE Corps of Engineers
CE cost element
CE crew equipment
CE current expendable
CE/CK computer entry/control keyboard
CEA circular error average
CEA Computer Engineering Associates
CEA control electronics assembly
CEC Civil Engineering Corps
CEC Consolidated Electrodynamics Corporation
CEC Consolidated Electronics Corporation
CEC control electronics container
CEC control encoder coupler
CECP compatibility engineering change proposal
CEDC cyclic error detection code
CEEP composite entry evaluation program
CEF comsec equipment facility
CEI configuration end item
CEI contract end item
CEIAC Coastal Engineering Information Analysis Center
CEIS combined elements and integrated systems
CEIS contract end item specification
CEIT cargo equipment integrated test
CEIT crew equipment integration test
CEIT crew equipment interface test
CELSS controlled ecological life support system
CELV commercial expendable launch vehicle
CEM cost estimating method
CEMF counterelectromotive force
CEO chief engineer's office
CEO chief executive officer
CEP circle of equal probability
CEP circular error probability
CEP circular error probable
CEP comsec equipment program
CEP configuration evaluation plan
CEPS CITS expert parameter system
CEQ Council on Environmental Quality
CER cost estimating relationship
CES combined Earth sensor
CES concept evaluation study
CES conical Earth sensor
CES control electronics section
CES crew escape system
CESA Canadian Engineering Standards Association
CET clutter equivalent target
CET combined element test
CETA crew and equipment translation aid
CETF Critical Evaluation Task Force
CEU control electronics unit
CF carrier frequency
CF center forward
CF center of flotation
CF centrifugal force
CF completion form
CF consequence of failure
CF corner fitting
Cf consequence of failure
CFAE contractor-furnished airborne equipment
CFAR constant false alarm rate
CFC central fire control
CFC chlorofluorocarbon
CFD computational fluid dynamics
CFD converter frequency to dc voltage
CFD cumulative frequency distribution
CFE central framework executive
CFE consolidated front end
CFE contractor-furnished equipment
CFE critical function equipment
CFE customer-furnished equipment
CFES continuous flow electrophoresis system
CFI card format identifier
CFM customer-furnished material
cfm cubic feet per minute
CFP conceptual flight profile
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFRP carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic
CfS schedule factor
CFSD critical-function sequence diagram
CFSR contract fund status report
CFSR contract funds status review
CFSTI Clearinghouse for Scientific and Technical Information
CFT cross-functional team
CFY company fiscal year
CGAD Collins General Aviation Division
CGAU cabin gas analysis unit
CGC command guidance computer
CGF command generation function
CGL comprehensive general liability
CGP central grounding point
CGSS cryogenic gas storage system
CH case hardening
CH control house
CH/SL certified hardware/software list
CH4 methane
CHARM composite high-altitude radiation model
CHI computer-to-human interface
CHIP College Hire Indoctrination Program
CHL certified hardware list
CHR Cooper-Harper rating
CHROMEX chromosome and plant cell division in space
CHSF cargo hydrazine service facility
CHW command header word
CHX cabin heat exchanger
CHX condensing heat exchanger
CI cast iron
CI crew interface
CI center of impact
CI certification inspection
CI color interior film
CI configuration inspection
CI configuration item
CI continuous interlock
CI contract initiation
CI course invalid
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIA configuration identification accounting
CIA control interface assembly
CIA controller interface assembly
CIAP climatic impact assessment program
CIB Change Impact Board
CIB Change Implementation Board
CIB control interface block
CIC cargo integration contractor
CIC command interface control
CIC control and information center
CIC critical item consolidation
CICC cargo integration control center
CICCR configuration information control center requirement
CICU communication interface control unit
CICU computer interface conditioning unit
CID cable interconnect diagram
CID charge injection device
CID computer interface device
CIDL configuration item data list
CIDR critical intermediate design review
CIDSC contractor in-house data support capability
CIE cargo integration equipment
CIE communications interface equipment
CIF Central Information Facility (AMR)
CIF central instrumentation facility
CIG Cable Integrity Group
CIG Communications and Interface Group
CIG compound interlace grating
CIG Connector Integration Group
CIG Connector Integrity Group
CII change installation instruction
CII configuration item identifier
CIJB cradle interface junction box
CIL critical items list
CIM computer input multiplexer
CIM computer-integrated manufacturing
CIMS consolidated information management system
CIN center information network
CIN change identification number
CIN change identifier number
CINC commander-in-chief
CINCAD commander-in-chief, Air Defense
CINCNET commander-in-chief network
CINCNORAD commander-in-chief, North American Aerospace
CINCSAC commander-in-chief, Strategic Air Command
CINCSBL commander-in-chief, Space-Based Laser
CIP cast-iron pipe
CIP change implementation plan
CIP Class 1 Integration Plan
CIP communications interface processor
CIP control and interface panel
CIR cargo integration review
CIR configuration inspection report
CIR critical item report
CIRD cargo integration review dry run
CIRHS critical items and residual hazards list
CIRM celestial infrared mapping
CIRM celestial infrared measurements
CIRRIS cryogenic infrared radiance instrumentation for Shuttle
CIS cargo integration schedule
CIS central integration site
CIS change impact summary
CIS communication interface system
CIS contractor's information submittal
CISS Centaur integrated support structure
CIT California Institute of Technology
CIT CAP initialization tape
CIT critical item tag
CITE cargo integration test equipment
CITS central integrated test system
CIU communication interface unit
CIU computer interface unit
CIU controller interface unit
CIVT cargo interface verification test
CIVU cargo integration verification unit
CIWG Cargo Integration Working Group
CKRA Cape Kennedy reference atmosphere
CL centerline
CL closed loop
CL coefficient of lift
CL confidence level
CLAES cryogenic limb array etalon spectrometer
CLAS computerized loads analysis system
CLC change letter control
CLC Computer Liaison Committee
CLF Clear Lake facility
CLF controller, load forward
CLIN contract line item number
CLIP combined laser instrumentation package
CLIPS C-language inferencing for production systems
CLM care logic module
CLM circumlunar mission
CLMC central logistics management center
CLOT combined loads orbiter test
CLOUDSAT cloud cover statistical analysis program
CLRB Cost Limit Review Board
CLS contingency landing site
CLSO contingency landing support officer
CM cargo manager
CM control monitor
CM countermeasure
CM crew module
CM center of mass
CM change management
CM circular mil
CM command module
CM configuration management
CM configuration monitor
CM consumable management
CM control mode
CM&S communications maintenance and storage
CMA configuration management accounting
CMACS central monitor and control system
CMAG cruise missile advanced guidance
CMAO contract management assistance officer
CMAR configuration management action request
CMAT compatible material
CMB Configuration Management Board
CMC central maintenance computer
CMC command module computer
CMC crew module computer
CMCS centralized maintenance computer system
CMD controller, main display
CMDB configuration management data base
CMDM control multiplexer/demultiplexer
CMDS configuration management data system
CME commercial measuring equipment
CMF controller, motor, forward
CMG control moment gyro
CMIF common module integration facility
CMIS common module integration simulator
CMIS computer management information system
CMIS configuration management information system
CMIS control monitor isolation subsystem
CML commands and measurement list
CMM CM Manual
CMM condition-monitored maintenance
CMM controller, motor, midbody
CMM coordinate measurement machine
CMN contract master network
CMO class mix option
CMO Configuration Management Office
CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMOS/SOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor/silicon
CMP Configuration Management Panel
CMP configuration management plan
CMPP configuration management program plan
CMR center materials representative
CMR common mode rejection
CMR configuration management representative
CMR contractor management review
CMRB Contractor Material Review Board
CMRP configuration management requirements plan
CMRR common mode rejection ratio
CMRS configuration management requirements standard
CMS change management system
CMS code management system
CMS component mode synthesis
CMS configuration management system
CMS contract master schedule
CMS conventional monitoring system
CMS-2 Cambridge Monitoring System (IBM computer program)
CMSI command monitor system interface
CMT critical military target
CMTS computerized maintenance test system
CMU control and monitor unit
CMV common mode voltage
CMVAS configuration management verification accounting system
CMW compartmented mode work station
CN change notice
CNC computer numerical control
CNC computer numerically controlled
CND cannot duplicate
CNES Centre National D'Etudes Spatiales (French National Space Studies Center)
CNRL Communications and Navigation Research Laboratory
CNWDI critical nuclear weapons design information
CO carbon monoxide
CO Cargo Operations (KSC directorate)
CO change order
CO contracting officer
CO*A cesium-dideuterium-arsenate
CO2 carbon dioxide
COA center operations area
COAS crewman optical alignment sight
COB communications office building
COBE Cosmic Background Explorer
COBOL common business-oriented language
COC certificate of completion
COC close-open-close
COCOMO constructive cost model
COD Center Operations Directorate (JSC)
COD crack opening displacement
COF construction of facilities
COF cost of facilities
COFAC construction facility
COFI checkout and fault isolation
COFR certificate of flight readiness
COFR certification of flight readiness
COFW certificate of flight worthiness
COGMAN center of gravity of payload manifest
COI conflict of interest
COIL chemical oxygen-iodine laser
COIM checkout interpreter (software) module
COL checkout language
COLA cost-of-living adjustment
COM computer output microfiche
COM computer output microfilm
COMAS combined orbital maneuvering and abort system
COMAT compatibility of materials
comcon command console
COM-M common mode
commfault communication fault
comnet communications network
COMP computation of rendezvous targeting
COMPOOL common data pool
COMPSIM concept mission performance simulation
COMSAT communications satellite
comsec communications security
CONUS continental United States
COP central operations program
COP co-orbiting platform
COP coefficients of performance
COP combined operations plan
COP contingency operations plan
COQ certificate of qualification
COR contracting officer representative
COR contractor.s operations review
CORA coherent optical radar amplifier
CORE common operational research equipment
COS carry-on oxygen system
COS checkout station
COS console operating system
COSATI Committee on Scientific and Technical Information
COSI closeout system installation
COSM checkout servicing and maintenance
COSMIC Computer Software Management and Information Center
COSPAC cost/schedule planning and control
COSTA cost accounting (code)
COT critical optical technology
COTR contracting officer's technical representative
COTS commercial off the shelf
COV cutoff value
CP candlepower
CP computer program
CP console processor
CP control panel
CP control point
CP coordinated procurement
CP Cargo Projects Office (KSC)
CP center of pressure
CP checkpoint
CP chemically pure
CP circular pitch
CP cold plate
CP cold-punched
CP communication processor
CPA change proposal analyst
CPA contingency planning aid
CPA critical path analysis
CPAF cost plus award fee
CPAR controlled parts approval
CPC Cargo Processing Contract (contractor)
CPC central planning center
CPC characteristic properties code
CPC computer program component
CPC control pressure conditioner
CPCB Crew Procedures Control Board
CPCEI computer program contract end item
CPCI computer program change instruction
CPCI computer program configuration item
CPCR computer program change request
CPCR crew procedure change request (Form 482)
CPD Crew Procedures Division
CPD crew passive dosimeter
CPDDS computer program detail design specification
CPDP computer program development plan
CPDP computer program development program
CPDR contractor's preliminary design review
CPDS computer program design specification
CPDS computer program detailed specification
CPDS computer program development specification
CPDS crew procedures documentation system
CPE chief program engineer
CPE chief project engineer
CPEI computer program end item
CPES crew procedures evaluator simulator
CPF cargo processing facility
CPF central processing facility
CPF controller, power, forward
CPF cost per flight
CPFF cost plus fixed fee
CPFF/IF cost plus fixed fee/incentive fee
CPG Change Planning Group
CPG coarse-pointing gimbal
CPI consumer price index
CPI crosspointer indicator
CPIC Computer Program Integration Contract (contractor)
CPIF cost plus incentive fee
CPIF/AF cost plus incentive fee/award fee
CPM cargo propulsion module
CPM cell performance monitor
CPM change proposal manager
CPM computer program module
CPM cost and performance measurement
CPM critical path method
cpm cycles per minute
CPMP crew procedures management plan
CPMP crew products management plan
CPO Central Planning Office (MSFC)
CP-PCO Cargo Projects Program Control Office
CPPS computer program product specification
CPR cost performance report
CPR critical problem report
CPS coarse pointing system
CPS critical path schedule
cps cycles per second
CPSD cross-power spectral density
CPSE common payload support equipment
CPSR contractor's procurement system review
CPSS cold plate support structure
CPSS critical phase system software
CPT cargo processing technician
CPT computer program tape
CPTA core propulsion test article
CPU central processing unit
CPU command processor unit
CPU computer printer unit
CPU computer processing unit
CPV common pressure vessel
CQDR critical qualification design review
CQIM configuration and quality information management
CR card reader
CR contractor's response
CR control room
CR customer's request
CR cathode ray
CR certification request
CR certification requirement
CR change record
CR change request
CR cold-rolled
CR communication and radar
CR configuration review
CRALT CNES radar altimeter
CRAS cost reduction alternative study
CRB Change Review Board
CRB Concept Review Board
CRB Configuration Review Board
CRB Correspondence Review Board
CRC contractor-recommended code
CRC cost reduction curve
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CRD change request disposition
CRD cost reporting document
CRDP certification review data package
CRDP computer resource development plan
CRERS crew rescue and equipment retrieval system
CRES corrosion resistance steel
C-RFE C-band RF electronics
CRG Change Review Group
CRG Correspondence Review Group
CRI certification requirements index
CRIS calibration recall and information system
CRIS connector removal and installation sheet
CRISD computer resource integration support document
CRISD computer resources integrated support document
CRISP computer resources integrated support plan
CRN cable routing notation
CRN change review notice
CRN contract revision number
CRO cathode-ray oscilloscope
CRP configuration requirements processing
CRPL Cosmic Ray Physics Laboratory
CRR cargo compatibility review
CRR cargo readiness review
CRR computer run report
CRR critical requirements review
CRRES combined release and radiation effects satellite
CRS cold-rolled steel
CRS computer resources support
CRS Congressional Research Service
CRS crew rescue system
CRSI ceramic reusable surface insulation
CRT cathode-ray tube
CRT computer response time
CRTU cryogenic radiator test unit
CRW control read/write
CS carbon steel
CS control segment
CS core segment
CS crew simulator
CS crew station
CS cross-strapping
CS current sensor
CS Spacelab Operations Directorate
CS cast steel
CS center section
CS change status
CS checkout station
CS common set
CS communications system (subsystem)
CS consumables status
CS contractor share of variance from target cost
CSA contract specification amendment
CSA contractor support area
CSA cyclic strain attenuator
CSAM crinkled, single aluminized Mylar
CSAP Control System Analysis Program
CSAT combined systems acceptance test
CSB Change Schedule Board
CSB closely spaced basing
CSB complex support building
CSC Computer Sciences Corporation
CSC computer software component
CSC computer software configuration
CSC conical-shaped charge
CSC contingency support center (CCAFS)
CSC cosecant computing amplifier
CSC cost, schedule, and control
CSCB contractor's summary cost breakdown
CSCD control system command decoder
CSCI computer software configuration item
CSCI configuration software computer item
CSCS central security control system
CSCSAT commercial synchronous communication satellite
CSD Chemical Systems Division
CSD computer system director
CSD contract start date
CSD control system development
CSD Crew Systems Division
CSDD Control Systems Development Division (JSC)
CSDF central source data file
CSDL Charles Stark Draper Laboratory (MIT)
CSDM Computer System Diagnostic Manual
CSDT computer software data tape
CSE common support equipment
CSE communications systems engineer
CSE computer support equipment
CSE configuration switching equipment
CSE cryostat servicing equipment
CSF central supply facility
CSF cost sensitivity factor
CSF crew storage facility
CSFT combined subsystem functional test
CSG Concept Synthesis Group
CSI coelliptic sequence initiation
CSI control and structural integrity
CSI control servo input
CSI crew software interface
CSI customer source inspection
CSIR computer software integration review
CSIR computer systems (hardware/software) integration review
CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSIT CAP system integration test
CSIU core segment interface unit
CSL command signal limiter
CSL computer status light
CSL critical sequence list
CSM Cargo System Manual
CSM command and service module
CSM command service module
CSM common support module
CSM computer status matrix
CSMA/CD/TS carrier sense multiple access/collision dlot
CSMP continuous system modeling program
CSMP control system modeling program
CSN customer source number
CSO closely spaced object
CSO Complex Safety Office
CSOC Consolidated Space Operations Center
CSOC Consolidated Support Operations Center
CSOM Computer System Operator's Manual
CSOP crew systems operating procedure
CSP certified special processor
CSPF critical single-point failure
CSPL certified special processor list
CSPO Control Systems Procurement Office
CSPU core segment processing unit
CSR certification status report
CSR check signal return
CSR check status register
CSR check status report
CSR contract status report
CSR cost, schedule, and risk
CSR crew station review
CSRP Computer and Software Review Panel
CSS computer subsystem
CSS control stick steering
CSS core segment simulator
CSS crew safety system
CSSE control system simulation equipment
CSSR cost, schedule status report
CST capsule systems test
CST central standard time
CST combined systems test
CST complex safety technician
CST contract supplemental tooling
CST crew software trainer
CST crew station trainer
CST crew systems trainer (one-g trainer)
CSTA crew software training aid
CSTAR continuous stellar-tracking attitude reference
CSTC Consolidated Space Test Center
CSTS cryogenic storage and transfer system
CSTU combined systems test unit
CSU central switching unit
CT center tap
CT central time
CT compact tension
CT crawler-transporter
CT current transformer
CTA command and telemetry assembly
CTA controlled thrust assembly
CTC camera, timing, and control
CTC chief test conductor
CTCI contract technical compliance inspection
CTCP configuration test change period
CTCS central thermal control system
CTDU cross-link transponder data unit
CTE central timing equipment
CTE coefficient of thermal expansion
CTF commit to flight
CTG Central Training Group
CTG commonality task group
CTI critical transportation item
CTIS crawler-transporter intercom system
CTL Canoga Test Laboratory
CTL combat training launch
CTL Component Test Laboratory (NASA)
CTL controller tape location
CTL critical to launch
CTM contract technical manager
CTM crystalline transitional material
CTN Canton Island
CTN certification test network
C-to-C computer-to-computer
CTP communications timing procedure
CTP cyclic time processor
CTPD Crew Training and Procedures Division (JSC)
CTR certification test requirement
CTR certification test review
CTR contract technical representative
CTRS component test requirements specification
CTS Canadian technology satellite
CTS coordinate transformation system
CTS change tracking system
CTS command and telemetry subsystem
CTS communications and tracking system
CTS communications technology satellite
CTS computer test set
CTS computerized training system
CTS console test set
CTS contractor technical service
CTT command transfer tape
CTU central timing unit
CTU command and telemetry unit
CTU command telemetry unit
CTV compatibility test van
CU control unit
CU crystal unit
CUB Commonality Usage Board
CUC computer usage control
CUDS cumulative data statistics
CUE command uplink electronics
CUE command use equipment
CUE common usage equipment
CUE communication unit executor
CUF cross-utilization file
CUI common usage item
CUI common user interface
CUIL common usage item list
CUL common use list
CUP commonality usage proposal
CUT coordinated universal time
CV carrier vehicle
CV cryptovariable
CV Deployable Payloads Operation (KSC CO directorate)
CV check valve
CV coefficient of variation
CV computer vision
CV Computervision
CV Computervision (computer-aided design and drafting
CV configuration verification
CV conventional vehicle
CV core vehicle
CVA Convair Astronautics
CVAD converter voltage, ac to dc
CVAS configuration verification accounting system
CVD chemical vapor deposition
CVDA converter voltage discrete, ac
CVE complete vehicle erector
CVF circular variable filter
CVI carbon vapor impregnation
CVI chemical vapor infiltration
CVI configuration verification inspection
CVR change verification record
CVR configuration verification review
CVRD converter variable resistance to dc voltage
CVSD continuous variable slope data
CVT communications vector table
CVT concept verification testing
CW caution and warning
CW clockwise
CW command word
CW continuous wave
CW continuous waveform
CWA caution and warning annunciator
CWA clean work area
CWA controlled work area
CWBS contract work breakdown structure
CWE caution and warning electronics
CWEA caution and warning electronic assembly
CWEU caution and warning electronics unit
CWFSP caution and warning/fire suppression panel
CWG Commonality Working Group
CWG Communications Working Group
CWG constant-wear garment
CWLM caution and warning limit module
CWS caution and warning system
CWSU condensate water servicing unit
CWT code walk-through
CY calendar year
CYC cyclic mission-unique process
CYI Canary Islands
CZCS coastal zone color scanner
D density
D digital
D discrete
D drag
D&C displays and controls
D&CS displays and controls subsystem
D&D design and development
D&P development and production
D&P drain and purge
D&PA design and product assurance
D* normalized detectivity
D/A decoder activate
D/A digital to analog
D/C displays and controls
D/D digital-digital converter
D/L data link
D/L deorbit and landing
D/L downlink
D/L downlist
D/P data pack
D/S deploy/stow
D/S descent stage
D/VD data/voice data
DA data acquisition
DA drive assembly (solar array)
DA Department of the Army
DA deployed assembly
DA deployment assembly
DA dip angle
DA direct ascent
DA distribution assembly
DA double amplitude
DA drive actuator
DA&D data acquisition and distribution
DA&E data analysis and evaluation
DAA designated approval authority
DAAT distributed architecture analysis tool
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DAB docking and berthing
DABM defense against ballistic missiles
DABS discrete address beacon system
DAC data acquisition and control
DAC data acquisition camera
DAC days after contract
DAC digital-to-analog converter
DACB data acquisition control and buffer
DACBU data acquisition and control buffer unit
DACBU digital acquisition and control buffer unit
DACP data acquisition and control processor
DACP data acquisition control processor
DACP data acquisition, control, and processing
DACS data acquisition and control system
DACS digital acquisition and control system
DACT disposable absorption collection trunk
DAD data acquisition and distribution
DAD due at department
DADE data acquisition and documentation equipment
DADS dual air density satellite
DAE data acquisition equipment
DAF data analysis facility
DAFT data acquisition frequency table
DAI deferred acceptance item
DAIS data avionics information system
DAL data accession list
DAL data acquisition list
DAL data-aided loop
DAM double-aluminized Mylar
DAMMPS damping and metal matrix for precision structure
DANASAT direct-ascent nuclear ASAT
DAP data acquisition plan
DAP descent analysis program
DAP digital autopilot
DAPS decommutation and processing system
DAR data-aided receiver
DAR defense acquisition regulation
DAR deviation approval request
DAR digital autopilot requirement
DAR drawing analysis record
DARCOM U.S. Army Material Development and Readiness Command
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARPA/LL DARPA Lincoln Laboratory
DART director and response tester
DARTS digital automated radar tracking system
DAS data acquisition system
DAS data analysis station
DAS data automation system
DAS design, analysis, and simulation
DAS digital address system
DAS digital avionics system
DASA dual aerospace servoamplifier
DASD direct-access storage device
DAT direct-ascent threat
DAU data acquisition unit
DAU digital adapter unit
DAV data available
DAVL data available low
DAZE different-alpha zero-strain E
DB data base
DB data buffer
DB data bus
DB dead band
DB design baseline
DB Disposition Board
DB distribution box
DB double-biased
DB dry bulb
dB decibel
DBA data base administrator
DBC data buffer coupler
DBC data bus control
DBC data bus coupler
DBC diameter bolt circle
DBCI DB with respect to a circular polarized antenna
DBCR data base change request
DBD dead band
DBDD data base design document
DBE data bus element
DBFN data bus file number
DBG data bus group
DBGMP data bus generation and maintenance package
DBI data base interface
DBIA data bus interface adapter
DBIA data bus isolation amplifier
DBIU data bus interface unit
DBM data base management
dBm decibel-milliwatt (reference)
DBMS data base management software
DBMS data base management system
DBN data bus network
DBP design baseline program
DBRN data bank release notice
DBS data base system
DBS data bus simulator
DBUR data bank update request
DBW data bus wire
DBW differential ballistic wind
dBW decibel-watt (reference)
DC data control
DC data coordinator
DC design change
DC display and control
DC display coupler
DC double contact
dc direct current
DC&I documentation, control, and integration
DCA Defense Communication Agency
DCA design change authorization
DCA digital command assembly
DCA distribution control assembly
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAR Design Corrective Action Report
DCARS data collection and reduction system
DCAS data collection and analysis system
DCAS Defense Contract Administration Services
DCASMA Defense Contract Administration Services Management Area
DCASR Defense Contract Administration Services Region
DCASR-LA Defense Contract Administration Services Region, Los Angeles
DCB Data Control Board
DCB Design Control Board
DCB drawing configuration baseline
DCC data computation complex (JSC)
DCC document control center
DCCU decommutator conditioning unit
DCCU digital cluster control unit
DCCU digital communication and control unit
DCD design control document
DCD dual command decoder
DCDS distributed computing design system
DCE data and control electronics
DCE deployable cargo element
DCEA digital control electronics assembly
DCEP data collection and evaluation plan
DCF data control facility
DCIB data communication input buffer
DCIU digital control and interface unit
DCL document change list
DCM data and configuration management
DCM data and control management
DCM DECOM control memory
DCM decommutator control memory
DCM direction cosine matrix
DCM display and control module
DCMB Development Configuration Management Board
DCN data change notice
DCN design change notice
DCN discontinued component notice
DCN document change notice
DCN drawing change notice
DCNP document change notice proposal
DCO detailed checkout
DCOP detailed checkout procedure
DCOP displays, controls, and operation procedure
DCOS data communication output selector
DCP data collection platform
DCP data collection program
DCP depot condemnation percent
DCP development concept paper
DCP development cost plan
DCP display control program
DCPEI DEU control program end item
DCPEI display control program end item
DCR data change request
DCR document change review
DCR DC responsivity
DCR design certification review
DCR design change record
DCR design change request
DCR design concern report
DCR disposition of contract request
DCR document change record
DCR document change request
DCRR design change requirement record
DCS data collection system
DCS digital command system (subsystem)
DCS display and control system
DCS document control system
DCS dual checkout station
DCS data communication system
DCS data conditioning system
DCS data control system
DCS data conversion system
DCS design communication system
DCS design control specification
DCS design criteria specification
DCS detailed checkout specification
DCSP digital control signal processor
DCSU digital computer switching unit
DCU digital computer unit
DCU display and control unit
DD data dictionary
DD NSTS OPS deputy director of NSTS Operations
DD data display
DD decoder driver
DD dedicated display
DD deep-drawn
DD deputy director
DD directives documentation
DD document director
DD Mechanical and Facilities Engineering (DE Directorate)
DD&CS dedicated display and control subsystem
DD&R data display and review
DD&RR Data Display and Review Room
DD&T design, development, and test
DD/HH:MM:SS day/hour:minute:second
DDA data distribution assembly
DDA digital differential analyzer
DDAS digital data acquisition system
DDC data distribution center
DDC Defense Documentation Center
DDC dual diversity comparator
DDD data definition document
DDD display decoder drive
DDDL digital data downlink
DDDS digital data distribution system
DDDU display decoder driver unit
DDES data display expert system
DDHA digital data-handling assembly
DDI discrete data input
DDI discrete digital input
DDL data base definition language
DDL data downlink
DDL display description language
DDL distributed design language
DDM data display module
DDM data display monitoring
DDM discrete data management
DDM distributed data manager
DDM distributed design methodology
DDMS DOD manager for Space Shuttle support
DDN defense data network
DDO discrete data output
DDO discrete digital output
DDP data distribution panel
DDP data distribution plan
DDP design data package
DDP design development plan
DDP digital data processing
DDPC digital data processing center
DDPC digital data processing complex
DDPF dedicated display processing function
DDPS digital data processing system
DDR Data Display Room
DDR data display and review
DDR design development record
DDR detail design review
DDS data display system
DDS descent design system
DDS detailed design specification
DDS documentation distribution system
DDT&E design, development, test, and engineering
DDT&E design, development, test, and evaluation
DDTF dynamic docking test facility
DDTS dynamic docking test system
DDU data display unit
DDU decommutator distribution unit
DDU digital display unit
DDU display driver unit
DE Design Engineering (KSC directorate)
DE display electronics
DE Doppler extractor
DE double end
DEA deployed electronics assembly
DEA digital electronics assembly
DEA display electronics assembly
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DECA display/AGAP electronic control assembly
DECL deliverable equipment checklist
DECL Direct Energy Conversion Laboratory (JSC)
DECNET Digital Equipment Corporation network
DECU data exchange control unit
DEDA data entry and display assembly
DEE digital events evaluator
DEF development and evaluation facility
DEI Data Engineering, Incorporated
DEI deliverable end item
DEI design engineering identification
DEI design engineering inspection
DEI design, engineering, and integration
DEIS design engineering inspection simulation
DEIS design evaluation and inspection simulator
DEL deorbit, entry, and landing
DELNI digital Ethernet local network interconnect
DELOG design engineering logistics
DELTA detailed labor and time analysis
DEMP direct EMP
DEMUX demultiplexer
DEOSS demonstration of electro-optical surveillance sensor
DEP dedicated experienced processor
DEP deflection error probable
DEP display electronics package
DER drawing error report
DES data exchange system
DESHE distributed expert system hosting environment
DESPOT design performance optimization
DET digital event timer
DET direct energy transfer
DETA diethylene triamine
DETEC defensive technology evaluation code
DETIR Defensive Technology Information Repository
DEU digital electronics unit
DEU display electronics unit
DEU-KYBD display electronics unit equivalent inputs
DEW directed-energy weapon
DEW distant early warning
DF development flight
DF development forward
DF direct flight
DF direction finder
DF disassembly facility
DF double feeder
DF drawing file
DF drop forge
DF Project Management (KSC DE directorate)
DF/CMB data formatter and command monitor bus
DFCS digital flight control software
DFCS digital flight control system
DFD data flow diagram
DFE data flow engineer
DFE direction-finding equipment
DFE distributed framework executive
DFG diode function generator
DFG display format generator
DFI development flight instrumentation
DFI development flight integration
DFIS DFI subsystem
DFL decommutator format load
DFRF Dryden Flight Research Facility
DFS directional finding system
DFS dynamic flight simulator
DF-SPE-A Shuttle Project Engineering Office
DFT design for testability
DG Data General
DG data group
DG data good
DG display generator
DG double groove
DGU digital graphics unit
DGU display generator unit
DGZ desired ground zero
DH decision height
DHA design hazards analysis
DHE data handling equipment
DHP developed horsepower
DHS discrete horizon sensor
DI data integrator
DI desk instruction
DI discrete input
DI driving issue
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
DID data item description
DID defense in depth
DIDS defense integrated data system
DIDSIM defense-in-depth simulation
DIDTHT defense-in-depth threat
DIEU digital interface electronics unit
DIGIKON digital control analysis software
DIH discrete input high
DII defense industry initiative
DIL deliverable items list
DIL discrete input low
DILSA distributed integrated logistics support analysis
DIM design impact meeting
DIM Design Information Manual
DIM Design Interface Meeting
DINS defense inertial navigation system
DIP data integrated plan
DIP designated inspection point
DIP detailed integration plan
DIP display input processor
DIP display interface processor
DIPEC Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
DIPL display initial program load
DIPS dynamic isotope power system
DIR document information record
DIS Defense Investigative Service
DIS defense industrial security
DIS documentation index system
DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISP dispersive spectrometer
DIT data ID table
DIT display index table
DIT dynamic integrated test
DITMCO Drive-In Theater Manufacturing Company's wire harness insulation analyzer
DITMO development, integration, test, and mission operations
DIU data interface unit
DIU digital interface unit
DK display keyboard
DKC design knowledge capture
DL developed length
DL development left
DL downlink
DL drawing list
DL Electronics Engineering (KSC DE directorate)
DLAT destructive lot acceptance testing
DLC delay line control
DLC direct lift control
DLH direct labor hour
DLO director of launch operations
DLSC Defense Logistics Service Center
DLSM data link summary message
DLTR data link terminal repeater
DLTR data link transmission repeater
DM data management
DM docking mechanism
DM docking module
DM data manager
DM data manual
DM deformable mirror
DM delta modulation
DM design manual
DM design margin
DM detached module
DM development motor
DMA data management administrator
DMA data management assembly
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMA direct memory access
DMA drive motor assembly
DMC data management computer
DMC direct maintenance cost
DMCF deservicing, maintenance, and checkout facility
DMCM double-density modular core memory
DME distance measuring equipment
DME dynamic mission equipment
DMES dimethylethoxys
DMF depot maintenance facility
DMG Data Management Group
DMICB Daily Mission Integration Control Board
DMIS data management information system
DML developmental instrumentation, MDM left
DMM developmental instrumentation, MDM mid
DMMH direct maintenance man-hours
DMON discrete monitoring
DMOS diffusive mixing of organic systems
DMP data management processor
DMP data merger processor
DMP DEU message processor
DMPI desired mean point of impact
DMR developmental instrumentation, MDM right
DMS data base management system
DMS data management system (subsystem)
DMS deliverables management system
DMS design management system
DMS docking mechanism subsystem
DMS docking module system (subsystem)
DMS DRD management system
DMS DRL management system
DMS dynamic motion simulator
DMSIF DMS Integration Facility
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMSS data management system simulator (CVT)
DMSS defense meteorological satellite system
DMSSIM DMS simulation
DN Department of the Navy
DN discrepancy notice
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
DNA does not apply
DNC direct numerical control
DNO descending-node orbit
DNS departure nuclear stage
DO discrete output
DOA Department of Agriculture
DOAMS distant-object attitude-measuring system
DOC Department of Commerce
DOC direct operating cost
DOC drift-orbit correction
DOD Department of Defense
DOD depth of discharge
DODI DOD instruction
DODISS Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards
DOD-STP Department of Defense standard satellite
DOE Department of Energy
DOF degree of freedom
DOF direction of flight
DOH discrete output high
DOI descent orbit insertion
DOI direct orbit insertion
DOL day of launch
DOL Department of Labor
DOL discrete output low
DOM development operations manager
DOMSAT domestic satellite
DOP detailed operating procedure
DORIS determination of orbit radio positioning integrated from Shuttle (French-supplied dual-frequency receiver)
DOS digital operation system
DOS disk operating system
DOT data output tape
DOT Department of Transportation
DOT deployment operations team
DOT/CIAP DOT climatic impact assessment program
DOVAP Doppler velocity and position
DOY day of year
DP dash pot
DP diametral pitch
DP differential pressure
DP double pole
DP data processing
DP data processor
DP data product
DP deflection plate
DP delayed procurement
DP design proof
DP development phase
DP dew point
DP&S data processing and software
DP&SS data processing and software subsystem
DP/DT delta pressure/delta time
DPA data processing assembly
DPA destructive physical analysis
DPA division planning authorization
DPAS defense priorities and allocation system
DPC data processing center
DPCL dedicated payload communication link
DPCS distributed process construction system
DPD data procurement document
DPDM differential pulse-duration modulation
DPDO Defense Property Disposal Office
DPDS distributed processing design system
DPDT double pole, double throw
DPG dual-purpose gyro
DPI detail program interrelationship
DPM deputy program manager
DPP deployment/pointing panel
DPR definition phase review
DPRS docking probe retraction system
DPS data processing and software
DPS data processing system (subsystem)
DPS Department of Defense project specification
DPS descent propulsion system
DPS digital processing system
DPSD Data Processing Systems Division
DPSK differential phase shift keying
DPSS data processing and software subsystem
DPSS data processing software system
DPST double pole, single throw
DPT design proof test
DPU data processing unit
DPU digital processing unit
DQPSK differential quaternary phase shift keying
DR data register
DR disposition report
DR data requester
DR data requirement
DR dead reckoning
DR design review
DR development right
DR discrepancy report
DR dispatch reliability
DR disposition record
DR&A data requirements and analysis
DR/MR discrepancy report/material review
DRA document release authorization
DRAM dynamic random access memory
DRAT data requirements analysis tool
DRB Design Review Board
DRB design requirements baseline
DRC data reduction center
DRC discrete rate command
DRD data requirements description
DRD data requirements document
DRD design requirements document
DRD detailed requirements document
DRD document requirement description
DRF data request form
DRF digital radio frequency
DRG digital ranging generator
DRI data rate indicator
DRK display request keyboard
DRL data requirements list
DRL document requirements list
DRL double-rack laboratory
DRM data records management
DRM Design Reference Mission
DRM Design Requirements Manual
DRM Drafting Room Manual
DRM Drawing Requirements Manual
DRMR disposition report on MR
DRO destructive readout
DRO document release order
DRR data recorder or reproducer
DRR design requirements review
DRRD design requirements review disposition
DRS data recording system
DRS data relay satellite
DRS data relay station
DRS digital range safety
DRS discrepancy report squawk
DRS donning and recharge system
DRS dynamic restringing
DRSCS digital range safety command system
DRSS data relay satellite system
DRSS discrepancy report squawk sheet
DRT deployment readiness test
DRT design reference trajectory
DRUC disposition record unsatisfactory condition
DS data storage
DS design sheet
DS docking system
DS&R data storage and retrieval
DS3 deep-space surveillance system
DSA Defense Supply Agency
DSA demonstration structural article
DSAD Data Systems and Analysis Directorate (JSC)
DSARC Defense System Acquisition Review Committee
DSARC Defense Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSAT defensive satellite
DSB document status bulletin
DSB double side-band
DSC data separator card
DSC dedicated signal conditioner
DSC differential scanning calorimeter
DSCIM display system computer input multiplexer
DSCN design and simulator computation network
DSCS defense satellite communications system
DSCS defense support communication satellite
DSCU digital computer switching unit
DSD defensive shields demonstration
DSDU data storage distribution unit
DSE data storage encoder
DSE data storage equipment
DSE development support equipment
DSEA data storage electronics assembly
DSFT distributed system fault tolerance
DSI distributed system integration
DSIF Deep-Space Instrumentation Facility
DSIFE DSIF equipment
DSIS defense satellite information system
DSKY display keyboard
DSL design specification list
DSM data system(s) modernization
DSN data steering network
DSN deep-space network
DSN digital switching network
DSN diminishing source notice
DSO design secondary objective
DSO detailed secondary objective
DSO detailed supplementary objective
DSP defense support program
DSP digital signal processing
DSPM designated subsystem project manager
DSR data storage and retrieval
DS-RPIE direct support real property installed equipment
DSS data support system
DSS DCDS support system
DSS decision support system
DSS deep-space station
DSS deliverable survival shelter
DSS department summary schedule
DSS documentation support services
DSSM dedicated solar sortie mission
DST defense suppression threat
DST dimensional special tooling
DSTF Delta Spin Test Facility
DT delayed time
DT double throw
DT drop tank
DT&E development, test, and evaluation
DT&O data, test, and operation
DTA daisy testability analyzer
DTA development test article
DTA differential thermal analyzer
DTC design to cost
DTCS digital test command system
DTCW data transfer command word
DTE data transmission equipment
DTE deliverable test equipment
DTE digital television equipment
DTF Development Test Facility (Ford Aerospace)
DTI development test instrumentation
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTLCC design to life cycle cost
DTMO development, test, and mission operations
DTMS development, test, and mission support
DTMS digital test measurement system
DTMS digital test monitor system
DTO design test objective
DTO detailed test objective
DTP detailed test plan
DTP detailed test procedure
DTP development test plan
DTRD development test requirements document
DTS data transfer system
DTS data transmission system
DTS Defense Technology Study
DTS Defensive Technologies Study
DTS development test sensor
DTSL Data Transfer Systems Laboratory
DTST Defense Technology Study Team
DTST Defensive Technologies Study Team
DTT design test tool
DTU development test unit
DTV developmental test vehicle
DTV&I development, test, verification, and integration
DTVC data transmission and verification converter
DTVC digital transmission and verification converter
DU display unit
DUA digital uplink assembly
DUC digital uplink command
DUC display use chain
DUNS Data Universal Numbering System
DV designated verification
DV designee for verification
DVD delta velocity display
DVE design verification experiment
DVM digital voltmeter
DVO delta velocity on/off
DVS delta velocity system
DVS design verification specification
DVS digital voice system
DVT design verification testing
DVU delta velocity ullage
DW data word
DW developed width
DW distilled water
DW double weight
DWI data word in
DWS disaster warning satellite
DWT dog wags tail
DYB dynamic braking
E elastic modulus
E elevation angle
E&D engineering and development
E&D evaluation and development
E&DSG Electro-Optical and Data Systems Group
E&L engineering and lab
E&M electrical and mechanical
E&O engineering and operations
E/B equipment bay
E/C encoder coupler
E/D edge distance
E/L entry/landing
E/M engineering model
E/M escape motor
E/O engineering/operations
E/OCM electromagnetic/optical countermeasure
E/P electron/proton
E/W energy-to-weight ratio
EA electronics assembly
EA elevation angle
EAC early analysis capability
EAC employee action circle
EAC energy-absorbing capacity
EAC estimate at completion
EAC experiment apparatus container
EAC experimental apparatus canister
EACE early analysis capability enhanced
EAD electrically alterable device
EADI electronic attitude director indicator
EADS engineering analysis and data systems
EADT experiment agency data tape
EAF engineering analysis facility
EAF engineering analysis function
EAFB Edwards Air Force Base
EAFB Eglin Air Force Base
EAFB Ellington Air Force Base
EAI Electronics Associates, Incorporated
EAL equipment airlock
EAM electrical accounting machine
EAM emergency action message
EAP Employee Assistance Program
EAR engineering action request
EAR engineering analysis report
EAR environmental analysis report
EAROM electrically alterable read-only memory
EAS engine actuation system
EAS equivalent airspeed
EASE electric automatic support equipment
EASE expert activity scheduling environment
EAT environmental acceptance test
EATR extravehicular assist teleoperator robot
EB electronic beam
EB emergency box
EB equipment bay
EB expendable booster
EBC emulated buffer computer
EBCDC extended binary-coded decimal
EBD eyeballs down (+GZ)
EBI eyeballs in (+GX)
EBL eyeballs left (+GY)
EBO eyeballs out (-GX)
EBR eyeballs right (-GY)
EBS emergency breathing subsystem
EBU eyeballs up (-GZ)
EBW exploding bridge wire
EC elastic center
EC events coupler
EC experiment computer
EC element contractor
EC enabling command
EC engine control
EC engine cutoff
EC engineering change
EC equipment change
EC essentiality code
EC events controller
ECA electronic computer assembly
ECA electronic control assembly
ECA engine control assembly
ECA engineering change analysis
ECA epoxy curing agent
ECAS experiment computer application software
ECB Engineering Change Board
ECB event control block
ECB event controlled block
ECB events control buffer
ECC engineering change control
ECC engineering critical component
ECCAP electromagnetic compatibility circuit analysis program
ECCAP electromagnetic compatibility computerized analysis
ECCAP electromagnetic compatibility computer analysis proposal
ECCB Engineering Change Control Board
ECCCS emergency command control communications system
ECCM electronic counter-countermeasure
ECCP experiment configuration control panel
ECD engineering control drawing
ECD entry corridor display
ECD estimate at completion change document
ECD estimated completion date
ECDU electronic coupling display unit
ECF equivalency capability file
ECG electrocardiogram
ECG electrocardiograph
ECG electrocardiography
ECG electroepitaxial crystal growth
ECI Earth-centered inertia
ECI employment cost index
ECK emergency communication key
ECL electronic circuit logic
ECL emitter coupled logic
ECLS environmental control and life support
ECLSS environmental control and life support system
ECM electromagnetic countermeasure
ECM electronic countermeasure
ECM engineering change management
ECM error correcting memory
ECN engineering change notice
ECO electron-coupled oscillator
ECO engine combustion
ECO engine cutoff
ECO engineering change order
ECOS experiment computer operating system
ECP engineering change proposal
ECP engineering control program
ECP explicitly coded program
ECR engineering change request
ECR equipment change record
ECR experiment change record
ECR experiment concept review
ECRA engineering change request authorization
ECRC Engineering Contract Requirements Committee
ECRV exponentially corrected random variable
ECS effective cross section
ECS electrical control station
ECS engine control system
ECS environmental control system
ECSS extendable computer system simulator
ECT experiment command tape
ECU electrical control unit
ECU electrical conversion unit
ECU electronic coupling unit
ECU engine control unit
ECU environmental control unit
ECU extreme closeup
ED edge distance
ED Engineering Directorate
ED Engineering Division
ED engineering directive
ED explosive device
EDA electronic display assembly
EDA elevation drive assembly
EDAC error detection and correction
EDB environmental data book
EDC Engineering Data Center
EDC engineering design change
EDCAS equipment designer's cost analysis system
EDCC Engineering Drawing Control Center
EDCP engineering design change proposal
EDCS electrical distribution and control system
EDDF error detection and decision feedback
EDDR electron dipole-dipole reservoir
EDF engineering data file
EDI electronic data interchange
EDI electronic data interfacing
EDIV engineering design intent verification
EDL Engineering Development Laboratory
EDLN engineering development logic network
EDLS engineering drawing library system
EDM electrical discharge machining
EDM engineering development model
EDMS electronic data management system
EDO extended-duration orbiter
EDP electronic data processing
EDP embedded data processor
EDPC Electronic Data Processing Center
EDPE electronic data processing equipment
EDPL Engineering Development Processor Laboratory
EDPM electronic data processing machine
EDR engineering design review
EDS electrical distribution system
EDS emergency detection system (subsystem)
EDS engineering data system
EDS engineering design system
EDS engineering development schedule
EDS executive data base system
EDS explosive device system
EDSC early deployment system concept
EDT eastern daylight time
EDT electronic theodolite system
EDTS electronic data transfer system
EDV electric depressurization valve
EDV electronic depressurizing valve
EDW Edwards (TACAN station)
EE emergency engineering
EE end effector
EE experimental evaluation
E-E end to end
EECOM electrical, environmental, and communications
EECOM electrical, environmental, consumables, and mechanical
EED electroexplosive device
EEE electronic, electrical, and electromechanical
EEEU end effector electronics unit
EEG electroencephalogram
EEG electroencephalograph
EEG electroencephalography
EEH EMU electrical harness
EEI Edison Electrical Institute
EEI essential elements of information
EEL electrical equipment list
EEM Earth entry module
EENT eye, ear, nose, and throat
EEO Equal Employment Office
EEO equal employment opportunity
EEP electronic equipment package
EEPROM electrically erasable read-only memory
EES ejection escape suit
EES emergency ejection suit
EES escape ejection suit
EESS emergency egress severance system
EESS emergency egress slide system
EET electronic control assembly engine thrust
EET entry elapsed time
EET equivalent exposure time
EETB electronic/electrical termination building
EEU extravehicular excursion unit
EEWS emergency egress window system
EF electronic field
EFA experiment flight application
EFCS Earth-fixed coordinate system
EFE electronic field experiment
EFFGRO efficient growth (computer program)
EFL effective focal length
EFL equivalent focal length
EFP ESA-furnished property
EFSSS engine failure sensing and shutdown system
EFTO encrypted for transmission only
EGA evolved gas analysis
EGB electronic gimbal box
EGC experiment ground computer
EGF electrical grapple fixture
EGIL electrical, general instrumentation, and lighting
EGO eccentric geophysical observation
EGORD Experiment Ground Operations Requirements Document
EGRET energetic Gamma Ray Explorer telescope
EGSE electrical ground support equipment
EGT elapsed ground time
EGT estimated ground time
EGT exhaust gas temperature
EH/M extension hose mouthpiece
EHA electrohydraulic actuator
EHC electrical heating control
EHF extremely high frequency
EHOT external hydrogen/oxygen tank
EHP effective horsepower
EHP electrical horsepower
EHS environmental health services
EHSD existing hardware/software data base
EHX experiment-dedicated heat exchanger
EI electronics interface
EI end item
EI engineering instruction
EI entry interface
EI environmental impact
EIA Electrical Industries Association
EIASN end item assembly sequence number
EIAT end item acceptance test
EIC Engineering Information Center
EIC experimental intercom
EICD experiment interface control document
EID end item documentation
EIDP end item data package
EIFA element interface functional analysis
EIM engineering information management
EIR environmental impact report
EIR experiment integration review
EIRP effective isotropic radiated power
EIS electrical integration system
EIS end item specification
EIS engineering information system
EIS environmental impact statement
EIT entry interface time
EIU engine interface unit
EIVT electrical and instrumentation verification test
EIVT electrical interface verification test
EIVT electronic installation verification test
EIWB end item workbook
EKF extended Kalmar filter
EKG electrocardiogram
EKG electrocardiograph
EKG electrocardiography
EL elastic limit
EL electroluminescence
EL equipment laboratory
ELACS extended-life attitude control system
ELB electrical load bank
ELC Earth limb clutter
ELDV electrically operated depressurization valve
ELE Earth limb experiment
ELF extremely low frequency (1 Hz to 3 kHz)
ELINT electronic intelligence satellite
ELM experimental logistics module
ELMS elastic-loop mobility system
ELN Digital Equipment Corporation's real-time operating sn
ELP English language program
ELRAD Earth limb radiance
ELS eastern launch site
ELS elevon load system
ELS external lighting system
ELT emergency locator transmitter
ELV Earth launch vehicle
ELV expendable launch vehicle
EM electromagnetic
EM engineering model
EM exception monitor
EM&IAS electromechanical and integrated avionics subsystem
EMA electromagnetic analysis
EMA electromechanical actuator
EMA engineering and manufacturing aid
E-mail electronic mail
EMC electromagnetic capability
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMC electromagnetic control
EMC equivalent mission cycle
EMCC Emergency Mission Control Center
EMCD electromechanical control diagram
EMCFA electromagnetic compatibility frequency analysis
EMCI engineering model configuration inspection
EMCON emission control
EMD entry monitor display
EMDM enhanced multiplexer/demultiplexer
EMEC electromagnetic effects capability
EMEC electromagnetic effects compatibility
EMEC enhanced master events controller
EMES electrical, mechanical, and environmental systems
EMF electromotive force
EMG electromyogram
EMG electromyograph
EMG electromyography
EMI electromagnetic interface
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMISM electromagnetic interference safety margin
EMK emergency medical kit
EML Electromagnetic Laboratory
EML electromagnetic launcher
EMM electromechanical mockup
EMMA expert missile maintenance aid
EMMA expert missile maintenance aim
EMN engineering management network
EMON exception monitoring
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EMP enhanced MDM pallet
EMP equipment mounting plate
EMPGS electromechanical power generation subsystem
EMR Eastern Missile Range
EMR engine mix ratio
EMR engine mixture ratio
EMR executive management review
EMRL equipment maintenance requirements list
EMRLD excimer moderate Raman-shifted laser device
EMS electromagnetic susceptibility
EMS engineering master schedule
EMS entry monitor subsystem
EMS entry monitoring system
EMSP enhanced modular signal processor
EMT electrical metallic tubing
EMU engineering model unit
EMU extended memory unit
EMU extravehicular mobility unit
EMWA engineering minor work authorization
ENDF evaluated neutron data file
ENG electronystagnogram
ENS en route nuclear shuttle
ENVIRON space natural environment model
EO Earth observation
EO Earth orbit
EO electro-optic
EO electro-optics
EO Electronic Operations
EO engine-out
EO engineering order
E-O electro-optic
EOAS engineering order accountability system
EOC early operational capability
EOC edge of coverage
EOC Electro-Optical Center
EOC end of contract
EOC engine order capability
EOC engine-out capability
EOCM electro-optical countermeasure
EOCR engineering order control record
EOD estimated on dock
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EODB end of data block
EODRS Earth observation data retrieval system
EOF end of file
EOG electroculogram
EOHT external oxygen and hydrogen tank
EOI Earth orbit insertion
EOL Earth orbit launch
EOL end of life
EOL end of line
EOM Earth orbital mission
EOM end of message
EOM end of mission
EOM Engineering Operations Manual
EOM equation of motion
EOMF end of minor frame
EOP Earth and ocean physics
EOP emergency oxygen pack
EOPAP Earth and ocean physics application program
EOPF end of powered flight
EOPR engineering order purchase request
EOPR engineering order purchase requisition
EOQ economic order quantity
EOQ end of quarter
EOR Earth orbit rendezvous
EOR end of refresh
EORQ engineering order request for quotation
EORSAT electronic ocean reconstruction satellite
EOS Earth observation satellite
EOS Earth-orbit Shuttle
EOS electrophoretic separation
EOS emergency oxygen system
EOS extended operating system
EOSH electro-optical sensor hardening
EOSS Earth-orbital space station
EOSS extravehicular activity operational slide-wire system
EOT end of tape
EOT end of transmission
EOTF engineering order to follow
EOTS electro-optical threat sensor
EOW energy over weight
EP elbow pitch
EP electrical power
EP equivalent person
EP equivalent personnel
EP experiment planning
EP&PS electrical power and pyrotechnics subsystem
EPA engineering personnel authorization
EPA engineering project authorization
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPA estimated plan of action
EPC electronic parts control
EPC error protection code
EPC external power contractor
EPCDC electrical power conditioning, distribution, and control
EPD electrical power distribution
EPD emergency procedures document
EPD&C electrical power distribution and control
EPD&CS electrical power distribution and control subsystem
EPDB experiment power distribution box
EPDC electrical power distribution and control
EPDCS electrical power distribution and control system
EPDM ethylene propylene diene monomer
EPDS electrical power distribution system
EPDU electrical power distribution unit
EPG electrical power generator
EPGCS electrical power generation and control subsystem
EPGS electrical power generation subsystem
EPIRSS extended-performance infrared search set
EPL electrical power level
EPL electronic, electrical, and electromechanical parts list
EPL emergency power level
EPL expected power level
EPM engineering project manager
EPMS engineering performance management system
EPO element project office
EPOC External Payload Operations Center
EPPSS electrical power/pyro sequential system
EPR engine pressure ratio
EPR engineering purchase request
EPRN emergency program release notice
EPROM erasable programmable read-only memory
EPS electrical power system (subsystem)
EPS emergency power system
EPS experimental power supply
EPSP experiment power switching panel
EPSTF Electrical Power System Test Facility
EPT emergency procedure trainer
EPT environmental proof test
EPT ethylene propylene terpolymer
EPT external pipe thread
EPTU events per time unit
EPWG Environmental Projects Working Group
EPWG Experiment Planning Working Group
EPY electronic control assembly pitch and yaw
EQE event queue element
ER established reliability
ER explanation report
ER extended reliability
ER&I engine receiving and inspection
ERA electrical replaceable assembly
ERA element-relationship-attribute
ERAP Earth resources aircraft program
ERB Engineering Review Board
ERBACT ERB action item
ERBM extended-range ballistic missile
ERBS Earth radiation budget satellite
ERC Employee Recognition Center
ERC event recorder
ERCAR electrochemically regenerable CO2 absorber and
ERCB Energy Resources Control Board
ERCM engineering requirements and change management
EREP Earth resources package
ERETS Edwards rocket engine test site
ERG electroretinogram
ERG electroretinograph
ERG electroretinography
ERIM Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
ERINT exoatmospheric reentry vehicle interceptor
ERIS endoatmospheric reentry vehicle interceptor system
ERIS exoatmospheric research interceptor system
ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act
ERM executive review meeting
ERNO Entwicklungts Ring Nord Organization, Space Division of Eum, VFW-Fokker-Mannheim, Germany (Spacelab contractor)
ERO engineering release operation
ERP educational reimbursement program
ERP effected radiative power
ERP effective radiation power
ERP elevator reference plane
ERP eye reference point
ERR electrical resistance requirement
ERR engineering release record
ERRC expendability, recoverability, and repair capability
ERRP equipment replacement and refurbishment plan
ERS engineering release system
ERS entry and recovery simulation
ERSI elastomeric reusable surface insulation
ERSIR Earth resources Shuttle imaging radar
ERTG economic radioisotope thermoelectric generator
ERTS Earth resources technology satellite
ERU Earth rate unit (15 deg/hr)
ERV experimental reentry vehicle
ERV expiratory reserve volume
ES Earth sensor
ES Electrochemical Society
ES engineering specification
ES equal section
ES escape system
ES experiment segment
ES expert system
ESA engineering supply area
ESA engineering support area
ESA engineering system assembly
ESA European Space Agency
ESA explosive safe area (KSC)
ESB essential switching box
ESCA electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis
ESCS electronic spacecraft simulator
ESD Electronic Systems Division (NASA)
ESD Electronics Systems Division (USAF)
ESD electrostatic discharge
ESD emergency shutdown
ESD Experiment Systems Division
ESDAC European Space Data Center (Darmstadt, Germany)
ESDP external sensor data processing
ESDU event storage and distribution unit
ESE electrical support equipment
ESE electronic support equipment
ESE engineering support equipment
ESE EVA support equipment
ESF explosive safe facility
ESI electrical system integration
ESM electronic support measure
ESM energy storage module
ESM environmental systems monitor
ESM experiment support module
ESMC Eastern Space and Missile Center
ESMCR Eastern Space and Missile Center regulation
ESMS environmental and special measurements systems
ESO event sequence override
ESOC European Space Operations Center
ESOW engineering statement of work
ESP economic simulation program
ESP electroshock protection
ESP Employee Suggestion Program
ESP engineering simulator program
ESP environmental sensing platform
ESP experiment sensing platform
ESPS experiment segment pallet simulator
ESR effective sunrise
ESR engineering support request
ESR equipment status report
ESRIN European Space Research Institute
ESRO European Space Research Organization
ESS early space station
ESS effective sunset
ESS emergency survival system
ESS energy storage subsystem
ESS environmental support system
ESS equipment support section
ESS experiment subsystem simulator
ESSA electrically steerable spherical array
ESSA Environmental Sciences Services Administration
ESSC Engineering Support Services Contract
EST eastern standard time
ESTA escape system test article
ESTEC European Space Technology Center
ESTF Electronic System Test Facility (NASA)
ESTL Electronic Systems Test Laboratory
ESU eyepiece storage unit
ESV emergency shutoff valve
ESVS escape suit ventilation system
ESVS escape system ventilation system
ESW engine status word
ET edge thickness
ET elapsed time
ET element test
ET elevated temperature
ET event timer
ET external tank
ETA engineering test article
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETA estimated time to acquisition
ETA explosive transfer assembly
ETA external tank attachment
ETB equipment transfer bag
ETC Earth terrain camera
ETC estimate to completion
ETC estimated cost to complete
ETC Greenbelt, Maryland (STDN site)
ETCO equipment transfer/change order
ETD electrical terminal distributor
ETD estimated turnover date
ETD evolutionary terminal defense
ETD external tank door
ETE end to end
ETEDB external thermal environment data base
ETEEM end-to-end engagement model
ETEEM end-to-end engineering model
ETF Eglin Test Facility
ETI elapsed-time indicator
ETIC estimated time in commission
ETL Environmental Test Laboratory
ETLOW external tank lift-off weight
ETM elapsed-time meter
ETM engineering test model
ETO Earth to orbit
ETO ethylene oxide
ETOC estimated time of correction
ETP engineering test phase
ETP environmental test plan
ETP equipment test plan
ETPY electronic control assembly thrust vector pitch and yaw
ETR Eastern Test Range
ETROD Eastern Test Range operations directive
ETRR environmental test readiness review
ETS electrical test set
ETS energy transfer system
ETS external tank system (subsystem)
ETSS external tank separation subsystem
ETT estimated time of track
ETUD external tank umbilical disconnect
ETV electrical test vehicle
ETVA external tank vent arm
EU electronic unit
EU engineering unit
EU experimental unit
EURECA European retrievable carrier
EUROCOMSAT European consortium communications satellite
EUV extreme ultraviolet
EUVE extreme ultraviolet experiment
EV earned value
EV entry vehicle
EV expendable vehicle
EV extravehicular
eV electron volt
EV88 Experiment Version 88 (BMC3 experiment)
EVA earned-value analysis
EVA extravehicular activity
EVAL Earth-viewing applications laboratory
EVAS extravehicular activity system
EVATA extravehicular activity translational aid
EVC extravehicular communications
EVCF Eastern Vehicle Checkout Facility
EVCON events control (controller)
EVCS extravehicular communications system
EVCU extravehicular communications umbilical
EVD external visual display
EVDE external visual display equipment
EVF equipment visibility file
EVLSS extravehicular life support system
EVM Earth-viewing module
EVMU extravehicular mobility unit
EVO engineering verification order
EVS equipment visibility system
EVS extravehicular suit
EVSC extravehicular suit communications
EVSS extravehicular space suit
EVSTC extravehicular suit telecommunications
EVSU extravehicular space unit
EVT extravehicular transfer
EW electronic warfare
EWA estimated warehouse arrival
EWE emergency window escape
EWM engineering wring-out meeting
EWO engineering work order
EWR engineering work request
EWW extended workweek
EXC experiment computer
EXCABL expert cable (automated payload cabling system)
EXH exchange hardware
EXMATCH expert drawing matching system
EXO experiment operator (in Spacelab)
EXT experiment terminal (operator console on Spacelab)
EXTRAJ ascent trajectory (design expert system)
F Fahrenheit
F farad
F floating point
F force
F&A fabrication and assembly
F&D fill and drain
F&E facility and environment
F&IE facilities and industrial engineering
F&M force and moment
F&P fluids and propulsion
F&PC finance and program control
F/A fabrication and assembly
F/A failure analysis
F/A fuel-to-air ratio
F/C fire control
F/C fit check
F/C flight control
F/C flow control
F/C fuel cell
F/D face of drawing
F/D field of drawing
F/D fill/drain
F/E full/empty
F/F fill/full
F/O fuel oxidizer
F/R flared rudder
FA factor analysis
FA failure analysis
FA feedback analysis
FA final approach
FA final assembly
FA flight acceptance
FA flight aft
FA flight-critical aft
FA fully automatic
FA/COSI final assembly closeout systems installation
FA< first approach and landing test
FAA false alarm avoidance
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAB flight assignment baseline
FABU fuel additive blender unit
FACC Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation
FACI first-article configuration inspection
FACO fabrication and acceptance checkout
FACO factory acceptance checkout
FACO factory assembly and checkout
FACO final assembly checkout
FACR first-article configuration review
FACS finance and control system
FACT first-address control table
FACT flexible automatic circuit tester
FACT flight acceptance composite test
FACTS FDF automated control and tracking system
FAD final approach display
FAD flight assessment delta
FAE final approach equipment
FAF final assembly fixture
FAF first aerodynamic flight
FAFS Falcon Air Force Station
FAIR fabrication, assembly, and inspection record
FAIR fly-along infrared
FAL facility area layout
FAL first approach and landing
FAME formatting and multiplexing equipment
FAMOS flight acceleration monitor system
FAMS FDF automated monitoring system
FAMU fuel additive moisture unit
FAO flight activities officer
FAP final approach plane
FAP FORTRAN assembly program
FAPE Florida Association of Professional Employees
FAR failure analysis report
FAR Federal Aviation regulation
FAR federal acquisition regulation
FAR final acceptance review
FAR flight acceptance review
FAR flight analysis review
FAS flight analysis system
FAS forward acquisition sensor
FASCOS flight acceleration safety cutoff system
FAT factory acceptance test (some subcontractors)
FAT final acceptance test (Rockwell)
FAT flight attitude table
FAWG Flight Assignment Working Group
FB feedback
FB field bulletin
FB final braking
FB flat bar
FB fleet broadcast
FBAS fixed-base aft station
FBB flyback booster
FBC fluidized-bed combustion
FBCS fixed-base crew station (SMS)
FBM fleet ballistic missile
FBV field-base visit
FBV fuel bleed valve
FC facility control
FC ferrite core
FC fire control
FC fit check
FC flight computer
FC flight control
FC flight critical
FC fuel cell
FCA field change analysis
FCA flow control assembly
FCA forward controller assembly
FCA frequency control analysis
FCA functional compatibility analysis
FCA functional configuration audit
FCAF Flight Crew Accommodation Facility
FCAP flight control applications program
FCB Fracture Control Board
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCC flat conductor cable
FCCP firm contract cost proposal
FCD Flight Control Division (NASA)
FCDB flight control data bus
FCDC flexible confined detonating cord
FCDR final critical design review
FCE fast-cycle executive
FCE flight control equipment
FCE flight crew equipment
FCEF Flight Crew Equipment Facility
FCEI facility contract end item
FCEI facility contractor end item
FCF first captive flight
FCF functional check flight
FCH Flight Controller's Handbook
FCHL Flight Control Hydraulics Laboratory
FCI flight control indicator
FCI flight crew integration
FCI functional configuration identification
FCIM flight control interface module
FCIP flight cargo implementation plan
FCITE FCI time element
FCL feeder control logic
FCL fluid coolant loop
FCL Freon coolant line
FCL Freon coolant loop
FCM flow control module
FCMC facility control and monitor console
FCMU foot-controlled maneuvering unit
FCO field change order
FCO final checkout
FCO flight crew operations
FCO functional checkout
FCOB Flight Crew Operations Branch (NASA)
FCOD Flight Crew Operations Directorate
FCOH Flight Controller's Operational Handbook
FCOS flight computer operating system
FCOS flight control operating system
FCOS flight control operational software
FCP Failure Correction Panel
FCP firm cost proposal
FCP flight correction proposal
FCP fuel cell power plant
FCP fuel cell propellant
FCPS fuel cell power system (subsystem)
FCR facility change request
FCR final configuration review
FCR flight configuration review
FCR flight control room
FCRA fecal collection receptacle assembly
FCRT flight display CRT
FCS fecal containment system
FCS federal communications system
FCS fire control system
FCS flight control simulator
FCS flight control system
FCS flight crew system
FCS front crew system
FCSD Flight Crew Support Division (JSC)
FCSM flight combustion stability monitor
FCSS fuel cell servicing system
FCSTF Fuel Cell System Test Facility
FCT filament center tap
FCT flight control team
FCT flight controller trainer
FCT flight crew trainer
FCT fuel cell test
FCTB Flight Crew Training Building
FCTF Fuel Cell Test Facility
FCTR flight controller training room
FCTS flight crew trainer simulator
FCU fluid checkout unit
FCV flow control valve
FCW format control word
FD fault detection
FD flight day
FD flight director
FD freeze-dried
FD function designator
FD functional designator
FD/FI fault detection/fault isolation
FDA fault detection and annunciation
FDA flight deck assembly
FDAI flight director attitude indicator
FDB facility data base
FDB Fahrenheit dry bulb
FDCF Flight Design Control Facility
FDDB function designator data base
FDDI fiber distributed data interface
FDF first drop flight
FDF flight data file
FDI failure detector indicator
FDI fault detection and identification
FDI fault detection and isolation
FDI flight detection and isolation
FDI flight director instrument
FDIIR fault detection, isolation, identification, and
FDIR fault detection, identification, and recovery
FDIR fault detection, isolation, and recovery
FDIR fault detection/isolation and reconfiguration
FDK flight display keyboard
FDL flight director loop
FDLC final design load cycle
FDM flight data manager
FDM flight design manager
FDM frequency data multiplexer
FDM frequency division multiplexer
FDM frequency domain multiplexer
FDMA frequency division multiple access
FDO fee determination official
FDO Flight Director's Office
FDO flight dynamics officer
FDOR flight design operations review
FDP Flight Design Panel
FDR final design review
FDR flight definition requirement
FDR functional design review
FDRD flight definition and requirements directive
FDRD flight definition and requirements document
FDRD flight determination and requirements directive
FDRI flight director rate indicator
FDS failure dynamics software
FDS functional design specification
FDS fire detection and suppression
FDS flight design and scheduling
FDS flight design system
FDS flight dynamics simulator
FDS flight dynamics software
FDS flight dynamics support
FDS flight dynamics system
FDS fluid distribution system
FDSC flight dynamics simulation complex
FDSC flight dynamics situation complex
FDSCU fluid distribution system control unit
FDSR final design status review
FDT full-duplex teletype
FDU fluid distribution unit
FDX simultaneous, two-way, full-duplex channel
FE flight execution
FE flight executive
FE flight experiment
FE force execution
FEA failure effects analysis
FEA flight experiment apparatus
FEA fluids experiment apparatus
FEAT final engineering acceptance test
FEB forward equipment bay
FEB fourth entry battery
FEB functional electronic block
FEC field engineering change
FEC forward events controller
FECR final experiment concept review
FED flight events demonstration
FEDB flight execution data base
FEDP facility and equipment design plan
FEE failure effects evaluation
FEID flight equipment interface design
FEID flight equipment interface device
FEID functional engineering interface device
FEL first-element launch
FEL free-electron laser
FEM finite-element method
FEM finite-element model
FEMCPL facilities and environmental measurement component parts
FEO field engineering order
FEP fluorinated ethylene-propylene
FEP front-end processor
FEPC flight equipment processing contractor
FERD facility and equipment requirements document
FES flash evaporator system
FES flight element set
FESL failure effects summary list
FESP flight execution support plan
FET field effect transistor
FET flight elapsed time
FEWG Flight Evaluation Working Group
FF flight forward
FF flight-critical forward
FF flip-flop
FF forecasting funding
FF forward fuselage
FF free flight
FF free flyer
FF full field
FF full functional
F-F face-to-face
FFBD functional flow block diagram
FFC final flight certification
FFC first-flight capability
FFD fixed-format display
FFD functional flow diagram
FFF final factory functional
FFM free-flying (experiment) module
FFP firm fixed price
FFP firmed fixed price
FFR flight feasibility review
FFRR first flight readiness review
FFSAC field functional systems assembly and checkout
FFT factory functional test
FFT fast Fourier transform
FFT frame format table
FFTO free-flying teleoperator
FH flex hose
FHC flight half-coupling
FHD fixed-head disk
FHF first horizontal flight
FHO failed hardover
FHP fuel high pressure
FHS forward heat shield
FHST fixed-head star tracker
FI fault identification
FI fault isolation
FI field intensity
FI formal inspection
FIA flight integration assessment
FIAB Flight Integration Assessment Board
FIAR failure investigation action report
FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act
FID flight implementation directive
FIE flight instrumentation engineer
FIFO first in/first out (high-speed data buffer)
FIIG federal item identification guide
FIIN federal item identification number
FIIWG Facility Integration and Installation Working Group
FILE feature identification and location equipment
FIM field instruction memorandum
FIMS framework for integrated manufacturing system
FIO furnished and installed by others
FIR fuel indicator reading
FIRSSE Far Infrared Sky Survey Experiment
FIS facility interface sheet
FISA facility inspection shakedown acceptance
FIST final integrated system test
FIST functional integrated system test
FIT fault isolation test
FITH fire in the hole
FIV fuel isolation valve
FKB flight display keyboard
FL feed line
FL flow line
FL forward link
FLAG flexible assignment generator
FLAGE Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment
FLAIR functional language articulated interactive resource
FLAPS flight application software
FLC Federal Library Committee
FLC forward load control
FLCA forward load controller assembly
FLIR forward-looking infrared
FLLK frustum-lifting lug kit
FLPS flight load planning system
FLR flight log recorder
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
FLSC flexible linear-shaped charge
FLTSATCOM fleet satellite communications
FLW Fellows (TACAN station)
FM first mold
FM flight model
FM fluid module
FM fracture mechanics
FM frequency modulated
FM frequency modulation
FM/CW frequency-modulated continuous wave
FM/FM frequency modulation/frequency multiplexing
FM/PM frequency modulation/phase modulation
FMA failure mode analysis
FMAD fluid management and distribution
FMAHTS flight manifest and hardware tracking system
FMAR final mission analysis review
FMC forward motor controller
FMCA forward motor controller assembly
FMCF first manned captive flight
FMCS Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services
FMD fixed-module drive
FMD&C flight mechanics, dynamics, and control
FMDM flexible multiplexer/demultiplexer
FMEA failure mode and effects analysis
FMEC forward master events controller
FMECA failure modes and effects criticality analysis
FMECA failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis
FMK field modification kit
FML fault message line
FML final materials list
FMO flight medical officer
FMOF first manned operational flight
FMOF first manned orbital flight
FMOFEV first manned orbital flight with EVA
FMOFPL first manned orbital flight with payload
FMP facility management plan
FMPAC fixed multipurpose application console
FMR field modification request
FMR function max rate
FMS fluid management system
FMS food management subsystem
FMS forms management system
FMS functional master schedule
FMSP FM signal processor
FMSP frequency modulation signal processor
FMT flight management team
FMX FM transmitter
FND facility need date
FNOC Fleet Numeric Oceanography Center (U.S. Navy)
FNOC Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center
FNT failure notification Telex
FO fail operating
FO fail operational
FO fast operating
FO fiber-optic
FO flat oval
FO functional objective
FOB Flight Operations Building
FOB fractional orbit bombardment
FOB free on board
FOBS fractional orbit bombing system
FOC fleet operational capability
FOC full operational capability
FOCR final operational concept review
FOD Flight Operations Directorate (JSC)
FODS fiber-optic demonstration system
FOE flight operations engineer
FOF first operational flight
FOF first orbital flight
FOF flight operations facility
FO-FO-FS fail operational/fail operational/fail safe
FO-FS fail operational/fail safe
FOG fiber-optic gyro
FOGM fiber-optic guided missile
FOH first-order hold
FOI field operations installation
FOIH Flight Operations Integration Handbook
FOM field operations memorandum
FOM figure of merit
FOMR Flight Operations Management Room
FOP facility operations plan
FOP Flight Operations Panel
FOP flight operations plan
FOP follow-on production
FOPG Flight Operations Planning Group
FOPP follow-on parts production
FOPS flight operations planning schedule
FOPSS flight operation product scheduling system
FOR field of regard
FOR flight operations review
FORD flight operations requirement document
FORTRAN formula translation
FOS flight operation security
FOS flight operations support
FOSA Flight Operations Support Annex
FOSDIC film optical sensing device for input to computers
FOSMS facility operation scheduling and monitoring system
FOSO flight operations scheduling officer
FOSP flight operations support personnel
FOST flight operations support team
FOT flight operation trainer
FOT flight operations team
FOV field of view
FOV field of vision
FOV first orbital vehicle
FOWG Flight Operations Working Group
FP fine pointer
FP fuel pressure
FP function path
FP functional path
FP fine pointing
FP fixed point
FP fixed price
FP flat panel
FP flexible processor
FP flight plan
FP focal plane
FP freezing point
FPA focal plane array
FPA focal plane assembly
FPB fuel preburner
FPBOV fuel preburner and oxidizer valve
FPC Federal Power Commission
FPC fixed-price contractor
FPC forward power controller
FPCA forward power controller assembly
FPDE focal plane drive electronics
FPE functional program element
FPEG fast-pulse electron gun
FPH Flight Procedures Handbook
FPI fixed-price incentive
FPI fuel pressure indicator
FPIF fixed-price incentive fee
FPIT field preinstallation test
FPL fetch pointer list
FPL full power load
fpm feet per minute
FPO Future Projects Office (MSFC)
FPOV fuel preburner oxidizer valve
FPP floating-point processor
FPP Freon pump package
FPPR fixed price with price revision
FPQ fixed, special-purpose radar
FPR flight performance reserve
FPRV flight product requirements verification
fps feet per second
fps frames per second
FPSP focal plane signal processor
FPSR flight planning and stowage review
FPSS fine-pointing sun sensor
FPU floating-point unit
FPV flow proportioning valve
FPWG FSD Planning Working Group
FQ flight qualification
FQF first qualification flight
FQI flight qualification instrumentation
FQR final qualification review
FQR flight qualification recorder
FQR formal qualification review
FQT formal qualification test
FR fast release
FR final review
FR firing room
FR flight rule
FR force-reflective
FR frame rate
FR fully reusable
FRACAS failure reporting, analysis, and corrective action
FRAGNET fragmented network
FRB Failure Review Board
FRC fixed radio control
FRC flight readiness certification
FRCB Flight Rules Change Board
FRCB Flight Rules Control Board
FRCI fibrous refractory composite insulation
FRCS forward reaction control system (subsystem)
FRD flight requirements document
FRD functional requirements document
FRDI flight research and development instrumentation
FRDR flight readiness design review
FRE flight-related element
FRE format request element
FRF flight readiness firing
FRFT flight readiness firing test
FRG Federal Republic of Germany
FRJD forward reaction jet driver
FRL frame reference line
FRL fuselage reference line
FRM facility requirements manager
FRP fuselage reference plane
FRR flight readiness review
FRRID flight readiness review item disposition
FRSI felt reusable surface insulation
FRT flight readiness test
FRT frequency response test
FS factor of safety
FS Freon servicer
FS full scale
FS functional schematic
FS fuselage station
FS fail safe
FS fail to sync
FS fault summary
FS federal specification
FS fire suppression
FS fixed silo
FS flight system
FS fluid system
FS3 Future Security Strategy Study
FSA final-stage acceptance
FSA frequency standard assembly
FSAA flight simulator for advanced aircraft
FSC Fairchild Space Company
FSC federal stock classification
FSCM federal supply code for manufacturers
FSCP fire sensor control panel
FSCP flight support computer program
FSD Flight Simulation Division (JSC)
FSD full-scale development
FSD&P flight systems design and performance
FSDU frequency synthesizer and distribution unit
FSE factory support equipment
FSE flight simulation engineer
FSE flight support equipment
FSED full-scale engineering development
FSF first static firing
FSGS flare/shallow glide slope
FSH fixed superhard
FSI final systems installation
FSI flight software integration
FSIM functional simulator
FSIWG Flight System Interface Working Group
FSK frequency shift key
FSL Flight Simulation Laboratory
FSL Flight Systems Laboratories
FSLP first Spacelab payload
FSLT first sea-level test
FSM Firmware Support Manual
FSM fuel supply module
FSN federal stock number
FSO facility security officer
FSO functional supplementary objective
FSP fault summary page
FSP flight safety plan
FSPL free-space-path loss
FSR final system release
FSR final systems review
FSR Flight Support Room
FSR flight support request
FSRR flight software readiness review
FSRR flight system readiness review
FSRS flight system recording system
FSS field spectrometer system
FSS fire suppression system
FSS fixed service structure
FSS flight support station
FSS flight support structure
FSS flight support system
FSS flight systems simulator
FSS frequency selective surface
FSS full-scale station
FSSE flight sensor stimuli equipment
FSSR flight system software request
FSSR flight system software requirements
FSSR functional subsystem software requirements
FSSS Future Strategic Systems Study
FSTE factory special test equipment
FSTS frequency standard test set
FSU facility security office
FSU factor of safety ultimate
FSU Freon servicing unit
FSU frequency synthesizer unit
FSV flight space vehicle
FSW flight software
FSY factor of safety yield
FT fast track
FT fault tolerant
FT feed-through
FT fine tracker
FT flight team
FT flight test
FT formal training
FT functional test
FT&C formal training and certification
ft/sec feet per second
FTA fatigue test article
FTA fault-tree analysis
FTA flight test article
FTAM file transfer, access, and management
FTC flight test conductor
FTC Florida Test Center (MDAC)
FTD flight test directive
FTD Foreign Technology Division, U.S. Air Force
FTE factory test equipment
FTE flight test engineer
FTE forced test end
FTFD field test force director (AFSCF)
FTIR Fourier transform infrared
FTIS flight test instrumentation system
FTMC fault-tolerant memory control
FTO flight test objective
FTO Foreign Technology Office
FTO functional test objective
FTOH Flight Test Operations Handbook
FTP flight test procedure
FTP full-throttle position
FTP functional test program
FTP functional test progress
FTPF Flight and Training Planning Facility
FTR flight test requirement
FTR functional test requirement
FTRD flight test requirements document
FTRD functional test requirements document
FTS far-term study
FTS far-term system
FTS federal telecommunications system
FTS flight telerobotic service
FTS flight telerobotic servicer
FTS flight termination system
FTS flight test station
FTS flight test system
FTS functional test specification
FTT field test telescope
FTVE functional technology validation experiment
FU flight unit
FUB forward utility bridge
FUI federal unemployment insurance
FUO follow-up output
FUT flight unit test
FV flight version
FV front view
FV incremental change in velocity
FVDS fuel vent and drain system
FVF first vertical flight
FVSS fuel vapor scrubber system
FVV facility verification vehicle
FW flag word
FW fuel wasting
FWB Fahrenheit wet bulb
FWC filament-wound case
FWG Facility Working Group
FWW food, water, and waste
FWWM food, water, and waste management
FWWMS food, water, and waste management subsystem
FXR flash X-ray
FY fiscal year
g gravity
G&A general and administrative
G&C ground rules and constraints
G&C guidance and control
G&CEP guidance and control equipment performance
G&CI guidance and control integration
G&N guidance and navigation
G&NS guidance and navigation system
G/A ground to air
G/A/G ground to air to ground
G/AIT ground/airborne IGS terminal
G/C guidance and control
G/E graphite-epoxy
G/G ground to ground
G/N general notes
G/S glide slope
G/T gain versus temperature
G/T ratio of antenna gain to receiver noise temperature
G/W gateway
GA glide angle
GA ground antenna
GA gyro assembly
G-A ground to air
GA&CS ground acquisition and command station
GaAs gallium arsenide
GAC ground attitude control
GAC Grumman Aerospace Corporation
GACU ground air conditioning unit
GACU ground avionics cooling unit
GADG gravity or acceleration due to gravity
GAEC Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation
GAIN graphic aids for investigating networks
GAO General Accounting Office
GAP GOAL automatic procedure
GAPL group assembly parts list
GAS getaway special
GASD Government Aerospace Systems Division (Harris Corporation)
GASP General Ascent Trajectory and Sizing Program
GASPI gimbal angle, surface position indicator
GATE generic automatic test equipment
GATP ground acceptance test procedure
GATP ground article test procedure
GATT gate-assisted turnoff thyristor
GAX GN&C annunciation interface
GBD global burst detector
GBD Government Business Division
GBI Grand Bahama Island
GBL government bill of lading
GBL ground-based laser
GBOTV ground-based OTV
GBR glass bead rating
GBR ground-based radar
GBS ground-based software
GBSS ground-based surveillance system
GBT gyro bias calibration value
GC gas chromatography
GC gyrocompass
GC gigacycle (1,000 megacycles)
GC gimbal case
GC ground computer
GC ground contact
GC ground control
GC ground controller
GC guidance computer
GC guidance control
GCA ground-controlled approach
GCA guidance coupler assembly
GCC ground communications coordinator
GCC Ground Control Center
GCCC Ground Control Computer Center
GCCO ground control checkout
GCD greatest common divisor
GCD gyrocompass, desired cluster orientation
GCDC ground checkout display and control
GCDS ground checkout display and control system
GCE GPS cargo element
GCF greatest common factor
GCF ground communications facility
GCHX ground cooling heat exchanger
GCI ground-controlled interception
GCID ground computer interface device
GCIL ground command interface logic
GCIL ground control interface logic
GCILC ground command interface logic controller
GCILU ground control interface logic unit
GCL ground control landing
GCL ground coolant loop
GCN GIRD change notice
GCN ground communications network (A/G worldwide net)
GCN ground control network
GCO ground checkout
GCOS general computer operational system
GCOS ground computer operating system
GCP ground command post
GCP group command post
GCR ground-controlled radar
GCR group-coded recording
GCS ground communications system
GCS ground control station
GCS guidance cutoff signal
GCTS gas component test stand
GCTS ground communication tracking system
GCU general control unit
GCU generator control (regulator) unit
GCU ground cooling unit
GCU gyro coupling unit
GDA General Dynamics Astronautics
GDA gimbal drive actuator
GDA gimbal drive assembly
GDBS generalized data base system
GDC General Dynamics Corporation
GDC gyro display coupler
GDCA General Dynamics Convair Aircraft
GDDM graphical data display manager
GDMS generic data management system
GDMS ground data management system
GDOP geometric dilution of precision
GDP generalized documentation processor
GDR geophysical data record
GDS Goldstone, California (STDN)
GDSD Ground Data Systems Division
GDSM ground data systems manager
GDSO ground data systems officer
GDSSR GDSD staff support room
GE General Electric
GE/B General Electric Burroughs
GEA gimbal electronics assembly
GE-AESD General Electric Aerospace Electronics Systems
GEC General Electrodynamics Corporation
GEDAC General Electric detection and automatic correction
GEM generic electronics module
GEMS general energy management system
GEMS global emergency missile surveillance
GEO geosynchronous Earth orbit
GEODSS ground-based electro-optical deep-space surveillance
GEOMOD geometric modeler
GEOPAUSE geodetic satellite in polar geosynchronous orbit
GEOSEPS geosynchronous solar electric propulsion stage
GERT graphical evaluation and review technique
GESS Goddard experiment support system
GET ground elapsed time
GETI ground elapsed time of ignition
GETL ground elapsed time of landing (for TIG of abort burn)
GETS ground equipment test set
GeV giga electron volt
GF gauge factor
GF government-furnished
GF&P gases, fluids, and propellants
GFAE government-furnished aeronautical equipment
GFAE government-furnished aircraft equipment
GFD government-furnished data
GFE government-furnished equipment
GFERD government-furnished equipment requirement description
GFI government-furnished information
GFI ground fault interrupter
GFM government-furnished material
GFP generalized filter program
GFP government-furnished property
GFRP glass-fiber-reinforced plastic
GFRP graphite-fiber-reinforced plastic
GFS government-furnished software
GFTM generic fluids transfer model
GFY government fiscal year
GG gas generator
GG gravity gradient
G-G ground to ground
GGVM gas generator valve module
GH2 gaseous hydrogen
GHA general housekeeping area
GHA Greenwich hour angle
GHC ground half-coupling
GHE ground handling equipment
GHe gaseous helium
GHX ground heat exchanger
GHz gigahertz
GIA general-purpose computer interface adapter
GIAG Government-Industry Advisory Group
GIBIS graphical issue-based information system
GIC GPC interface console
GIDD GSE interface definition document
GIDEP government interagency data exchange program
GIDEP government-industry data exchange program
GIDS general-purpose interactive display system
GIE ground instrumentation equipment
GIF graphics interchange format
G-II Gulfstream II (Shuttle training aircraft)
GIM generalized information management
GIMADS generic integrated maintenance and diagnostic system
GIMADS generic integrated maintenance diagnostics
GIRD ground integration requirements document
GISO general industry safety order
GITG Ground Interface Technical Group
GIWG Ground Interface Working Group
GKS graphics kernel system
GLAADS gun low-altitude air defense system
GLC generator line contractor
GLCM ground-launched cruise missile
GLLD ground locator laser designator
GLOW gross lift-off weight
GLOW ground lift-off weight
GLP GOAL language processor
GLS ground launch sequencer
GM gaseous mixture
GM geometric mean
GM ground mobile
GMAL General Electric Macro Assembly Language
GMAW gas metal arc welding
GMCC Ground Mobile Control Center
GMCL ground measurements command list
GME gimbal module electronics
GMEM GPC memory
G-MEM GPC memory
GMF ground module force
GMIP government mandatory inspection point
GMIS ground STDN management information system
GMIS GSSC management information system
GML general measurement loop
GMLCC Ground Mobile Launch Control Center
GMM geometrical math model
GMN Gorman (TACAN station)
GMT Greenwich mean time
GN ground network
GN2 gaseous nitrogen
GN&C guidance, navigation, and control
GN&CS guidance, navigation, and control subsystem
GNC guidance and navigation computer
GNC guidance, navigation, and control
GNCFTS GN&C flight test station
GNCIS GN&C integration simulator
GNCS guidance and navigation control system
GNCSIM GN&C simulation
GNCTS GN&C test station
GNE guidance and navigational electronics
GNIC G&N indicator control
GNP gross national product
GNS guidance and navigation simulator
GNS guidance navigation system
GO general order
GOAL ground operations aerospace language
GOASEX Gulf of Alaska Seasat Experiment
GOC ground operations coordinator
GOCA ground operations control area
GOCO government-owned, contractor-operated
GOE ground operating equipment
GOE ground outfitting equipment
GOES geostationary operational environment satellite
GOES geosynchronous operational environmental satellite
GOM KSC ground operations manager at DFRF or WSMR
GOMMS ground operations and material management system
GOMS ground operations management system
GOP Ground Operations Panel
GOP ground operations plan
GOPG Ground Operations Planning Group
GOR ground operations review
GORD ground operations requirements document
GORP Ground Operations Review Panel
GORP ground operations requirements plan
GORR ground operation readiness review
GORS ground observer RF system
GOS ground operations system
GOSP ground operational support plan
GOSRP ground operational support requirements plan
GOSS ground operational support system
GOTS government off the shelf
GOWG Ground Operations Working Group
GOX gaseous oxygen
GP general publication (KSC)
GP general-purpose
GP government property
GPA general-purpose amplifier
GPAS general-purpose airborne simulator
GPBIM general-purpose buffer interface module
GPC gel permeation chromatograph
GPC gel permeation chromatography
GPC general-purpose computer
GPC gyro pulse count
GPCB GOAL program control block
GPCIPL general-purpose computer initial program load
GPD gimbal position display
gph gallons per hour
GPI gimbal position indicator
GPI ground position indicator
GPIO general-purpose input and output
GPL general-purpose laboratory
GPL GOAL processing language
gpm gallons per minute
GPME general-purpose mission equipment
GPNDS global positioning and nuclear detection system
GPO Government Printing Office
GPRN GOAL test procedure release notice
GPRP government production research property
GPS general processing subsystem
GPS Global Positioning System (Navstar)
GPS ground power supply
GPS ground processing simulation
GPS RX GPS user receiver
gps gallons per second
GPSCP GPS computer program
GPSS general-purpose simulator system
GPSS general-purpose system simulator
GPTE general-purpose test equipment
GPU ground power unit
GPUR GOAL test procedure update request
GPVS general-purpose visual simulator
GR ground rule
Gr/Al graphite-aluminum
Gr/Ep graphite-epoxy
GRACE ground radar calibration equipment
GRC Glenn Research Center
GRD ground detector
GRE Gamma Ray Explorer
GRID graphic retrieval and information display
GRNC group not counted
GRO Gamma Ray Observatory
GRS global receiving system
GRTLS glide return to launch site
GS gas servicer
GS generalized system
GS glide slope
GS ground speed
GS ground station
GS ground system
GS II Generalized System II
GSA General Services Administration
GSAT geosynchronous satellite
GSCU ground service cooling unit
GSDL Ground Software Development Laboratory
GSDS Goldstone duplicate standard (standard DSIF equipment)
GSE government support equipment
GSE ground servicing equipment
GSE ground support equipment
GSE&I general systems engineering and integration
GSEL ground support equipment list
GSERD ground support equipment recommendation data
GSF gyro scale factor
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
GSI glide slope indicator
GSI government source inspection
GSIG Ground Systems Integration Group
GSIU ground standard interface unit
GSLS ground station link survivability
GSO Ground Support Office
GSO ground support operations
GSO ground systems operations
GSP ground safety plan
GSPF Ground Software Production Facility (LPS) (FR 2 KSC)
GSPO Ground Systems Project Office (JSC)
GSP-R guidance signal processor-repeater
GSR galvanic skin response
GSS geosynchronous space station
GSS government systems sector
GSS ground support software
GSS ground support system
GSSC General Systems Simulation Center (NASA)
GSSC ground support simulation computer
GSSF general service stock fund
GSSI ground support system integration
GSSI&C ground support systems installation and checkout
GSSI&C group support systems integration and checkout
GST ground system test
GSTAR Saudi Arabian communications satellite
GSTDN ground space flight tracking and data network
GSTDN ground spacecraft tracking and data network
GSTP ground system test procedure
GSTS ground-based surveillance and tracking system
GSTS/BM ground-based surveillance and tracking sagement
GSU gas servicer unit
GSV glove stop valve
GSVOO ground station visibility of orbiting objects
GSVP ground support verification plan
GT ground team
GT ground test
GT gyro torque
GT&A ground test and acceptance
GTA gas tungsten arc
GTA ground test access
GTA ground test article
GTA ground test assembly
GTA ground torquing assembly
GTAW gas tungsten arc welding
GTC glycol trim console
GTC ground test conductor
GTCU ground thermal conditioning unit
GTE General Telephone and Electronics
GTF ground test facility
GTI Grand Turk Island
GTI ground test instrumentation
GTLV government-furnished target launch vehicle
GTM ground team manager
GTM ground test missile
GTM ground test motor
GTO generic technical order
GTO geosynchronous transfer orbit
GTP general test plan
GTRI Georgia Tech Research Institute
GTS general test support
GTS GN&C test station
GTS GNS test station
GTS guidance test station
GTT group technology time
GTU glycol trim unit
GTV ground test vehicle
GTV ground transport vehicle
GTVI gimbal angle and translational velocity indicator
GUCP ground umbilical carrier plate
GUIDO guidance officer
GUL GSE utilization list
GUSB guided, unified S-band
G-V gravity-velocity
GVL Ground Vibrations Laboratory
GVO Gaviota (TACAN station)
GVSC generic VHSIC spacecraft computer
GVT ground vibration test
GVTA ground vibration test article
GW gateway
GW gross weight
GWA general work area
GWT ground winds tower
GYM Guaymas, Mexico (remote site)
H altitude
H altitude rate
H hazardous (task classification)
H henry (SI unit)
H momentum
H&D hardened and dispersed
H&K homing and kill
H/A hazardous area
H/B hyperbaric
H/C head count
H/E heat exchanger
H/F human factor
H/L hardline
H/O handover
H/S heat shield
H/SIR hardware and software integration review
H/X heat exchanger
H2O2 hydrogen peroxide
H2S hydrogen sulfide
HA apogee altitude
HA hazard analysis
HA high altitude
HA higher authority
HAA high-altitude abort
HAADS high-altitude attitude determination system
HAARS high-altitude attitude reference system
HAB high-altitude burst
HABP Hypersonic Arbitrary Body Program
HAC heading alignment circle
HAC heading alignment cylinder
HAC Hughes Aircraft Company
HAD heat-actuated device
HAFB Hill Air Force Base
HAFB Holloman Air Force Base
HAINS high-accuracy inertial navigation system
HAK horizontal access kit
HAL high-order articulated language
HAL high-order assembly language
HAL Houston aerospace language
HAL/S high-order assembly language for Shuttle
HAL/S high-order programming language for Spacelab usage
HALO high-altitude large optics
HAM height adjustment maneuver
HAMP handling and moving procedure
HANE high-altitude nuclear explosion
HAP Hardware Allocation Panel
HAP high-speed arithmetic processor
HAP Honeywell array processor
HAR hazard analysis report
HAS high-altitude sensor
HAS hold-down alignment support
HAS hydraulic actuation system
HASC high-altitude surveillance concept
HAST high-altitude supersonic target
HAW Hawaii (STDN)
HB half-breadth
HB handbook
HB high bay
HB hyperbaric
HBBW half-beam bandwidth
HBR high bit rate
HBT Heflex bioengineering test
HBW hot bridge wire
HC hand control
HC head count
HC high carbon
HC hybrid computer
HCCB Hardware Configuration Control Board
HCDB historical cost data base
HCF high-cycle fatigue
HCF HIM configuration file
HCI hardness-critical item
H-CITE horizontal cargo integration test equipment
HCl hydrogen chloride
HCM hard-copy module
HCMM heat capacity mapping mission
HCP hydraulic circulation pump
HCR high cross range
HCRB Hardware Configuration Review Board
HCS high-carbon steel
HCSHT high-carbon steel heat-treated
HCSL Hybrid Computation and Simulation Laboratory
HCU hydraulic charging unit
HCV helium check valve
HD hand-drawn
HD heavy duty
HD highly desirable
HD hold-down
HD horizontal drain
HD hydrogen drain
HDA hardware disposition area
HDA housekeeping data acquisition
HDC Hasselblad data camera
HDDR high-density digital recorder
HDI Human Development Institute
HDP hold-down post
HDR high data rate
HDRA high-data-rate assembly
HDRM high-data-rate multiplexer
HDRR high-data-rate recorder
HDRS high-data-rate system
HDRSS high-data-rate storage system
HDS hardware description sheet
HDS hydrogen disposal system
HDTV high-definition television
HDX half-duplex
HE hardware evaluation
HE hardware evaluator
HE heat exchange
HE heat exchanger
HE high explosive
HE high explosive on target
HE high-energy astrophysics
HE human engineering
HEAO High-Energy Astronomy Observatory
HEAP high-energy aimpoint
HEDI high endoatmospheric defense interceptor
HEDS high endo designation sensor
HEDSIM high endo simulation
HEDSIM high endoatmospheric defense system simulator
HEDSIM high endoatmospheric event-based simulation
HeG helium gauge
HeGV helium gauge valve
HEL high-energy laser
HELCUSS high-energy laser computerized unmanned space
HELF high-energy laser fluence
HEM hitchhike experiment module
HEMIL hardware evaluator, man in loop
HeMV helium manual valve
HEO high Earth orbit
HEO high-energy orbit
HEOO Honeywell Electro-Optical Operations
HEOR historical event operation record
HEOS high endo designator sensor
HEPA high-efficiency particle accumulator
HEPA high-efficiency particle air
HER HIM equipment rack
HERSCP hazardous exposure reduction and safety criteria plan
HERT Headquarters Emergency Relocation Team
HESS high-energy squib simulator
HEXAD developmental 6-axis IMU
HF hard failure
HF high frequency
HF horizontal flight
HF hot firing
HF hydrogen fill
HF hydrogen fluoride
HF/DF hydrogen fluoride/deuterium fluoride
HFA high-frequency accelerometer
HFC heat flow and convection
HFC hydraulic flight control
HFCL Hydraulic Flight Control Laboratory
HFCT hydraulic flight control test
HFCV helium flow control valve
HFCW hydrogen fluoride continuous wave
HFDP human factors development plan
HFDS hydrogen fluid distribution system
HFE high-frequency executive
HFE human factors engineering
HFMP human factors management plan
HFMU high-fidelity mockup
HFO high-frequency oscillator
HFP hardened focal plane
HFRA high-frequency recovery antenna
HFRW high-frequency resistance welding
HFS high-fidelity simulator
HFS horizontal flight simulator
HFS hyperfine structure
HFT horizontal flight test
HFTE human factors test and engineering
HFTF horizontal flight test facility
HFTS horizontal flight test simulator
HFX high-frequency transceiver
HG high gain
HGA high-gain antenna
HGAS high-gain antenna system
HgCdTe mercury-cadmium-telluride
HGDS hazardous gas detection system
HGM hot-gas manifold
HGS hydrogen gas saver
HGV hydrogen gas valve
HGVT horizontal ground vibration test
HH handhold
HHMU hand-held maneuvering unit
HI Honeywell, Incorporated
HIAD Handbook of Information for Aircraft Designers
HIAD High-Altitude Defense Program
HIBREL high-brightness relay
HIC hardware integration contractor
HICAMP Highly Calibrated Airborne Measurements Program
HID hardware interface device
HID HIM interface distributor
HIGED Handbook of Instructions for Ground Equipment Designers
HIL hardware in loop
HIL human in the loop
HILS hardware-in-the-loop simulation
HIM hardware interface module
HIP hardware interface panel
HIP hardware interface processor
HIP hardware interface program
HIP hot isostatic press
HIPO hierarchical input-process output
HIPO hierarchy plus input, process, and output
HiRAP high-resolution accelerometer package
HITS hierarchical integrated test simulator
HITS high-rate multiplexer input and output test system
HIU headset interface unit
HIV helium isolation valve
HK housekeeping
HKV hit-to-kill vehicle
HL hard line
HL heel line
HL high level
HL hinge line
HL hydrogen line
HLAL high-level assembler language
HLC hybrid load controller
HLCM high-level control module
HLLV heavy-lift launch vehicle
HLTL high-level test language
HM hinge mount
HMA hypergolic maintenance area
HMB hard mobile basing
HMC hybrid microcircuit
HMCF hypergolic maintenance and checkout facility
HMD head-mounted device
HMD helmet-mounted display
HMF health maintenance facility
HMF horizontal mating facility
HMF hypergolic maintenance facility (KSC)
HML hard mobile launcher
HML hardened mobile launcher
HMO health maintenance organization
HMP hydrazine monopropellant (RCS propellant)
HMPAC helmet-mounted multipurpose applications control
HMS hazard monitor system
HMS health monitoring system
HMS history memory system
HMTT Hurricane Mesa Test Track
HMU hardware mockup
HMV hydrogen manual valve
HNCO high-precision numerical-controlled oscillator
HO hydrogen-oxygen
HOE homing optical experiment
HOE homing overlay experiment
HOFCO horizontal functional checkout
HOL high-order language
HOL higher order language
HOLAB holographic laboratory brassboard
HOLC high-order language computer
HOS high-order software
HOS hybrid operating system
HOSC Huntsville Operations Support Center
HOST hardened optical sensor test bed
HOW handover word
HP handling procedure
HP Hewlett-Packard
HP high pass
HP high pressure
HP horsepower
HP hydrogen purge
HP perigee altitude
HP pressure altitude
HPA handling and positioning aid
HPA high-power amplifier
HPA high-power antenna
HPAU high-power amplifier unit
HPBRM high payload baseline reference mission
HPBW half-power beam width
HPC corrected pressure altitude
HPF highest probable frequency
HPF Horizontal Processing Facility
HPFT high-pressure fuel turbopump
HPFTP high-pressure fuel turbopump
HPG high-pressure gas
HPGS high-pressure gas system
HPI high-performance insulation
HPICS heat pipe instrumentation and control system
HPM Harvard Project Manager
HPM high-performance motor
HPM high-power microwave
HPOL High-Power Optics Laboratory
HPOP high-pressure oxidizer pump
HPOT high-pressure oxidizer turbopump
HPOTP high-pressure oxidizer turbopump
HPPF Horizontal Payloads Processing Facility
HPR hydrogen pressure regulator
HPRV hydrogen pressure relief valve
HPS hydraulic power system
HPT high-pressure test
HPU high-power unit
HPU hydraulic power unit
HPU hydraulic propulsion unit
HPU uncorrected pressure altitude
HPV high-pressure valve
HQ headquarters
HQR handling qualities rating (Cooper-Harper)
HR heat-resistant
HR historical record
HR hydrogen relief
HR&T heat rejection and transport
HRAA high-rate acquisition assembly
HRC Hasselblad reflex camera
HRD high-rate dosimeter
HRDA high-rate data assembly
HRDM high-rate demultiplexer
HRDR high-rate digital recorder
HRE hardware reuse evaluation
HRG hemispherical resonating gyro
HRIR high-resolution infrared radiometer
HRL horizontal reference line
HRM hand-held radiation meter
HRM high-rate multiplexer
HRMA high-resolution mirror assembly
HRPS hazard reduction precedence sequence
HRSI high-temperature reusable surface insulation
HRSO high-resolution solar observatory
HRTS HR&T system
HS hard silo
HS heat shield
HS heat suppression
HS high speed
HS horizon sensor
HS hot short
HS hydrogen sulfide
H-S Hamilton Standard
H-S horizon scanner
H-S horizon sensor
HSA heat shield abort
HSB heat shield boost
HSC hardware and software coordination
HSC hierarchical storage controller
HSC house spacecraft
HSCS high-speed communications subsystem
HSCU hydraulic supply and checkout unit
HSD Hamilton Standard Division
HSD high-speed data
HSD high-speed device
HSD horizontal situation display
HSDL high-speed data line
HSE heat shield entry
HSF Hypergolic Servicing Facility
HSG high sustained g's (acceleration)
HSG high-speed gear
HSI horizontal situation indicator
HSIG hermetically sealed integrating gyroscope
HSK horizontal sling kit
HSL Hardware Simulation Laboratory
HSP high-speed printer
HSR hardware status register
HSR heat-shield recovery
HSR high speed reader
HSRV heat-source reentry vehicle
HSS high stress/strain
HSSM hardened space sensor model
HST Hubble Space Telescope
HSTF Hypergolic System Test Facility
HSU helium service unit
HSV hypersonic vehicle
HT Hadamard transform
HT heat transfer
HT heat treatment
HT heat-treat
HT high technology
HTC high-temperature carbon
HTC hybrid technology computer
HTE hazardous top-level event
HTLL high-test-level language
HTM high-throughput mission
HTO horizontal takeoff
HTP hydroxyl terminated propellant
HTPB hydroxyl terminator polybutadiene
HTPB hydroxyl terminated polybutylene
HTS Hawaii tracking station
HTS heat transfer system
HTS heat transport section
HUD head-up display
HUL hardware utilization list
HULL hardware utilization and location list
HUT hard upper torso
HV high velocity
HV high voltage
HV hydrogen vent
HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
HVDS hazardous vapor detection system
HVE high-voltage electronics
HVI high-velocity impact
HVM hydraulic valve module
HVM hypervelocity missile
HVPS high-voltage power supply
HVSF Honeywell Verification Simulation Facility
HVSL holidays, vacation, and sick leave
HW half word
HW hardware
HW head wind
HW heavyweight
HW hot wire
HW/SW hardware/software
HWCI hardware configuration item
HWIL hardware in loop
HWT hypersonic wind tunnel
HX heat exchanger
HYDAC hybrid digital-analog computer
HYPACE hybrid programmable attitude control electronics
HYPERGOL hypergolic fuel (N2H4) or oxidizer (N2O4)
HYSAT hybrid satellite
HYSAT hybrid sensor experimental satellite
Hz hertz (cycles per second)
I in phase
I inertia
I integer valve
I irradiated
I&C installation and checkout
I&C instrumentation and communication
I&C integration and checkout
I&C/O installation and checkout
I&ES information and electronics system
I&O inlet and outlet
I&Q in phase and quadrature
I&R inspect and review
I&R interchangeability and replaceability
I&RS instrumentation and range safety
I&S interchangeability and substitutability
I&T integration and test
I/C intercom
I/F interface
I/FU interface unit
I/O input/output
I/OB input/output bus
I/OC input/output controller
I/OMI integration, operations, and maintenance instruction
I/OP inboard/outboard profile
I/OT input/output test
I/OU input/output unit
I/P impact predictor
I/P in progress
I/Q in phase/quadrature
I/S installation of systems
I/T intertank
I/U instrumentation unit
I/V inlet valve
I/W in work
I3L isoplanar integrated injection logic
IA implementation agency
IA input axis
IA interface agreement
IA inverter assembly
IA issuing agency
IAA Intertank Access Arm (Gaseous Hydrogen Vent Arm)
IA&T integration, assembly, and test
IAA International Aerospace Abstracts
IAB IUS Assembly Building
IACO installation, assembly, and checkout
IACS inertial attitude control system
IAD interface agreement document
IAD interface analysis document
IAF interactive facility
IAH interface attachment hardware
IAL immediate action letter
IAL international algebraic language
IAM information asset management
IAM International Association of Machinists
IAN institutional area network
IAPU improved auxiliary power unit
IAS impact assessment sheet
IAS indicated airspeed
IAS Institute of Aeronautical Sciences
IAS integrated avionics subsystem
IASS inverter/ATCS support structure
IAT integrated avionics test
IAV inventory adjustment voucher
IAW in accordance with
IB inboard
IB inert building
IB inner button
IB instruction book
IBC impurity-band conductor
IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
IBF internally blown flap
IBM International Business Machines
IBR implementation baseline review
IBSS Infrared Background Signature Survey
IBT International Brotherhood of Teamsters
IC incremental cost
IC intercomputer communication
IC interim change
IC internal combustion
IC IOC chamber
IC inertial component
IC information center
IC initial condition
IC integrated circuit
IC integration cell
IC intercom
IC intercommunications
IC intercomputer
IC/ES intercommunication/emergency station
ICA intelligent communicating agent
ICA interim change analysis
ICA item change analysis
ICAAD interactive computer-aided analysis and design
ICAI intelligent CAI
ICAM integrated computer-aided manufacturing
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAPC increased-capability adaptive payload carrier
ICAR initiated corrective action report
ICAR investigation and corrective action report
ICB interim change bulletin
ICB interrupt control block
ICBC IMAX cargo bay camera
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
ICC intercomputer channel
ICC intercomputer communication
ICC interface control chart
ICC interface control contractor
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
ICCD intensified CCD
ICCP interface coordination and control procedure
ICCWG Intercenter Communication Working Group
ICD interface control document
ICD interface control documentation
ICD interface control drawing
ICDR incremental critical design review
ICDS interface control document schedule
ICDU inertial coupling data unit
ICE input control element
ICE instrument checkout equipment
ICE instrument/communication equipment
ICE instrumentation/communication equipment
ICF interface control function
ICG in-flight coverall garment
ICHA integrated cargo hazard assessment
ICI interim configuration inspection
ICL interface control layout
ICM instrumentation and communication monitor
ICM integrated cost module
ICMS indirect cost management system
ICMT intercontract material transfer
ICN intercomputer network
ICN interface change notice
ICO integrated checkout
ICO integrated-communication officer
ICP ICS control program
ICP indicator control panel
ICP interface change proposal
ICP interface control panel
ICP inventory control point
ICR inductance, capacitance, and resistance
ICR instruction change request
ICR interface compatibility record
ICRB Interface Change Review Board
ICRP International Council on Radiation Protection
ICS instrumentation control system
ICS intercommunication system
ICS interface control specification
ICS interphone control station
ICS interpretive computer simulator
ICSU International Council of Scientific Unions
ICT influence coefficient test
ICT interface control tooling
ICTC inertial component temperature controller
ICTE inertial component test equipment
ICU in-flight calibration unit
ICU interface control unit
ICW interrupted continuous wave
ICWG Interface Control Working Group
ID identification
ID identification data
ID inside diameter
ID integrated diagnostic
ID interactive discrimination
ID interface device
ID interface document
ID&C integrated displays and controls
ID&CA inverter distribution and control assembly
ID&CS ID&C subsystem
ID&D inspection damage and discrepancy
IDA integrated display assembly
IDA interface definition agreement
IDA intermediate data array
IDAC integrated digital-analog converter
IDAR interim data assessment review
IDAS integrated data acquisition system
IDB in-suit drink bag
IDBMS integrated data base management system
IDC IMBLMS digital computer
IDC integrated displays and controls
IDC interface document control
IDCA inverter distribution and control assembly
IDCP interdivision change proposal
IDD IGS data denial
IDD integrated data denial
IDD interface definition document
IDD interface description document
IDD interface design document
IDE initial design evaluation
IDE integrated design environment
IDE interactive development environment
IDEAS initial design and evaluation analysis system
IDEAS2 independent design and evaluation of advanced spacecraft
IDEF ICAM definition
IDEP interservice data exchange program
IDG integrated drive generator
IDI instrumentation data item
IDL indentured drawing list
IDMM Intermediate and Depot Maintenance Manual
IDMRD intermediate and depot maintenance requirements document
IDMRS intermediate depot maintenance requirements
IDMS information and data management system
IDO interdivisional operation
IDOS integrated display operating system
IDOT instrument digital on-line transcriber
IDP I-load data pack
IDP integrated data processing
IDP interface digital processor
IDR initial design review
IDR interim data review
IDR interim design review
IDR interim discrepancy report
IDR intermediate design review
IDRA interdivision revision authorization
IDRD information definition requirements document
IDRD internal data requirement description
IDS I-load data set
IDS information data system
IDS integrated defense simulator
IDS integrated design support
IDS integrated design system
IDS integrated display system
IDS interface data sheet
IDS item description sheet
IDSD Institutional Data System Division (JSC)
IDSNET integrated defense simulator network
IDSNET integrated defense system network
IDSO interdivisional sales order
IDSR initial design status review
IDSR interdivisional support request
IDSS integrated design support system
IDSS integrated diagnostic support system
IDT I-load data tape
IDT image detector tube
IDT image dissector tube
IDTA interdivisional technical agreement
IDU interface demonstration unit
IDWA interdivisional work authorization
IEA integrated electronic assembly
IECM induced-environment contamination monitor
IECO inboard engine cutoff
IECS igloo environment control subsystem
IED interacting equipment document
IEEE International Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEEP incapacitated emergency egress practice
IEF isoelectric focusing
IEFT integrated experiment functional test
IEIWG International Element Interface Working Group
IEMC intrasystem electromagnetic compatibility
IEMCAP Intrasystem Electromagnetic Compatibility Computer Analysis Program
IES information extraction system
IESD Instrumentation and Electronic Systems Division (JSC)
IF integration facility
IF interface
IF intermediate frequency
IF internal fault
IF/FDM intermediate frequency/frequency division multiplexer
IFA in-flight analysis
IFA interface functional analysis
IFASC Integrated Functions Assessment Steering Committee
IFB invitation for bid
IFCG Interface Control Group
IFDL interfacility data link
IFE industrial furnished equipment
IFE isoelectric focusing experiment
IFF identification, friend or foe
IFFN identification, friend, foe, neutral
IFM in-flight maintenance
IFO Information Systems Office
IFOT in-flight operations and training
IFOV instantaneous field of view
IFOV instrument field of view
IFR instrument flight rule
IFRU in-flight replaceable unit
IFS impact and flotation system
IFS integrated FEP simulator
IFS integrated flight simulator
IFS interface specification
IFT in-flight test
IFT interface tool
IFTD interface terminal distributor
IFTE intermediate forward test equipment
IFTM in-flight test and maintenance
IFTS in-flight test system
IFU interface unit
IG inertial guidance
IG inner gimbal
IG instrument ground
IG instrumentation group
IG internal guidance
IGA inner gimbal angle
IGAX inner gimbal axis
IGC interactive gaming center
IGDR interim GDR
IGDR interior geophysical data record
IGDS interactive graphic design system
IGDS iodine generating and dispensing system
IGE image generating equipment
IGE instrumentation ground equipment
IGES initial graphic exchange specification
IGM interactive guidance mode
IGM iterative guidance mode
IGN&C integrated guidance, navigation, and control
IGOR intercept ground optical recorder
IGOS interactive graphic orbit system
IGS inertial guidance system
IGS intergimbal assembly
IGS IONDS global segment
IGSE in-space ground support equipment
IGSE instrument ground support equipment
IGV inlet guide valve
IGV inlet guide vane
IGY international geophysical year
IH/SR integrated hardware/software review
IHA interface hazard analysis
IHP indicated horsepower
IHSR integrated hardware/software review
IHTV interim hypersonic test vehicle
IHX interloop heat exchanger
II implementing instruction
IIOP in-orbit plane
IIS inspection item sheet
IIS interface identification sheet
IISS integrated information support system
IITCS igloo internal thermal control section
IK inner keel
IL internal letter
ILA instrument landing approach
ILAS instrument landing approach system
ILC initial launch capability
ILC International Latex Company
ILCCS integrated launch checkout and control system
ILMF intermediate-level maintenance facility
ILO integrated logistics operations
I-load initial load
I-load initialization load
ILP Integrated Logistics Panel
ILRV integral launch and reentry vehicle
ILS instrument landing system
ILS integrated logistics support
ILS integrated logistics system
ILS/LAR integrated logistics system and logistics a
ILSA integrated logistics support analysis
ILSC integrated logistics support concept
ILSCP integrated logistics support concept plan
ILSIM integration of lethality studies into model
ILSMT Integrated Logistics Support Management Team
ILSP integrated logistics support plan
ILSSE integrated life science Shuttle experiment
ILSWG Integrated Logistics Support Working Group
ILT/RT imprecisely located target/relocatable target
IM information memory
IM infrastructure module
IM integration management
IM interface module
IM intermediate moisture
IM intermodulation
IMADS information management assimilation and delivery system
IMAS institutional management accounting system
IMBLMS integrated medical/behavioral laboratory measurement
IMC image motion compensation
IMCC Integrated Mission Control Center
IMCP integrated monitor and control panel
IMCR integrated master control record
IMDB integrated maintenance data base
IMDS integrated monitoring and diagnostics system
IMF inventory master file
IMIC Integrated Management Information Center
IMIC integrated management information computer
IMIP Industrial Modernization Incentive Program
IML inner mold line
IML inside mold line
IMLEO initial mass in low Earth orbit
IMO Integration Management Office
IMP inflatable micrometeoroid paraglider
IMP information management plan
IMP initial memory protection
IMP interplanetary monitoring platform
IMP inventory management plan
IMPACT integrated material productivity action
IMRB interim mission reconfiguration base
IMRO inspection, modification, and repair order
IMS information management system
IMS inhibit main store
IMS interplanetary monitor satellite
IMS inventory management system
IMSS in-flight medical supply system
IMST integrated mission simulation test
IMTF integrated manufacturing test facility
IMU inertial measurement unit
IMUGSE IMU ground support equipment
IMUPLM inertial measurement unit prelaunch monitor
IMW intelligent machining work station
IN Information Systems Directorate (KSC)
InAsSb indium-arsenide-antimonide
INBIT input bit
INC installation notice card
INC installation notification certificate
INCO instrumentation and communication officer
INDAT incoming data
INITCO initialization and checkout
INR inertial reference
INS inertial navigation system
INSAT India communications satellite
InSb indium antimonide
INT integrated test
INTASAT Instituto Nacional De Tecnica Aerospacial
INTC/O integrated checkout
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite
INTF interim national test facility (CSOC location)
IO industral operations
IOA input, output, or assembly
IOA input/output adapter
IOB input/output box
IOB input/output buffer
IOB input/output bus
IOBPS input/output box and peripheral simulator
IOC indirect operating cost
IOC initial operational capability
IOC input/output controller
IOC integrated operations configuration
IOC item of concern
IOCP ITS on-board computer program
IOCU input/output control unit
IOD initial orbit determination
IOE input/output error (log table)
IOF initial operational flight
IOHA integrated operating hazard analysis
IOL interoffice letter
IOM input/output module
IONDS integrated operational nuclear detection system
IONDS integrated operational nuclear detonation system
IOP input/output part
IOP input/output processor
IOPL integrated open-problem list
IOPT input/output parameter table
IOQE input/output queue element
IORL input/output requirements language
IORTD input/output relationships and timing diagram
IOS Indian Ocean ship
IOS initial operational system
IOS input/output supervisor
IOS instructor operator station
IOSC integrated operations support complex (VLS)
IOT&E initial operational test and evaluation
IOT&E integration operational test and evaluation
IOU input/output unit
IP identification of position
IP instrumentation of pulse code modulation master unit
IP interfacing processor
IP intermediate pallet
IP intermediate pressure
IP iron pipe
IP impact point
IP in plant
IP industrial preparedness
IP inertial processing
IP initial point
IP instructor pilot
IP instrument payload
IP instrument processor
IPA industrial preparedness action
IPA intermediate-power amplifier
IPACS integrated power and attitude control system
IPAD integrated program for aerospace vehicle design
IPAR irregular parts authorization request
IPAS integrated problem assessment system
IPB illuminated push button
IPB illustrated parts breakdown
IPC integrated procurement control
IPC intermittent positive control
IPCL instrument program and component list
IPCL instrumentation program and components list
IPD Information Processing Division
IPDR incremental preliminary design review
IPE industrial plant equipment
IPF IUS Processing Facility
IPL indentured parts list
IPL initial program load
IPLC initial program load complete
IPLS initial program load start
IPM integration program manager
IPMS inertial performance measurement system
IPP individual program plan
IPP industrial preparedness plan
IPPB illustrated provisioning parts breakdown
IPR ice-point reference
IPR in-process review
IPR interim problem report
IPS information processing system
IPS instrument pointing system (subsystem)
IPS instrumentation power system (subsystem)
IPS integrated propulsion system
IPS international pipe standard
IPS inverter power supply
IPS invoice processing system
ips inches per second
IPSL interface problem status log
IPSS integrated parts statusing system
IPSS integrated project scheduling system
IPT in-plant transporter
IPT internal parameter table
IPT internal pipe thread
IPT international pipe thread
IPTCS igloo passive thermal control section
IPTR in-process technical review
IPWG Integrated Project Working Group
IQSY international quiet sun year
IQT initial qualification training
IR inclination of the ascending return
IR infrared
IR inner roll
IR inside radius
IR interchangeability and replaceability
IR international rendezvous
IR interrogator-responder
IR&D independent research and development
IRAM input random access memory
IRAMS inertial reference alignment monitor system
IRAN inspection and repairs as necessary
IRANSAT Iranian government communications satellite
IRAS infrared astronomical satellite
IRBM intermediate-range ballistic missile
IRBS infrared background sensor
IRBS intermediate-range ballistic system
IRBS intermediate-range booster system
IRCFE infrared communications flight experiment
IRCS integrated resource control system
IRD information requirements description
IRD information requirements document
IRD initiating reference document
IRD integration requirements document
IRD interface requirements document
IRDS information resource dictionary system
IRDTS ITS RF and digital test set
IRE Institute of Radio Engineers
IRG inertial rate gyro
IRIG inertial rate integrating gyroscope
IRIG inertial reference integrating gyroscope
IRIG Interrange Instrumentation Group
IRIS infrared instrumentation system
IRIS Italian research interim stage
IRL initiating reference list
IRL interface requirements list
IRM information resource management
IRM integrated range mission
IRME initiator resistance measuring equipment
IRN interface revision notice
IRN interim revision notice
IRP inertial reference package
IRR independent readiness review
IRR initial requirements review
IRR inspection rejection report
IRR integral rocket ramjet
IRR integrated readiness review
IRR interface requirements review
IRS interface requirements specification
IRST infrared search track
IRTCM integrated real-time contamination monitor
IRU inertial reference unit
IRU IVA replaceable unit
IS installation support
IS instrumentation system
IS integrated satellite
IS interconnecting station
ISA inertial sensor assembly
ISA instruction set architecture
ISA instructional systems approach
ISA interim stowage assembly
ISAR inverse synthetic-aperture radar
ISATS integration spacecraft automated test system
ISB independent side band
ISC industrial support contractor
ISC Information Systems Center
ISCCB Internal Software Change Control Board
ISCM initial software configuration map
ISD inspection supervision disposition
ISD instruction sequence diagram
ISD instructional systems design
ISD instructional systems development (USAF)
ISEE international sun-Earth explorer
ISF industrial space facility
ISHA integrated system hazard analysis
ISI initial systems installation
ISI instrumentation support instruction
ISIL interim support items list
ISIS integrated safety information system
ISL inertial systems laboratory
ISLM integration shop and lab manager
ISM image steering mirror
ISMRB Information Systems Management Review Board
ISMS interactive supply management system
ISN internal statement number
ISO International Standardization Organization
ISP instrumentation support plan
ISP Integrated Space Plan
ISP integrated support plan
Isp specific impulse
ISPF interactive system productive facility
ISPG Institutional Support Planning Group
ISR industrial security regulation
ISR initial system release
ISR integrated safety review
ISR interim shop release
ISR interim system review
ISR interrupt service routine
ISRB Integrated System Review Board
ISS inertial subsystem
ISS information subsystem
ISS installation support services
ISS instruction summary sheet
ISS integrated scheduling system
ISS integrated system schematic
ISS international space station
ISSA integrated software safety analysis
ISSL initial spares support list
ISSO Information Systems Security Office
IST initial system test
IST instrumentation support team
IST integrated systems test
ISTA intertank structural test assembly
ISTB integrated subsystem test bed
ISU international system of units
ISWG Integrated Support Working Group
IT identification transponder
IT integrated technology
IT&V integrated test and verification
ITA integrated test area
ITA integrated test article
ITA integrated truss assembly
ITB invitation to bid
ITC igloo thermal control
ITC integrated test configuration
ITD informal test description
ITD integrated technology demonstration
ITD integrated test documentation
ITDR integrated technology and design review
ITE instrumentation test equipment
ITE integration test equipment
ITE intersite transportation equipment
ITI inspection and test instruction
ITIS ITI sheet
ITL integrate, transfer, and launch
ITL integrated transport launcher
ITMG integrated thermal/micrometeoroid garment
ITO initial time-out
ITO integration and test order
ITP informal test plan
ITP informal test procedure
ITP integral tile part
ITP integrated test plan
ITP integrated training plan
ITR informal test result
ITR integrated technology review
ITR interim technical report
ITRB Integrated Technical Review Board
ITRD integrated test requirements document
ITRR integrated technology requirements review
ITS Institute for Telecommunications Sciences
ITS integrated transfer subsystem
ITS intercept trajectory simulation
ITSS integrated tactical surveillance system
ITU infrared telescope unit
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITV instrumented test vehicle
ITV integrated technology validation
ITVE integrated technology validation experiment
IU instrument unit
IU interface unit
IUA inertial unit assembly
IUA interface unit adapter
IUCS instrumentation update command system
IUDS integrated utilities distribution system
IUE interface unit error
IUE international ultraviolet explorer
IUI integrated user interface
IUO interunit order
IURAP International User Resource Allocation Panel
IUS inertial upper stage
IUS interim use sheet
IV initial velocity
IV integrated vehicle
IV interface volume
IV&V independent validation and verification
IVA intravehicular activity
IVAR internal variable
IVBC integrated vehicle baseline characteristic
IVBC integrated vehicle baseline configuration
IVC intervehicular communication
IVE interface verification equipment
IVLN integrated vehicle logic network
IVP interface verification plan
IVS interface verification summary
IVSI instantaneous vertical speed indicator
IVT integrated verification test
IVT integration, verification, and training
IVT interface verification test
IVT intervehicular transfer
IW in work
IW intrawing
IWBS indirect work breakdown structure
IWDS inter-work-package distributed system
IWFS integrated waste fluid system
IWG Interface Working Group
IWP indirect work package
IWS integrated water system
J Joule (SI unit)
J/M jettison motor
J/S jammer-to-signal ratio
JAEIC Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
JAEL JSC avionics evolution lab
JAN joint Army-Navy
JANNAF joint Army, Navy, NASA, Air Force
JAS Journal of Aerospace Science
JB junction box
J-box junction box
JC job card
JCA jettison controller assembly
JCCS job card control system (subsystem)
JCL job control language
J-CLOT joint closed-loop operations test
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JEA joint-endeavor agreement
JED julian ephemeris date
JEM Japanese experiment module
JEM EF Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility
JES joint environment simulator
JETS joint electronic-type system
J-FACT joint flight acceptance composite test
JFAS jet fuel accounting system
JFET junction field effect transistor
JIC job instruction card
JIP joint installation plan
JIR job improvement request
JIS joint integration simulation
JISWG Joint Integrated Simulation Working Group
JIT just in time
JMTSS joint multichannel trunking and switching system
JO job order
JOA joint operating agreement
JOC Joint Operations Center
JOD joint occupancy date
JOIP joint operation interface procedure
JOIP joint operations interface plan
JOP joint operating procedure
JOP Jupiter orbiter probe (Galileo)
JOR job order request
JOVIAL Joule's own version international algebraic language
JP jet propellant
JP jet propulsion
JPASO Joint Pacific Area Scheduling Office
JPC joint power conditioner
JPIC Joint Program Integration Committee
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPO Joint Program Office
JPOC JSC Payload Operations Center
JPP joint program plan
JRB Joint Review Board
JSAT Joint Structural Assessment Team
JSC Johnson Space Center
JSCM JSC manual
JSL job select logic
JSLWG Joint Spacelab Working Group
JST joint systems test
JSTARS joint surveillance target attack radar system
JSTPS joint strategic targeting planning staff
J-T Joule-Thompson
JTA job task analysis
JTG Joint Training Group
JTIDS joint tactical integrated display system
JTIDS joint technical information distribution system
JTS job training standard
JTSC Joint Test Support Center
JURG Joint Users Requirements Group
K Kelvin
K kilocycle
K thousand
k kilo- (thousand)
K/S kick stage
KA kill assessment
KAPL KSC approved parts list
K-APM KSC automated payloads plan/requirement
K-APN KSC automated payloads notice
K-APPS KSC automated payloads project specification
KATE knowledge-based autonomous test engineer
KATS KSC avionics test set
KAU kilo accounting unit
KB keyboard
kb kilobit
KBAC Kennedy booster assembly contractor
KBC Kapton beta cloth
KBIM keyboard interface module
kbps kilobits per second
KBS knowledge-based system
kbs kilobits per second
KBSA knowledge-based software assistant
KBU keyboard unit
KCAS knots calibrated airspeed
K-CITEM KSC CITE plan/requirement
KCR KSC change request
KCRT keyboard cathode-ray tube
KCS key configuration study
KCS keyboard configuration study
KCV KKV carrier vehicle
KDMS Kennedy data management system
KDN kinetically designed nozzle
K-DODM KSC DOD plan/requirement
K-DPM KSC DOD payloads plan/requirement
K-DPN KSC DOD payloads notice
K-DPPS KSC DOD payloads project specification
KDS Kennedy-developed software
KDT keyboard and display test
KDV KKV deployment vehicle
KE kinetic energy
KEAS knots equivalent airspeed
KEE knowledge engineering environment
KELV KKV/ESM launch vehicle
KEV kinetic-energy vehicle
keV kiloelectron volt
KEW kinetic-energy weapon
kg kilogram
kgal/min kilogallons per minute
KHB KSC Handbook
KHIL KKV hardware in the loop
KHILS KKV hardware-in-the-loop simulator
KHIT KKV hovering interceptor test
kHz kilohertz
KIAS knots indicated airspeed
KIMS KSC inventory management system
KIP keyboard input processor
KIS kitting instruction sheet
K-IUSM KSC IUS plan/requirement
K-IUSPS KSC IUS project specification
KKV kinetic kill vehicle
KKVWS kinetic kill vehicle weapon system
KKW kinetic kill weapon
klb thousands of pounds (kilopounds)
K-load constant load
km kilometer
km/hr kilometers per hour
KMI KSC management instruction
K-MMSEM KSC MMSE plan/requirement
K-MMSEPS KSC MMSE project specification
KMR key milestone review
KMR Kwajalein Missile Range
KN kitting notice
KN KSC notice
KNO Kano, Nigeria
KOH potassium hydroxide
KOI KSC operation instruction
KOM KSC organizational manual
kops thousands of operations per second
KOSC Kennedy Operations Support Center
KPD KSC program directive
kpps kilopulses per second
KPRD KSC program requirements document
kps kilometers per second
KPSM Klystron power supply modulator
krem kilorem
KREMS Kiernan reentry measurements site
KREMS Kwajalein reentry measurement system
ks/s kilosymbols per second
KSA Ku-band single access
KSC Kennedy Space Center
KSCAP Kennedy Space Center area permit
K-SLM KSC Spacelab plan/requirement
K-SLN KSC Spacelab notice
KSLOC thousands of source lines of code
K-SLPS KSC Spacelab project specification
K-SM KSC Shuttle management document
K-SPN KSC Shuttle project notice
K-SPS KSC Shuttle project specification
KSSS KSC station set specification
K-SSS KSC Shuttle project station set specification
K-STSM KSC STS plan/requirement
K-STSPS KSC STS project specification
KTF Kauai Test Facility
KU keyboard unit
KuSP Ku-band signal processor
KV kill vehicle
kV kilovolt
kVA kilovolt-ampere
kW kilowatt
kWh kilowatt-hour
L lumen
L&C laboratory and checkout
L&D landing and deceleration
L&L launch and landing
L&LS launch and landing site
L&M Light and Medium Vehicles Office (MSFC)
L&S land and sea
L&S logistics and support
L&T Laboratories and Test
L/C launch complex
L/C letter contact
L/D length-to-diameter
L/D lift-to-drag ratio
L/E left-hand engine
L/H local horizontal
L/M list of materials
L/O lift-off
L/R locus of radius
L/S landing site
L/S load system
L/T load test
L/V launch vehicle
L1 primary navigation signal (1,572.42 MHz)
L2 secondary navigation signal (1,227.6 MHz)
L3 NDS payload signal (1,381.05 MHz)
LA launch abort
LA launch aft
LA launch and ascent
LA launch area
LA launch azimuth
LA lightning arrester
LA low attitude
LAC Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
LACB Landing Aids Control Building
LACI laser autostigmatic cube interferometer
LACIE large-area crop inventory experiment
LACIP large-area crop inventory program
LADS logistic automated data system
LAET limiting actual exposure time
LAGEOS laser geodynamic satellite
LAGS launch abort guide simulation
LAI logistics artificial intelligence
LAIRT large-aperture infrared telescope
LAIU launch abort interface unit
LAM low-altitude mission
LAMMR large-antenna multichannel microwave radiometer
LAMOD laser optical motion detector
LAMP LODE advanced mirror program
LAMPS light airborne multipurpose system
LAN local area network
LANES III LAN extensible simulator
LaNi5 lanthanum pentanickel
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LAP linear accelerometer package
LAPSS large-area pulse solar simulator
LaRC Langley Research Center (Hampton, Virginia)
LARS laminar angular rate sensor
LARSSYAA Laboratory for Application of Remote Sensing Aircraft Analysis
LAS low-altitude sensor
LASERCOM laser communications payload
LASS large-amplitude space simulator
LASS low-altitude surveillance system
LASV low-altitude supersonic vehicle
LAT large angle torque
LAT logistic asset tracking
LAT lot acceptance test
LATRS laser acquisition and tracking system
LAW low-altitude weapon
LB launch boost
LB load bank
LB low bay
LB lower brace
LBA Latin Businessmen's Association
LBDT low-bay dolly tug
LBET large beam expander technology
LBL left buttock line
LBM liquid boost module
LBM load buffer memory
LBNPD lower body negative pressure device
LBR low bit rate
LBS L-band subsystem
LBSP logistics business systems plan
LBTB launch base test plan
LBTPP launch base test plan/procedure
LC lasercom
LC launch complex
LC launch cost
LC launch countdown
LC launch critical
LC left center
LC load carrier
LC&CO launch control and checkout
LCA launch control amplifier
LCA load control assembly
LCA load controller assembly
LCB least common bit
LCC Launch Control Center
LCC launch commit criteria
LCC launch control complex
LCC leadless chip carrier
LCC life cycle cost
LCCD launch commit criteria document
LCD launch countdown
LCE launch complex engineer
LCE launch complex equipment
LCF low-cycle fatigue
LCG liquid-cooled garment
LCH4 liquid methane
LCHTF low-cycle high-temperature fatigue
LCM least common multiple
LCM liquid crystal mete
LCMS low-cost modular spacecraft
LCN logic change notice
LCN logistics control number
LCN loosely coupled network
LCOM logic control output module
LCR low cross range
LCS launch control system
LCS list of command signals
LCU line coupling unit
LCU load control unit
LCUG liquid cooling undergarment
LCV logistics cargo vehicle
LCVG liquid cooling and ventilation garment
LCVG liquid cooling ventilation garment
LD lateral direction
LD loading dock
LDB launch data bus
LDB logistics data bank
LDC lot date code
LDD logical data base design
LDEC lunar docking events controller
LDEF long-duration exposure facility
LDIU launch data interface unit
LDP large deployable reflector
LDP local data package
LDR low data rate
LDRP logistics depot repair procedure
LDS landing, deservicing, and safing
LDS landing/deceleration subsystem
LDS laser docking sensor
LDS launch detection satellite
LDS layered defense system
LDT level detector
LDT linear displacement transducer
LDZ lithium-depleted zone
LE launch escape
LE leading edge
LEA logistics engineering analysis
LEA/MP logistics engineering analysis and maintenance planning
LEADS LWIR Exoatmospheric Discrimination Study
LEAP lightweight exoatmospheric projectile
Leasat leased satellite
LEB lower equipment bay
LEC Lockheed Electronics Company
LECP leading edge connective heat transfer program
LED light-emitting diode
LEDC low-energy detonating charge
LEDI low endoatmospheric defense interceptor
LEFF launch effectivity (flight required to support)
LEFM linear elasticity fracture mechanics
LEH launch and entry helmet
LEID low-energy ion detector
LEM laboratory environment model
LEM launch escape monitor
LEO librating equidistant observer
LEO low Earth orbit (up to 3,000 km)
LEP large external pressurized
LER long eye relief (optics)
LER lunar eyepiece receptacle
LES launch equipment shop
LES launch escape subsystem
LES launch-entry suit
LES leading edge subsystem
LES Lincoln experimental satellite
LESS leading edge structural subsystem
LESS leading edge structure subsystem
LESS leading edge subsystem
LET linear energy transfer
LETF Launch Equipment Test Facility (KSC)
LEU large external unpressurized
LEV lunar excursion vehicle
LF launch facility
LF launch forward
LF load factor
LF low frequency
LFA logistics/functional analysis
LFAF low-frequency accelerometer flutter
LFAM low-frequency accelerometer modes
LFAP low-frequency accelerometer pogo
LFF lower forward fuselage
LFM local focus mechanism
LFO low-frequency oscillator
LFOP Landing and Ferry Operations Panel
LFRR low-frequency radio range
LFV lunar flying vehicle
LG landing gear
LGA low-gain antenna
LGS landing gear subsystem
LGTA landing gear test article
LH2 liquid hydrogen
LH left-hand
LHA local hour angle
LHC left-hand circular
LHCl liquid hydrogen chloride
LHCP left-hand circular polarization
LHCP left-hand circularly polarized
LHFEB left-hand forward equipment bay
LHOP laser-hardened optical payload
LHP left-hand panel
LHRCS left-hand reaction control system (subsystem)
LHS left-hand side
LHSC left-hand side console
LI laser illuminator
LIB left inboard
LIC load interface circuit
LID laser-induced damage
LID leadless inverted device
LIDAR laser-radar
LIE left inboard elevon
LIFO last in, first out
LIMRC LRU Identification and Maintenance Requirements Catalog
LIMS logistics information management system
LIMS logistics inventory management system
LINC logic and information network compiler
LINJET liquid injection electric thruster
LINS laser inertial navigation system
LiOH lithium hydroxide
LIP land impact program
LIS logistics information system
LISP list processing language
LIU line interface unit
LL launch and landing
LL launch left
LL lever lock
LL live load
LL long lead
LL long line
LL low-level
LL lower limit
L-L line-to-line
LLC logical link control
LLCF launch and landing computational facility
LLCSC low-level computer software component
LLCSC lower level computer software component
LLI limited-life item
LLL limited-life list
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLO low lunar orbit
LLO2 lunar liquid oxygen
LLOS landmark line of sight
LLP launch and landing project
LLPO Launch and Landing Project Office
LLR load-limiting resistor
LLS launch and landing site
LLT long lead time
LLTIL long-lead-time items list
LM laboratory module
LM launch mode
LM left mid
LM logistics manager
LM logistics manual
LM long module
LM lunar module
LMD large mirror development
LMDE lunar module descent engine
LMDS logistics management data system
LME launch monitor equipment
LMF lower mid fuselage
LMG left main gear
LMIF lower mechanical integration frame
LMLG left main landing gear
LMP list measurement point
LMRT logistics management responsibility transfer
LMS load measurement system
LMS logistics master schedule
LMSC Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporation
LMSS lunar mapping and survey system
LMT logistics management transfer
LN2 liquid nitrogen
LNA low-noise amplifier
LNG liquified natural gas
LO launch operations
LO lift-off
LO local oscillator
LO lock-on
LO lubricating oil
LOA landing operations area
LOA launch operations area
LOAD low-altitude defense
LOAP list of applicable publications
LOB launch operations building
LOB left outboard
LOB line of balance
LOC launch operations center
LOC launch operations complex
LOC launch operations contractor
LOC level of conflict
LOC lines of code
LOC loss of control
LOCB Launch Operations Control Building
LOCS local optical correction system
LOD Launch Operations Directorate
LOD Launch Operations Division
LOD launch order document
LODE large-optics demonstration equipment
LODE large-optics demonstration experiment
LOE left outboard elevon
LOE level of effort
LOE line of effort
LOFAR low-frequency acquisition and ranging
LOFO low-frequency oscillation
LOGCENT Logistics Control Center
LOGMOD logic model
LOGO limit of government obligation
LOI lunar orbit insertion
LOIS Logistics Information Simulator
LOL limit of liability
LOLI limited-operational-life items
LON launch on need
LONS local on-line network system
LOO launch operations orders
LOOMS laser optics operations and maintenance support
LOP Launch Operations Panel
LOR lunar orbit rendezvous
LORA level-of-repair analysis
loran long-range navigation
LOS lift-off simulator
LOS line of sight
LOS loss of signal
LOS loss of sync
LOSHEA line-of-sight hard Earth angle
LOSP Landing Operations Support Panel
LOSR line-of-sight range
LOSS lunar orbital space station
LOT lift-off time
LOV limit of visibility
LOWG Landing Operations Working Group
LOX liquid oxygen
LP launch pad
LP launch processing
LP line printer
LP liquid propellant
LP low-pass
LP low-pressure
LP lower panel
LPA log periodic antenna
LPA low-power amplifier
LPD landing point designator
LPD launch preparation document
LPD launch procedure document
LPD list of physical dimensions
LPE liquid phase epitaxy
LPF low-pass filter
LPFT low-pressure fuel turbopump
LPFTP low-pressure fuel turbopump
LPG liquid-propellant gun
LPI low probability of intercept
LPIF Launch Package Integration Facility
LPLWS launch pad lightning warning system
lpm lines per minute
LPOP low-pressure oxidizer pump
LPOT low-pressure oxidizer turbopump
LPOTP low-pressure oxidizer turbopump
LPOX low-pressure oxygen
LPS large pointing system
LPS launch processing system
lps liters per second
LPTTL low-pressure transistor-transistor logic
lpW lumens per watt
LQR linear quadratic regulator
LR laboratory request
LR landing radar
LR launch right
LR left rear
LR left rudder
LR lower right
LR/LD line receiver/line driver
LRA laser retroreflector array
LRB liquid rocket booster
LRCA long-range combat aircraft
LRD Launch Recovery Division
LRD launch requirements document
LRE latest revised estimate
LRE liquid rocket engine
LRES Liquid Rocket Engine Stability Program
LRF liquid rocket fuel
L-RFE L-band RF electronics
LRIP low-rate initial production
LRO large radio observatory
LROSS Long-Range Optical System Study
LRP long-range plan
LRR launch readiness review
LRSI low-temperature reusable surface insulation
LRU line replaceable unit
LRU lowest replaceable unit
LRV launch readiness verification
LRV long-range video
LRV lunar roving vehicle
LRW left rendezvous window
LS landing site
LS launch sequence
LS launch site
LS left side
LS life science
LS life systems
LS limit switch
LS local store
LS long scarf (thruster nozzle)
LS/PPF Launch Site Payload Processing Facility
LS/ST light shield/star tracker
LSA labor surplus area
LSA launch services agreement
LSA logistics support analysis
LSACN logistics support analysis control number
LSAH Launch Site Accommodations Handbook
LSAP launch sequence applications program
LSAP logistics support analysis plan
LSAR logistics support analysis record
LSAS logistics support analysis strategy
LSB launch support building
LSB least significant bit
LSB lower side band
LSC Launch Services Contract (contractor)
LSC launch support contractor
LSC launch support controller
LSC linear-shaped charge
LSCA logistics support cost analysis
LSD launch systems data
LSD low-speed data
LSE launch support equipment
LSE life support equipment
LSEAT launch systems evaluation advisory team
LSF laboratory simulation facility
LSF launch support facility
LSFR launch site flow review
LSG linear sequence generator
LSI large-scale integration
LSI Lear Siegler, Incorporated
LSIC large-scale integrated circuit
LSIC launch support integration contractor
LSIC launch system integration contractor
LSID launch sequence and interlock document
LSM life science module
LSM logistics support manager
LSMDB logistics simulation models and data bases
LSO landing support officer
LSO large solar observatory
LSO Launch Support Operations
LSO life systems officer
LSOC launch support operations contractor
LSOC Lockheed Space Operations Company
LSP least significant portion
LSPDF Life Science Payload Development Facility
LSPPS logistics support plan for preoperational support
LSR land-sea rescue
LSR laser scanning radar
LSR launch site recovery
LSR launch support request
LSR logistics shop release
LSR logistics success rate
LSRM life science research module
LSS landing and separation simulator
LSS large space structure
LSS launch site support
LSS launch support services
LSS life support system (subsystem)
LSS load sensing system
LSSC launch site support contractor
LSSD level-sensitive scan design
LSSE laser sensor support equipment
LSSL Life Sciences Space Laboratory
LSSM launch site support manager
LSSP launch site support plan
LSSRC life sciences Shuttle research centrifuge
LSST launch site support team
LST large space telescope
LST large stellar telescope
LST launch support team
LST liquid storage tank
LST local standard time
LSTD laser system technology demonstration
LSTE launch site transportation equipment
LSTS launch site test set
LSU life support umbilical
LSUR launch site utilization report
LT lead time
LT lot traceability
LTA lighter than air
LTA lower torso assembly
LTD lift-to-drag
LTD long-term disability
LTDT Langley transonic dynamics tunnel
LTG linear tangent guidance
LTH lethality and target hardening
LTHIS laboratory test hardware inventory status
LTM lead time matrix
LTM load transformation matrix
LTR laboratory test report
LTV Ling Tempco Vaught
LTV lunar transfer vehicle
LTVC linear terminal velocity constraint
LTWG Launch Test Working Group
LUD layup die
LULAC League of United Latin American Citizens
LUPI laser unequal path interferometer
LUPWT Langley unitary plan wind tunnel
LUS liquid upper stage
LUT launch umbilical tower
LV launch vehicle
LV lift vector
LV limit value
LV load vertical
LV loading valve
LV local vertical
LV low-voltage
LVDC launch vehicle digital computer
LVDT linear variable differential transformer
LVDT linear velocity displacement transducer
LVDT linear voltage differential transformer
LVE low-voltage electronics
LVFRR launch vehicle flight readiness review
LVIP launch vehicle integration plan
LVIS logistics verification information system
LVLH local vertical/local horizontal
LVO launch vehicle operations
LVP low-voltage pressure
LVPS low-voltage power supply
LVR low-voltage release
LVS launch vehicle simulator
LVS launch vehicle system
LVSG Launch Vehicle Study Group
LVSSTS launch vehicle safety system test set
LVTC launch vehicle test conductor
LW launch window
LW lightweight
LWA local wavefront analyzer
LWD launch window display
LWD left wing down
LWG Logistics Working Group
LWHS lightweight headset
LWIR long-wavelength infrared
LWOP leave without pay
LWS lightning warning system
M Mach number
M mega-
M million
M number of revolutions required for the rendezvous
M- time in days before move operations
M&A monitor and alarm
M&C maintenance and checkout
M&F manufacturing and facilities
M&I management and integration
M&L maintenance and logistics
M&M materials and maintenance
M&O maintenance and operations
M&P Materials and Processes (Engineering)
M&P materials and processes
M&R maintenance and refurbishment
M&R maintenance and repair
M&RF maintenance and refurbishing facility
M&S maintenance and security
M&S mapping and surveying
M/E mechanical/electrical
M/F maintenance factor
M/I minimum impulse
M/L maintenance loop
M/L manual local
M/LR maintenance loop recorder
M/M maximum and minimum
M/P main parachute
M/P mass properties
M/PHE material or personnel handling equipment
M/R mixture ratio (fuel to oxidizer)
M/S main stage
M/S measurement stimuli
M/SCI mission/safety-critical item
M/U mockup
M/W make work
M2P2 multimission production plan
M50 Aries mean of 1950, Cartesian coordinates
MA maintenance ability
MA multiple access
MA maintenance advisor
MA master alarm
MA material authorization
MA Mercury-Atlas
MA metabolic analyzer
MA mike amplifier
MA missed approach
MA mission analysis
mA milliampere
MA&P maintenance analysis and planning
MA&SE mission analysis and system engineering
MA&T manufacturing assembly and test
MAA Mathematical Association of America
MAA maximum authorized altitude
MAAB Materials Application Advisory Board
MAAS mission area analysis system
MAB master acquisition bus
MAB Materials Advisory Board
MAB Materials Applications Board
MAB mechanical automation breadboard
MAB Missile Assembly Building
MAC Maintenance Advisory Committee
MAC Material Air Command
MAC maximum allowable concentration
MAC mean aerodynamic chord
MAC media access control
MAC Military Airlift Command
MAC months after contract
MAC multiaccess computer
MAC multimission applications concept
MACDS monitor and control display system
MACE mechanical antenna control electronics
MACE missile and control equipment
MACO major assembly checkout
MACRO merge and correlate recorded output
MACS management and control system
MAD Madrid, Spain (STDN)
MAD maintenance analysis data
MAD momentum accumulation and dumping
MADC multiplexer analog-to-digital converter
MADCS modular attitude determination and control system
MADRE manufacturing data retrieval (system)
MADS modular auxiliary data system
MADS monitor and control display system
MAEP minimum autoland entry point
MAF main assembly fixture
MAF manpower authorization file
MAF Michoud Assembly Facility
MAF mixed amine fuel
MAGSAT magnetometer satellite
MAI machine-aided indexing
MAICO manufacturing, assembly, installation, and checkout
MAIDS management automated information display system
MAIDS multipurpose automatic inspection and diagnostic system
MAIL Mockup and Integration Laboratory
MAIR manufacturing and inspection record
MAL material allowance list
MAL mobile airlock
MAL model assembly list
MALT model assembly list transmittal
MAN microwave aerospace navigation
MANTECH manufacturing technology
MAOT maximum allowable operating time
MAP maintenance analysis program
MAP manufacturing automation protocol
MAP measurement allocation plan
MAP message acceptance pulse
MAP missed approach point
MAP mission application program
MAPOLE magnetic dipole spark transmitter
MAPS measurement of air pollution from satellites
MAPTIS materials and processes technical information system
MAR maintenance and refurbishment
MAR memory address register
MAR mid-deck accommodations rack
MARP Markov analysis and reliability prediction
MARRS mission analysis and reconfiguration requirements system
MARS manned astronautical research station
MARS Martin automatic reporting system
MARS MCC automated reconfiguration system
MARS modular airborne recorder system
MAS MAST approval sheet
MAS measurement approval sheet
MAS medium-altitude sensor
MASDC Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center
MASER microwave amplification through stimulated eadiation
MASSPO Manned Space Flight Support Project Office
MAST measurement and stimulus
MAST measurement and stimulus system (data base)
MASTIF Multiaxis Spin Test Inertial Facility
MAT meteorological atmospheric turbulence
MAT mount alignment tool
MAT multiple actuator test
MATCO material control
MATCO materials analysis, tracking, and control
MATE modular automated test equipment
MATE modular automatic test equipment
MATS master manufacturing and test schedule
MAU million accounting units
MAWG Maintenance Analyzer Working Group
MB main bus
MB management baseline
MB manned base
MB midbody
Mb megabit
Mb megabyte
Mb/s megabits per second
MBA multiple beam antenna
MBA multiple berthing adapter
MBAC Marshall booster assembly contractor
MBAR Marshall baseline accounting and reporting system
mbar millibar
MBB Messerschmitt-Boklow-Blahn
MBC maximum breathing capacity
MBCP mission budget capture program
MBCS motion base crew station (SMS)
MBE Minority Business Enterprises
MBFP manufacturing build and flow plan
MBI multibus interface
MBK medications and bandage kit
MBL mobile unit (TACAN station)
MBM magnetic bubble memory
MBO management by objective
MBPS main bus power supply
Mbps megabits per second
mbps millibits per second
MBSU main bus switching unit
MBV main base visit
MC machine check
MC mission controller
MC momentary contact
MC manual control
MC material control
MC memory configuration
MC midcourse correction
MC military characteristic
MC mission capability
MC mission completion
MC mission continuation
MC&C measurement, command, and control
MC&W master caution and warning
MC/EC mission-critical/embedded computer
MCA main console assembly
MCA maximum crossing altitude
MCA monitoring and control assembly
MCA motor controller assembly
MCA multichannel analyzer
MCAT Manufacturing Cell Action Team
MCAT missile carrier air transport
MCBF mean cycle between failures
MCC main combustion chamber
MCC main control console
MCC midcourse correction
MCC Mission Control Center (JSC)
MCC mobile command center
MCCC Mission Control and Computing Center
MCCG Mission Command and Control Group (NASA)
MCC-H Mission Control Center, Houston
MCC-K Mission Control Center, Kennedy
MCCL maintainability criteria checklist
MCCL maintenance criteria checklist
MCCP mission contamination control plan
MCCR mission-critical computer resource
MCCS Mission Control Center simulation
MCCS Mission Control Center system
MCCS mission-critical computer system
MCD minimum cost design
MCDS maintenance control and display system
MCDS malfunction CRT display system
MCDS management communication and data system
MCDS multifunction CRT display system
MCDU multifunction CRT display unit
MCE manpower and cost estimate
MCE model control element
MCF maintenance and checkout facility
MCF military computer family
MCF mission control facility
MCI midcourse interceptor
MCIR mission configuration and implementation requirements
MCIS material control and information system
MCIU manipulator controller interface unit
MCIU master controller interface unit
MCIU mission control and interface unit
MCL mass cargo lander
MCL mass change log
MCL master configuration list
MCLT maximum cruise level thrust
MCM MADS control module
MCM multichip module
MCN maintenance change notice
MCN master change notice
MCO mission control operations
MCOP Mission Control Operations Panel
MCP main control panel
MCP monitoring and control panel
MCP master change package
MCP master change proposal
MCP master computer program
MCP materials control plan
MCP measurements control procedure
MCP Military Construction Program
MCP minor cycle period
MCP mission control programmer
MCPC manipulator controller power conditioner
MCPP mission configuration product plan
MCPS major cost proposal system
MCR master change record
MCR master change request
MCRDF mission configuration requirements data file
MCRF mission configuration requirements file
MCRG Mission Configuration Requirements Group
MCS maintenance and checkout station
MCS management control system
MCS maneuver control system
MCS manufacturing control system
MCS master control station
MCS measurements calibration system
MCS mission control system
MCS monitor control system
MCT maximum climb thrust
MCT MCC console trainer
MCT Mercad telluride
MCT mercury, cadmium, telluride
MCT methodology coordination team
MCT mission control team
MCU master control unit
MCU medium close-up
MCU mission control unit
MCVP materials control and verification program
MCW modulated continuous wave
MD malfunction detection
MD manual direct
MD manual disconnect
MD master dimension
MD microdot
MD mid-deck
MD Missile Division
MD mission director
MDA maintainability design approach
MDA manufacturing design analysis
MDA mid-deck assembly
MDA mission data analysis
MDA motor drive amplifier
MDA multiple docking adapter
MDAC McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company
MDAC McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company
MDAR malfunction detection, analysis, and recording
MDAS meteorological data acquisition system
MDAS mission data acquisition system
MDB main memory data output bus
MDB master data base
MDB mission data book
MD-BF body flap manual direct control mode
MDC main display console
MDC mission director center
MDC mission duty cycle
MDCA main distribution control assembly
MDCS maintenance data collection system
MDCS malfunction display and control system
MDCS master digital command system
MDCS material data collection system
MDD mate/demate device
MDDS material directory data sheet
MDE mission-dependent equipment
MDE mission-dependent experiment
MDE modular display electronics
MDF main distribution frame
MDF Manipulator Development Facility
MDF Mating/Demating Facility
MDF mild detonating fuse
MDFP MAST data format processing
MDFP mission data format processing
MDI management data and information
MDI mission data input
MDL master data library
MDL module design language
MDL momentum dump logic
MDM manipulator deployment mechanism
MDM Material Division Manual
MDM module design methodology
MDM multiplexer/demultiplexer
MDOP maximum design operating pressure
MDP main display panel
MDP master display panel
MDP mission data pressure
MDP mission data processing
MDP mission data processor
MD-P pitch manual direct control mode
MDR maintenance demand rate
MDR monthly director's review
MDR major design review
MDR manufacturing design review
MDR material disposition review
MDR mechanical design review
MDR midterm design review
MDR minor discrepancy repair
MDR missing data report
MDR mission data reduction
MDRD mission data requirements document
MDRS manufacturing data retrieval system
MDRS mission data retrieval system
MDS magnetic disk system
MDS malfunction detection system
MDS management data system
MDS master development schedule
MDS minimum discernible signal
MDS mission development simulator
MDSD mate/demate stiff-leg derrick
MDSE manufacturing and development support equipment
MDSS mission data support system
MDSSC McDonnell Douglas Space Systems Company
MDST mission director support team
MDST mission disaster support team
MDT maintenance demand time
MDT mean detonating time
MDT mean downtime
MDT measurement descriptor table
MDT mountain daylight time
MDTSCO McDonnell Douglas Technical Service Company
MDU mission data unit
MDV map and data viewer
MD-YR yaw roll manual direct control mode
ME main engine
ME management engineering
ME Manufacturing Engineering (MSFC)
ME metallurgical engineer
ME miscellaneous equipment
ME mission evaluation
ME&D manufacturing engineering and development
MEA main electronics assembly
MEA maintenance engineering analysis
MEAR maintenance engineering analysis request
MEAR manufacturing engineering analysis report
MEB main electronics box
MEBA Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association
MEBO main engine burnout
MEC main engine controller
MEC manual emergency control
MEC master event controller
MEC mission events controller
MECA main engine controller assembly
MECA missile electronics computer assembly
MECAS mission equipment configuration accounting system
MECCA master electrical common connector assembly
MECF main engine computational facilities
MECLSI mission equipment configuration launch site installation
MECO main engine cutoff
MECR maintenance engineering change request
MECSLSI mission equipment cargo Shuttle launch site
MECSLSI mission equipment cargo support launch site
MED manual entry device
MED momentum exchange device
MEDICS medical information computer system
MEDS mechanical engineering design system
MEE mission-essential equipment
MEECN minimum essential emergency communication network
MEFE mission-essential-function equipment
MEI main engine ignition
MEI master end item
MEIU main engine interface unit
MEK methylethyl ketone
MEK mission equipment kit
MEKF Misson Equipment Kit Facility
MEL minimum equipment list
MELI master equipment list index
MEM Mars excursion module
MEM meteoroid exposure module
MEM mid-deck electronics module
MEM module exchange mechanism
MENS mission element needs statement
MEO manufacturing engineering order
MEO mid Earth orbit
MEOP maximum expected operating pressure
MEP main engine propellant
MEP management engineering program
MEP Manipulator Engineering Panel
MEP mean effective pressure
MEP medium external pressurized
MEP minimum entry point
MER Mission Evaluation Room
MERL Materials Engineering Research Laboratory
MERSAT meteorology and Earth observation satellite
MERU milli-Earth rate unit
MES main engine start
MES mated elements simulator
MES mated events simulator
MES mission events sequence
MESA miniature electrostatic accelerometer
MESA modular equipment stowage assembly
MESC master events sequence controller
MESC mission events sequence controller
MESELSI mission extension Shuttle equipment launch site
MESELSI mission extension support equipment launch site
MESSOC model evaluation of Space Station operations cost
MET master events timer
MET mission elapsed time
MET mission events timer
MET multielement test
METS multienvironment test system
METVC main engine thrust vector control
MEU medium external unpressurized
MEV mass excursion vehicle
MeV megaelectron volt
MEWG Maintenance Engineering Working Group
MF major function
MF master frame
MF mate and ferry
MF mated flight
MF medium frequency
MF mid-deck forward
MF midfuselage
MF motor field
MFA manned flight awareness
MFBP manufacturing flow and build plan
MFC manual flight control
MFC multiple-flight computer
MFC multiple-flight controller
MFCS manual flight control system
MFD main feed
MFD malfunction detection
MFD metal friction device
MFE midfrequency executive
MFF MDM flight forward
MFG major functional group
MFLOPS millions of floating-point operations per second
MFO major function overlay
MFP main free path
MFP mission flight plan
MFP mosaic focal plane
MFR manipulator foot restraint
MFR maximum flight rate
MFR multifunctional receiver
MFR multifunctional review
MFRM mobile foot restraint manipulator
MFSK M-ary frequency shift keying
MFSP macrofunction signal processor
MFT mean flight time
MFT module fixture transporter
MFTAD master flight test assignment document
MFTIO minimum flyout time for orbital interception
MFV main fuel valve
MG middle gimbal
MG mission generation
MG mobile generator
MG motor-generated
mg milligram
MGA middle gimbal angle
MGC manual gain control
MGE maintenance ground equipment
MGI management group identifier
MGS mobile ground station
MGS mobile ground system
MGSE mechanical ground support equipment
MGT major ground test
MGT mobile ground terminal
MGVT mated ground vibration test
MH man-hour
MHA multiple-headset adapter
MHC manipulator hand controller
MHD magnetohydrodynamics
MHD multihead disk
MHE material handling equipment
MHF medium high frequency
MHP move and handling procedure
MHSC manipulator handset controller
MHV miniature homing vehicle
MHW multihundred watt
MHz megahertz (megacycles per second)
MI malleable iron
MI management information
MI minimum impulse
MI minority institution
MIA multiple-interface adapter
MIA multiplexer interface adapter
MIB master interconnect board
MIB minimum-impulse bit
MIB multilayer interconnection board
MIC Management Information Center
MIC memory interface connector
MIC minimum-impulse controller
MICB Meck Island Control Building
MICB Mission Integration Change Board
MICIS material inventory control and information system
MICIS mechanized information control inventory system
MICIS mechanized inventory control information system
MICNS modular integrated communication and navigation system
MICOM Missile Command
MICOM Missile Command (Army)
MICOS multifunctional infrared coherent optical sensor
MICS management information and control system
MIDAS mission integrated design analysis simulator
MIDDS meteorological interactive data display system
MIDSIM midcourse exoatmospheric event-based simulator
MIDSIM midcourse simulation
MIEWF master integrated engineering work file
MIF mechanical integration frame
MIF module integration facility
MIG metal inert gas
MIG miniature integrating gyro
MII master inspection item
MIIA Merritt Island industrial area (NASA)
MIL man in loop
MILA Merritt Island launch area
MILCOMSAT military communications satellite
MILES a computerized schedule system
MILS missile impact location system
MILSTAR military communications satellite
MILSTAR military strategic and tactical relay system
MIL-STD military standard
MIMO multiple instruction, multiple data paths
MIMOSA mission modes and space analysis
MIMR monthly integration management review
MIMS medical information management system
MINW master interface network
MIO Management Integration Office
MIP mandatory inspection point
MIP Measurement Integration Panel
MIP minimum-impulse pulse
MIP MMU integration plan
MIP modification instruction package
MIPIAN computer-assisted process planning
MIPIR missile impact pointing imaging radar
MIPR military intergovernmental purchase request
MIPS Merritt Island press site
Mips million instructions per second
Mips millions of instructions per second
MIR malfunction investigation report
MIR mission integration review
MIRS management information and reporting system
MIRV multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles
MIS magnetic isolation system
MIS management information system
MIS master index schedule
MIS master integrated schedule
MIS mission information system (subsystem)
MIS-PLAN MIS-payload activity network
MISTRAM missile trajectory measurement
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT master instruction tape
MIT mercury in thruster
MIT mercury ion transfer
MIT mission integration team
MIT/LL Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory
MITAS missile threat analysis simulation (simulator)
MITIL MIT Instrumentation Laboratory
MITOC missile intercom technical operational communication
MITTS mobile IGOR tracking telescope system
MIU malfunction insertion unit
MIUS modular integrated utility system
MIVP mission interface verification plan
MJ mechanical joint
MJ megajoule
MJS manipulator jettison system
m-kg meter-kilogram
ML message line
ML mobile launcher
ML mold line
MLA MDM launch aft
MLA monochrome lens assembly
MLB multilayer board
MLC mobile launcher computer
MLE mesoscale lightning experiment
MLF MDM launch forward
MLG main landing gear
MLGD main landing gear door
MLGS microwave landing guidance system
MLI multilayer insulation
MLL MDM launch left
MLP machine language program
MLP mobile launch platform
MLP mobile launcher platform
MLR MDM launch right
MLR monodisperse latex reactor
MLS medium long shot
MLS microwave landing system
MLS multilevel security
MLV medium launch vehicle
MLV medium-lift launch vehicle
MLW maximum landing weight
MM main memory
MM main module
MM major mode
MM man-month
MM Marshall manual
MM mass memory
MM material manual
MM motor module
mm millimeter
MM&TS master manufacturing and test schedule
MMA moving mechanical assembly
MMACS maintenance management and control system
MMAS material management and accounting system
MMAS mechanized material accountability system
MMC Martin Marietta Corporation
MMC master microprocessor control
MMC metal matrix composite
MMC midcourse measurement correction
MMC midmotor controller
MMC Mission Management Center
MMCA midmotor controller assembly
MMCCB Multimission Change Control Board
MMCL master measurement and control list
MMD mean mission duration
MMD mobile maintenance depot
MMD MSC maintenance depot
MMDB master measurement data base
MMDF mission model data file
MMDS maintenance management data system
MMES MSFC mated-element system
MMF magnetomotive force
MMH maintenance man-hour
MMH monomethylhydrazine
MMH/FH maintenance man-hours per flight hour
MMH/Y maintenance man-hours per year
mmHg millimeters of mercury
MMI man-machine interface
MMI Marshall management instruction
MMIA monolithic microwave integrated amplifier
MMIC millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuit
MMIC monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MMIDS man-machine interface development station
MMIP mass memory integration plan
MML master measurement list
MMLS Martin Marietta Launch Services
MMLS model-modes-loads-stresses
M-M-L-S model-modes-loads-stresses
MMOS multimode optical sensor
MMP mechanical parts, materials, processes
MMP mission management plan
MMPSE multiuse mission payload support equipment
MMR mass memory ready
MMRS manned military recovery system
MMS manned maneuvering system
MMS mission modular spacecraft
MMS modular multiband scanner
MMS module management system
MMS multimission modular spacecraft
MMS multimission spacecraft
MMSE multimission support equipment
MMSE multiuse mission support equipment
MMT mass memory test
MMT mission management team
MMU manned maneuvering unit
MMU mass memory unit
MMU midcourse measurement unit
MMUS mass memory unit simulator
mmW millimeter wave
MN main bus
MNEE mission nonessential equipment
MNET Mission and Data Operations Directorate network
MNOS metal nitride oxide semiconductor
MO major objective
MO manned orbiter
MO manual orientation
MO manufacturing order
MO master oscillator
MO mid-deck overhead
MO mission operations
MOA make on arrival
MOA memorandum of agreement
MOC Marine Operation Center
MOC Mission Operations Center
MOC mission operations computer
MOCC Mission Operations Control Center
MOCF Mission Operations Computational Facility
MOCITE mobile checkout and integration test equipment
MOCR mission operations control room
MOCS multichannel ocean color sensor
MOCV manual oxygen control valve
MOD Mission Operations Directorate
MOD mission objectives document
MOD mission operations director
MODART method of defeating advanced radar threats
modem modulator/demodulator
MODS military orbital development system
MOE measure of effectiveness
MOF manned orbital flight
MOI moments of inertia
MOL manned orbital laboratory
MOLFLUX molecular flux (model)
MOM mission operations manager
MOMS mobile optical measurement system
MOP measure of performance
MOP mission operations plan
MOP mission operations processor
MOPA master oscillator power amplifier
MOPIS missile operations intercommunications system
MOPR mission operations planning review
MOPR mission operations planning room
MOPS military operation phone system
MOPS missile operations
MOPS mission operations planning system
Mops million operations per second
MOR manufacturing operations record
MOR manufacturing order record
MOR mission objective and requirements
MORD medical operations requirements document
MORL manned orbiting research laboratory
MORT management oversight and risk tree
MOS metal oxide on substrate
MOS metal oxide semiconductor
MOS mission operations system
MOS multiple optical switch
MOSC Mission Operations Support Center
MOSFET metal-on-silicon field-effect transistor
MOSP mission operations success program
MOSP mission operations support program
MOSPO mobile satellite photometric observatory
MOSR mission operations support requirement
MOSS manned orbital space station
MOSS Mission Operations Support Services
MOSS MMDB operational subsystem status
MOSTT mosaic optical sensor technology test bed
MOTR multiple-object tracking radar
MOU memorandum of understanding
MOV main oxidizer valve
MOW mission operations wing
MP major program
MP management package
MP mass properties
MP measuring point
MP medium pressure
MP melting point
MP Meteorology Panel
MP mission planner
MP mod package
MP&C maintenance planning and control
MP/G material procedure government
MPA manufacturing producibility analysis
MPA miniature pendulum accelerometer
MPAC multipurpose applications console
MPAD Mission Planning and Analysis Division (JSC)
MPAR maintainability problem and assessment report
MPB maintenance parts breakdown
MPBS main power bus supply
MPC material procurement cost
MPC memory protection check
MPC Meteorological Prediction Center
MPC midbody pyro controller
MPC midpower controller
MPCA midpower controller assembly
MPCMP mass properties control and management plan
MPD main dc power distributor
MPD management position description
MPD maximum permissible dose
MPE maximum permissible exposure
MPESS mission-peculiar equipment support structure
MPESS mission-peculiar experiment support structure
MPG multipoint grounding
MPGHM mobile payload ground handling mechanism
mph miles per hour
MPHE material and personnel handling equipment
MPI mean point of impact
MPI mission payload integration
MPICD mission-peculiar interface control document
MPIIN modification procurement instrument identification
MPIO Mission Payload Integration Office
MPL maintenance parts list
MPL master program library
MPL materials and process list
MPL mechanical parts list
MPL minimum power level
MPLN maintenance planning (data base)
MPM manipulator positioning mechanism
MPMP mass properties management plan
MPMP mechanical parts, material process
MPMP mechanical parts, materials, and processes
MPMSE multiuse payload and mission support equipment
MPOR master power-on reset
MPP manufacturing process procedure
MPP material processing procedure
MPP mission preparation processor
MPPSE multipurpose payload support equipment
MPR maintainability problem report
MPR malfunction problem record
MPR mockup purchase request
MPR monthly program review
MPRAS multipath redundant avionics suite
MPS main propulsion system (subsystem)
MPS maneuvering propulsion subsystem
MPS master production schedule
MPS master program schedule
MPS material processing satellite
MPS material processing specification
MPS materials processing in space
MPS materials processing science
MPS multiple protective structures
MPS&P material processing specifications and procedures
MPSR mission profile storage and retrieval
MPSR multipurpose support room
MPST multipurpose support team
MPT main propulsion test
MPT mission planning terminal
MPTA main propulsion test article
MPTF Main Propulsion Test Facility
MPTF mission planning task force
MPTP main propulsion test program
MPTS multipurpose tool set
MPVA main propellant valve actuator
MR maintenance and refurbishment
MR management review
MR master reset
MR material request
MR material review
MR mission report
MR mixture ratio
MRA mechanical readiness assessment
MRA mission requirements analysis
MRA mission requirements and allocation
MRB Material Review Board
MRB mission reconfiguration base
MRBM medium-range ballistic missile
MRC Measurement Requirements Committee
MRCR measurement requirement change request
MRD material review disposition
MRD mission requirements definition
MRD mission requirements document
MRDA mission requirements definition and analysis
MRDB mission requirements data base
MRDR material review disposition record
MRDR mission requirements data base Rockwell
MRE material review engineering
MRF maintenance responsibility file
MRF maximum retarding force
MRF measurements/stimuli request form
MRF missile repair facility
MRI measurement requirements and interface
MRIM MOD/MOC reconfiguration interface manager
MRIR medium-resolution infrared radiometer
MRL manipulator retention latch
MRL manipulator retention lock
MRL material requirements list
MRL measurement requirement list
MRL missile reference line
MRM mission reconfiguration master
MRM mission requirements matrix
MRMS mission reconfiguration management system
MRMS mobile remote manipulator system
MRO maintenance repair and operation
MRO material release order
MRP manufacturing resource planning
MRP material requirements planning
MRP material review process
MRP missile reference plane
MRP mission reference plane
MRR manufacturing readiness review
MRR mission readiness review
MRR mission reconfiguration request
MRR mission requirements review
MRS management review system
MRS master repair schedule
MRS mobile remote servicer
MRTFB major range and test facility base
MRTS material requirements tracking system
MRTS modification and repair tracking system
MRTS modification recycle tracking system
MRWG Mission Requirements Working Group
MS machine screw
MS mechanical system
MS medium shot
MS milestone
MS military standard (parts designation)
MS mission sequence
MS mission specialist
MS mission station
MS monitor station
MS machine steel
MS manned system
MS margin of safety
MS Marsenne-Schmidt
MS mass spectrometer
MS master switch
MS material specification
MS mating sequence and control
ms millisecond
MS/MS material science and manufacturing in space
MSA main bus solar array
MSA major subcontract administrator
MSA master schedule authorization
MSA material service area
MSA material subcontract administrator
MSA Metropolitan Survey Area
MSA minimum surface area
MSAD materials summary acceptance document
MSB most significant bit
MSBLS microwave scan-beam landing system
MSBLS-GS MSBLS ground station
MSC master schedule chart
MSC master sequence controller
MSC Materials Service Center
MSC Mission Support Center (Space Station)
MSC mobile service carrier
MSC mobile service center
MSC moding, sequencing, and control
MSCB Manufacturing Status Control Board
MSCL Measurement Standards and Calibration Laboratory
MSCR measurements/stimuli change request
MSCS mobile service center system
MSD Missile Systems Division
MSD Mission Support Directorate
MSD mission systems data
MSDOS mass storage digital operating system
MS-DOS Microsoft disk operating system
MSDP mission system distribution panel
MSDS materials safety data sheet
MSDS multispectral scanner and data system
MSDT multiple Shuttle data tape
MSE maintenance support equipment
MSE manned space flight engineer
MSE measuring and stimuli equipment
MSE mechanical support equipment
MSE medical support equipment
MSE mission staff engineer
MSE mission support equipment
MSEC master separation events controller
msec millisecond
MSF maintenance source file
MSF manned space flight
MSFC Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA)
MSFN manned space flight network
MSFP manned space flight program
MSFSG Manned Space Flight Support Group
MSG Maintenance Steering Group
MSG Maintenance Study Group
MSG Mechanical Subsystem Group
MSG Mission Support Group
MSI maintenance-significant item
MSI medium-scale integration
MSIA multispectral image analyzer
MSID master stimulus identification document
MSID measurement and stimulus identification
MSID measurement stimulation identification
MSID measurement stimulus identification
MSIF multisystem integration facility
MSIS man-systems integration standards
MSK M-ary shift keying
MSK manual select keyboard
MSL master system library
MSL Materials Science Laboratory
MSL mean sea level
MSL Mechanical Systems Laboratory
MSL mode select logic
MSLD mass spectrometer leak detector
MSM manned support module
MSME Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering
MSMP manned support module program
MSMP multispectral measurements program
MSO Manufacturing Safety Office
MSO model for spares optimization
MSOB Manned Spacecraft Operations Building
MSOCC Multisatellite Operations Control Center
MSOIN minor subcontractor or IDWA notification
MSP Mission Security Panel
MSP mission sequence plan
MSP mission support plan
MSR measurement stimuli request
MSR measurements support request
MSR Mission Support Room
MSRP mission support real property
MSS maintenance status system
MSS mobile service structure
MSS mobile servicing system
MSS multispectral scanner system
MSS multisystem software
MSS Manufacturers' Standardization Society
MSS mass storage subsystem
MSS mechanical support system
MSS medium/small satellite servicing
MSS meeting support system
MSS message source selector
MSS mission specialist station
MSS mission status summary
MSSRV Mars surface-sample return vehicle
MSSTM military space system technology model
MSSTP Military Space Systems Technology Plan
MST measurement status table
MST mobile service tower
MST mountain standard time
MSU main storage unit
MSU mass storage unit
MSU measuring stimuli unit
MSV mission support vehicle
MSV monitored sine vibration (test)
MSVP master Shuttle verification plan
MT magnetic tape
MT metric ton
MT mission time
MT mission timer
MT mission trajectory
MT mobile transfer
MT mobile transporter
MT mountain time
MT man-tended
MT master timer
MT master tool
MT maximum torque
MT mean time
MT mechanical technician
MT megaton
MT member traceability
MT&SCDSS materials technology and structural concepts for dsystems
MTA maintenance task analysis
MTA major test article
MTA mass thermal analysis
MTAP multitask analysis program
MTB materials testing branch
MTBCF mean time between critical failures
MTBD mean time between demand
MTBF mean time between failures
MTBM mean time between maintenance
MTBMA mean time between maintenance action
MTBR mean time between removal
MTBR mean time between replacement
MTC man-tended capability
MTC manual thrust controller
MTC manual traffic control
MTC master thrust control (controller)
MTC mission and traffic control
MTCA monitor and test control area
MTCU magnetic tape control unit
MTE maintenance test equipment
MTE multisystem test equipment
MTEC maintenance test equipment catalog
MTEE maintenance test equipment, electrical
MTEF maintenance test equipment, fluid
MTEM maintenance test equipment module
MTEM maintenance test equipment, mechanical
MTEO maintenance test equipment, optical
MTFF man-tended free flyer
MTFO modular training field option
MTG master timing generator
MTGP monitor table generator program
MTGW maximum total gross weight
MTI Morton Thiokol, Incorporated
MTI moving-target indicator
MTK mechanical timekeeping
MTK mechanized timekeeping
MTL main transfer line
MTLP monitor table listing program
MTM mechanical test model
MTM method of task measurement
MTM methods time measurement
MTM multiterminal monitor
MTMO Mated Test Management Office
MTO magnetic tape operator
MTO master timing oscillator
MTO maximum time-out
MTO mission task objective
MTO Mississippi Test Operations
MTO modification task outline
MTOGW maximum takeoff gross weight
MTOW maximum takeoff weight
MTP manufacturing technical procedure
MTP master test plan
MTP mission test plan
MTR magnetic tape recorder
MTRD master test requirement document
MTS magnetic tape station
MTS magnetic tape system
MTS main thruster subsystem
MTS master timing system
MTS member, technical staff
MTS metric time system
MTS mobile tracking station
MTS motor-operated transfer switch
MTT maximum touch temperature
MTTA mean time to accomplish
MTTE mean time to exchange
MTTF mean time to failure
MTTFF mean time to first failure
MTTR mean time to repair
MTTRF mean time to restore function
MTU magnetic tape unit
MTU master timing unit
MTU mobile training unit
MTV mass transfer vehicle
MTVC manual thrust vector control
MTW maximum taxi weight
MU master unit
MU mobile unit
MU mockup
MU multiple unit
MUA materials usage agreement
MUA maximum usable altitude
MUA mutual usage agreement
MUC Muchea, Australia
MUF maximum usable frequency
MUL mission-unique list
MUPPS mission-unique planning and processing schedule
MUR manpower utilization report
MUS mission-unique software
MUSAT Canadian government satellite
MUSS module utility support structure
MUX multiplex
MUX multiplexer
MV manual valve
MV manufacturing verification
mV millivolt
MVA megavolt ampere
MVAS multipurpose ventricular actuating system
MVC manual volume control
MVC master volume control
MVD map and visual display
MVF manned vertical flight
MVGVT mated vertical ground vibration test
MVM Mariner Venus/Mercury
MVP master verification plan
MVR measurement velocity radial
MVS middle-value select
MVS midvalue selected
MVS multiple virtual storage
MVWT mated vehicle wind tunnel
MW man-week
MW microwave
mW milliwatt
MWB master workbook
MWD material withdrawal document
MWG Maintainability Working Group
MWIR medium-wavelength infrared
MWOR maintenance work order request
MWP maximum working pressure
MWPR monthly work package report
MWR mean width ratio
MWS missile weapon system
MWV maximum working voltage
MY man-year
MYTA maintainability task analysis
MYVAL maintainability evaluation
MZFW maximum zero fuel weight
N Newton
n neutron
N&G navigation and guidance
N/A next assembly
N/A not applicable
N/A Nova interface adapter
N/B narrow band
N/C normally closed
N/C nose cone
N/C not critical
N/C numerical control
N/C numerically controlled
N/D need date
N/FTS near-/far-term system
N/L no limit
N/m2 Newtons per meter squared
N/O normally open
N/P not provided
N/R not required
N/W network
N2H2 hydrazine
N2O4 nitrogen tetroxide
NA next action
NA nodal architect
NA not applicable
NA numerical aperture
NAA North American Aircraft
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAAL North American Aerodynamic Laboratory (wind tunnel)
NAC Naval Avionics Center
NAD network adapter device
NAEC Naval Air Engineering Center
NAM National Association of Manufacturers
NAM nuclear assessment methodology
NAP navigation analysis program
NAR numerical analysis research
NARS National Archives and Record Services
NAS National Academy of Sciences
NAS national aircraft standard
NAS national airspace system
NAS naval air station
NAS nonavionics simulator
NAS numerical aerodynamic simulation
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASCOM NASA communications (network)
NASDA National Space Development Agency (Japan)
NASO North American Space Operations
NASP National AeroSpace Plane
NASTRAN NASA structural analysis program
NAT nonconformance action team
NATF Naval Air Test Facility
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAUI National Association of Underwater Instructors
NAVAID navigation aid
NAVDAD navigational derived air data
NAVEX navigation expert
NAVPOOL navigation parameter common pool
NAVSAT navigation satellite
NAVSIM autonomous navigation simulator
NAVT NASA altimeter verification telemetry
NB narrow band
NB navigation base
NB nitrogen base
NB no bias (relay)
NBA narrow-band amplifier
NBA NSTS berthing adapter
NBDL Naval Bio-Dynamics Laboratory
NBF Neutral Buoyancy Facility
NBOSS new-business operations support system
NBS National Bureau of Standards
NBS neutral buoyancy simulation
NBSAMRF National Bureau of Standards Advanced Research Facility
NBT neutral buoyancy trainer
NC national course
NC no change
NC no comment
NC noise criteria
NC normal corrective
NC normally closed
NC numerical control
NC numerically controlled
NC1 nominal correction 1 (phasing maneuver)
NCA National Command Authority
NCC NASA class code
NCC NASA Communications Control
NCC Navstar Control Center
NCC Network Control Center (GSFC)
NCC nominal corrective combination (maneuver)
NCC normal corrective combination (maneuver)
NCC NTB Control Center
NCG noncondensible gas
NCG Nuclear Criteria Group
NCIU network common interface unit
NCMC NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex
NCO numerically controlled oscillator
NCOS National Commission on Space
NCR no calibration required
NCR nonconformance/failure report
NCS network control station
NCS nutation control system
NCSC National Computer Security Center
NCU nozzle control unit
ND NASA document
ND neutral density
ND nondimensional
Nd:YAG neodymium:yttrium aluminum garnet
NDE nondestructive evaluation
NDI nondestructive inspection
NDRO nondestructive readout
NDS network distribution service
NDS nuclear detection system
NDST nondimensional special tool
NDT nondestructive test
NDT nondestructive testing
NDTF nondestructive test facility
NDTL nondestructive test laboratory
NDU navigation data unit
NDUS NUDET detection user segment
NDV NASP-derived vehicle
NEA noise equivalent angle
NEACP National Emergency Airborne Command Post
NEAX noise equivalent change in translation
NEC national electrical code
NEEDS NASA end-to-end data system
NEFD noise equivalent flux density
NEI noise equivalent irradiance
NEI nonexplosive initiation
NELS nuclear effects link simulator
NEMS NASA equipment management system
NENU nonexempt, nonunion
NEP noise equivalent power
NEP nominal entry point
NEP normal entry point
NERVA nuclear engine for rocket vehicle application
NES network encryption system
NESC national electrical safety code
NESP Naval Extremely High Frequency Satellite Program
NESR natural environment support room
NESS National Environmental Satellite Service
NEST nuclear emergency search team
NET NASA employee team
NET Nimbus Experiment team
NET noise equivalent target
NET noise equivalent temperature
NETCOM network communications
NETSIM network simulation
NEU nonexempt, union
NEVADA net energy verification and determination analyzer
NEVS NASA equipment visibility system
NEWS new engineering work schedule
NEWS new engineering work system
NF natural flood
NF noise figure
NFLNA noise figure low-noise amplifier
NFPA National Fire Prevention Association
NFS NASA FAR supplement
NFS network file server
NFS nozzle flow sensor
NFW nonfuel-wasting
NG narrow gauge
NG nitrogen gauge
NG nose gear
NGC next-generation controller
NGS NUDET ground system
NGT NASA ground terminal
NH nominal height (adjust maneuver)
NH normal height (adjust maneuver)
NH&S nuclear hardening and survivability
NH4 hydrazine
NHA next higher assembly
NHB NASA Handbook
NHC National Hurricane Center
NIB noninterference basis
NIC not in contract
NICE Navstar interface control equipment
NIDS network interface data system
NIM nuclear instrumentation module
NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
NIP network input processor
NIP network interface processor
NISS national integrated scheduling system
NIU network interface unit
NJP network job processing
NL no limit
NL nose left
NLA next lower assembly
NLD Network Logistics Depot
NLG nose landing gear
NLGD nose landing gear door
NLM nonlinear material
NLRB National Labor Relations Board
NLT not later than
NLT not less than
NM network manager (GSFC)
NM nonmetallic
nm nanometer
NMA National Management Association
NMAB National Materials Advisory Board
NMC National Meteorological Center
NMCC National Military Command Center
NMI NASA management instruction
nmi nautical mile
NMO normal manual operation
NMOS negative-type metal oxide semiconductor
NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
NMT not more than
NMT notification of master tool
NMTA National Metal Trades Association
NMTBA National Machine Tool Builders' Association
NMTS next manned transportation system
NMV nitrogen manual valve
NNK nonnuclear kill
NO nitrous oxide
NO normally open
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOC network operation control
NOC not otherwise coded
NOC notation of content
NOCC Network Operations Control Center (GSFC)
NOD notice of discrepancy
NOES National Operational Environmental Satellite
NOM network output multiplexer
NOMOCALC spectral nomographic calculator
NOP normal operating procedure
NOPAR non-OPPL part approval requests
NOPAR nonorbiter parts authorization request
NOR notice of revision
NORAD North American Air Defense Command
NORDSAT Scandinavian countries' broadcast satellite
NOS network operating system
NOSL night/day optical survey of thunderstorm lightning
NOSP near-object scanning probe
NOSP network operations support plan
NOSS National Oceanic Satellite System
NOTS Naval Ordnance Test Station
NP navigation payload
NP network program
NP not provided
NPB neutral particle beam
NPC NASA procurement circular
NPC NASA publication control
NPC normal plane change
NPD NASA policy directive
NPD nominal percent defective
NPDS nuclear particle detection subsystem
NPF Navstar processing facility
NPG naval proving ground
NPL normal power level (see RPL)
NPN NASA part number
NPRV nitrogen pressure relief valve
NPS NASA planning studies
NPS nonpropulsive stage
NPSH net positive suction head
NPSP net positive static pressure
NPSP net positive suction pressure
NPSS NASA packet switching system
NPT Navy pointer and tracker
NPU nitrogen purge unit
NPV nitrogen pressure valve
NR noise rating
NR nose right
NR not required
NRALT NASA radar altimeter
NRB nuclear reactor/Brayton
NRC National Research Council
NRC Nitrosso rubber coating
NRC nonrecurring costs
NRCC National Research Council of Canada
NRD National Range Division
NRDS Nuclear Rocket Development Station (NASA)
NRFA navigation radio frequency assembly
NRI nonrecurring investment
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
NRM nonrecurring maintenance
NRP normal rated power
NRS nonconformance reporting system
NRT near real time
NRTS not repairable at this station
NRZ nonreturn to zero
NRZ-L nonreturn-to-zero level
NRZ-PSK nonreturn-to-zero phase shift key
NRZ-TTL nonreturn-to-zero transistor-transistor logic
NS nickel steel
NS not switchable
NS nuclear Shuttle
ns nanosecond
N-S Navier-Stokes
NSA National Security Agency
NSA National Standards Association
NSA nosewheel steering amplifier
NSACOR National Security Agency Central Office of Record
NSAS NSTS/SSPE attachment systems
NSC NASA standard computer
NSC navigational star catalog
NSC Network Support Committee
NSC nonstandard CA code
NSCCA nuclear safety cross-check analysis
NSD NASA standard detonator
NSE nosewheel steering enable
NSHS nosewheel steering hydraulic system
NSI NASA standard initiator
NSI network support item
NSIA National Security Industrial Association
NSIF Near-Space Instrumentation Facility
NSI-I NASA standard initiator Type I
NSL Northrop Space Laboratory
NSLD NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot
NSM network status monitor
NSN national stock number
NSO NASA support operation
NSP NASA support plan
NSP network signal processing
NSP network signal processor
NSPAR nonstandard part approval request
NSR nominal slow rate
NSR normal slow rate (maneuver)
NSR1 first coelliptic maneuver
NSR2 second coelliptic maneuver
NSS network simulation system
NSSCC NORAD Space Surveillance Computation Center
NSSDC National Space Science Data Center
NSTI NASA simulation traffic interface
NSTL National Space Technology Laboratories (now John C. Stennis Space Center)
NSTS National Space Transportation System
NSTSPO NSTS Program Office
NSU node switching unit
NSY nonstandard Y code
NT&A no test and ancillary
NTB National Test Bed
NTBOS NTB operating software
NTBSIM NTB simulation
NTD NASA test director
NTE navigation telemetry encoder
NTF National Test Facility
NTIS National Technical Information Service
NTO nitrogen tetroxide
NTO nitrous oxide
NTP network test panel
NTP normal temperature and pressure
NTP notice to proceed
NTS navigation technology satellite
NTS near-term schedule
NTS nonavionics test station
NTS not to scale
NTSO NASA Test Support Office
NTSS nitrogen transfer and storage system
NTTF network test and training facility
NUDET nuclear detonation
NUL non-GSE utilization list
NUTI NASCOM user traffic interface
NV NASA altimeter verification
NV nuclear vehicle
NVAFB North Vandenberg Air Force Base
NVE nonvisual eyepiece
NVEOL Night Vision and Electro-Optical Laboratory
NVM nonvolatile memory
NVR NASA waiver
NVR no verification required
NVR no voltage release
NVR nonvolatile residue
NW nosewheel
NWE nuclear weapons effect
NWG natural work group
NWMP nuclear weapons monitor plan
NWS National Weather Service
NWS nosewheel steering
NWSA nosewheel steering amplifier
NWT nonwatertight
NWU north, west, up
NWW nosewheel well
NX normal to X-axis
NX nose to X-axis
NY normal to Y-axis
NY nose to Y-axis
NZ normal acceleration
NZ normal load factor (g)
NZ normal to Z-axis
NZ nose to Z-axis
NZB nonzero binary
O&C operations and checkout
O&C operations and control
O&FS operations and flight support
O&M operations and maintenance
O&P operations and procedures
O&R overhaul and repair
O&S operational and support
O&S operations and support
O/B on board
O/B operational base
O/C operations critical
O/D on dock
O/D outside diameter
O/F oxidizer-to-fuel ratio
O/L overload
O/L-RC overload reverse current
O/R outside radius
O/R oxygen relief
O/V overvoltage
O/V-U/V overvoltage/undervoltage
OA Office of Applications
OA omnidirectional antenna
OA operational aft
OA operational instrumentation MDM aft
OA orbit adjust (telemetry)
OA orbiter assembly
OA output axis
OA overall
OAA orbiter access arm
OAA orbiter alternate airfield
OAA ORU alternative analysis
OAB Ordnance and Assembly Building
OAFD orbiter aft flight deck
OAFTO Orbiter Atmospheric Flight Test Office
OAHTS orbiter avionics hardware tracking system
OAL overall level
OALC Ogden Air Logistics Center
OAME orbital attitude and maneuvering electronics
OAMP Optical Airborne Measurements Program
OAMS orbital attitude and maneuvering system
OAO orbital astronomical observatory
OAR off-axis rejection
OARE Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment
OARME Oxygen Atom Reaction Materials Experiment
OARS Orbiter Avionics Radiation Specification
OAS office automation system
OAS optical assembly simulator
OAS orbiter aeroflight simulator
OAS orbiter atmospheric simulator
OAS orbiter avionics simulator
OAS orbiter avionics system
OASCB Orbiter Avionics Software Control Board
OASIS oceanic and atmospheric scientific information system
OASIS Orbit Avionics Software Integration Study (IBM's)
OASIS orbiter experiment autonomous supporting instrumentation
OASM Office of Aerospace Medicine (NASA)
OASPL overall sound pressure level
OAST Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology
OAT operational acceptance test
OAT overall test
OATS orbiter avionics tracking system
OB on board
OB operational base
OB outboard
OBC on-board checkout
OBC on-board computer
OBCO on-board checkout
OBCP on-board computer program
OBCS on-board checkout subsystem
OBDU on-board diagnostic unit
OBS operational bioinstrumentation system
OBS operational biomed sensor
OBS operational biomedical system
OBV oxidizer bleed valve
OC on center
OC on condition
OC open circuit
OC orbital check
OC over center
OC overcurrent
OCA orbiter capability analysis
OCA orbiter capability assessment
OCAC orbiter cabin air cleaner
OCALC Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
OCB operational configuration baseline
OCC Office of Contract Compliance
OCC Operations Control Center
OCCP orbit command computer program
OCCS operator control console subsystem
OCD operational concept document
OCD operations concept documentation
OCDR orbiter critical design review
OCDU optics coupling data unit (G&N)
OCE Ocean Color Experiment
OCF on-board computational facility
OCF orbiter computational facilities
OCH orbiter common hardware
OCI organizational conflict of interest
OCM optical countermeasure
OCN operation control number
OCN order change number
OCN order control number
OCO OMS cutoff
OCO open-close-open
OCP Office of Commercial Programs
OCP operations checkout procedure
OCP output control pulse
OCR operational capability readiness
OCR operational concept review
OCR optical character reader
OCR optical character recognition
OCS on-board checkout system
OCS operational control segment
OCU ordnance control unit
OD observational data (telemetry)
OD operational downlink
OD operations directive
OD operations director
OD outside diameter
OD oxygen drain
OD&E operational demonstration and evaluation
ODA optical diagnostic assembly
ODB operational data base
ODB operational data book
ODC other direct costs
ODCDR orbiter delta CDR
ODDL on-board digital data load
ODDP object-dependent data processor
ODDS operational data delivery services
ODDTE Office of the Director, Defense Test and Evaluation
ODE operational demonstration and evaluation
ODES Optical Discrimination Evaluation Study
ODF orbit determination facility
ODF output data formatter
ODIN orbital design integration system
ODM orbiter disconnect mechanism
ODOP offset Doppler (tracking system)
ODP operational display procedure
ODR output data redundancy
ODRAN operational drawing revision advance notice
ODRC Orbiter Data Reduction Center
ODU output display unit
OEAS orbital emergency arresting system
OEC other early capability
OECO outboard engine cutoff
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OEPS operationally efficient propulsion system
OES orbiter emergency site
OESS orbiter/ET separation system
OET orbiter engineering and test
OEX orbiter experiment
OEXP Office of Exploration
OF operational forward DSC or MDM
OF operational instrumentation MDM forward
OF orbital flight
OF outside face
OF oxygen fill
OFCC Office of Federal Contract Compliance
OFCCP Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
OFDS orbiter flight dynamic simulator
OFDS oxygen fluid distribution system
OFI operational flight instrumentation
OFK optical flight kit
OFP operational flight profile
OFP operational flight program
OFP orbiter flight program
OFS orbital flight system
OFS orbiter flight simulator
OFS orbiter flight system
OFS orbiter functional simulator
OFT operational flight test
OFT orbital flight test
OFT orbital flight training
OFTDS orbital flight test data system
OFVR out-of-field-of-view rejection
OG outer gimbal (roll)
OG oxygen gage
OGA outer gimbal angle
OGA outer gimbal axis
OGE operating ground equipment
OGMT orbiter Greenwich mean time
OGTM one-g trainer and mockup
OGV oxygen gage valve
OH overhaul
OH overhead
OHA operating hazard analysis
OHA orbital height adjustment maneuver
OHC optics hand controller
OHF occupational health facility
OHGVT orbital horizontal ground vibration test
OI operating instruction
OI operational increment (software)
OI operational instrumentation
OI operations interface
OI orbiter insertion
OI orbiter instrumentation
OIA Office of Internal Affairs
OIA Office of International Affairs
OIA orbiter interface adapter
OIB Operating Improvement Board
OIC orbital integrated checkout
OIDB OI data base
OIE orbiter integration engineering
OII operations integration instruction
OIO operations integration officer
OIR open item report
OIR operations integration review
OIS operational intercommunication system
OIS Optical Imager Study
OIS orbit injection subsystem
OIS orbit inserting system
OIS orbit insertion subsystem
OIS orbiter insertion system
OIS orbiter instrumentation systems
OISAR optical inverse synthetic-aperture radar
OISR open item status report
OISS open item status subsystem
OISTP Oxygen-Iodine Supersonic Technology Program
OIT orbiter integrated test
OIT orbiter integration test
OIT orbiter interface test
OIV oxidizer isolation valve
OIVS orbiter interface verification set
OJT on-the-job training
OL open loop
OL operational left DSC or MDM
OL overlay
OL overload
OLDB on-line data bank
OLERD orbiter landing emergency rescue data
OLF orbiter lifting frame
OLIF Orbiter Landing Instrumentation Facility
OLOW orbiter lift-off weight
OLSA orbiter/LPS signal adapter
OLSP Orbiter Logistics Support Plan
OM office management
OM operational mid DSC or MDM
OM operations manager
OM optical master
OM outer marker (ILS)
OMA operations maintenance area
OMA operations management application
OMA orbiter maintenance area
OMAS operations management application software
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OMBUU orbiter midbody umbilical unit
OMCF operations and maintenance control file
OMCF Orbiter Maintenance and Checkout Facility
OMCS operations and maintenance communications system
OMD operations and maintenance documentation
OMDR operations and maintenance data record
OME orbital maneuvering engine
OME orbiter main engine
OMET orbiter mission elapsed time
OMEWG Orbiter Maintenance Engineering Working Group
OMGA operations management ground application
OMI operations and maintenance instruction
OMIJC operations and maintenance instruction job card
OMISS operation and maintenance instruction summary sheet
OMK orbiter mission kit
OML orbiter mold line
OML outer mold line
OMMH orbiter maintenance man-hour
OMP operating maintenance plan
OMP operations and maintenance plan
OMPR operational maintainability problem reporting
OMPT observed mass point trajectory
OMR operations and maintenance requirement
OMR operations management room
OMR orbiter management review
OMRB Operating Material Review Board
OMRC operational maintenance requirements catalog
OMRF Orbiter Maintenance and Refurbishment Facility
OMRF Orbiter Modification and Refurbishment Facility
OMRP operations and maintenance requirements plan
OMRS operations and maintenance requirements and specifications
OMRS operations and maintenance requirements system
OMRSCB Operations and Maintenance Requirements and Control Board
OMRSD operations and maintenance requirements and specifications document
OMS operations management system
OMS orbital maneuvering system (subsystem)
OMSP operational maintenance support plan
OMU optical measuring unit
OMV orbital maneuvering vehicle
OMV oxygen manual valve
ONBT orbiter neutral buoyancy trainer
OND operator need date
ONR Office of Naval Research
ONSCOSTS operation and support costs model
OOD object-oriented data base
OOD object-oriented design
OOD orbiter on dock
OODP out-of-detent pitch
OODR out-of-detent roll
OOH Orbital Operations Handbook
OOMM Organizational Operations and Maintenance Manual
OOP out of position
OOR on-orbit review
OOS on-orbit station
OOS orbit-to-orbit Shuttle
OOS orbit-to-orbit stage
OOSD on-orbit support document
OOSD orbital operations support document
OOSDP on-orbit station distribution panel
OOSS on-orbit support system
OOT out of tolerance
OP operating procedure
OP oxygen purge
OP&R operations planning and requirements
OPA operations planning analysis
OPB oxidizer preburner
OPBOV oxidizer preburner oxidizer valve
OPBS orbiter payload bay simulator
OPD optical path difference
OPDAR optical detection and ranging
OPE operational processing equipment
OPE other project element
OPEIU Office and Professional Employees International Union
OPF Orbiter Processing Facility
OPGUID optimum guidance technique
OPI operations procedure instruction
OPI orbiter payload interrogator
OPIDF operational planning identification file
OPIS orbiter prime item specification
OPL open problem list
OPL orbiter project parts list
OPLF Orbiter Processing and Landing Facility
OPM Operations Procedure Manual
OPM outer planet mission
OPO Orbiter Project Office
OPOV oxidizer preburner oxidizer valve
OPP other physical principles
OPPAR orbiter project parts authorization request
OPPG operating program (DIU)
OPPS operations planning and project support
OPR office of primary responsibility
OPR operations planning review
OPR orbiter payload recorder
OPR oxygen pressure regulator
OPRV oxygen pressure relief valve
OPS operational sequence
OPS orbiter project schedule
OPS oxygen purge system
OPSDB operations data base
OPSDBA operations data base administrator
OPSS orbital propellant storage subsystem
OPT operational pressure transducer
OPTB operational program time base
OPWS orbital payload work station
OR operational right DSC or MDM
OR operations requirement
OR operations review
OR operations room
OR outer roll
OR oxygen relief
ORA operational requirements analysis
ORACLES optical regulator algorithms for the control
ORAM output random access memory
ORB Operations Review Board
ORC operations request card
ORCHIS Oak Ridge computerized hierarchical information system
ORCUS orbital recording capability and update system
ORD operational readiness data
ORD operational ready data
ORD operations requirements document
ORD orbital requirements document
ORE output request element
OREO OMS/RCS engineering officer
ORI operational readiness inspection
Orion communications satellite for service over the Atlantic Ocean
ORLA optimum repair level analysis
ORP OFS retransmission processor
ORR operational readiness review
ORR operations requirements review
ORR Orroval Valley, Australia (STDN)
ORS orbital refueling system
ORS orbital reservicing system
ORS orbital resupply system
ORSDI Oak Ridge selective dissemination of information
ORT operational readiness test
ORT orbit readiness test
ORU orbital replaceable unit
ORU orbital replacement unit
ORV orbital research vehicle
OS on-orbit station
OS operating software
OS operating system
OS orbiter CEI specification
OSA operational support area
OSC Operations Support Center
OSC Operations Support Contract
OSC optical signatures code
OSCF Operations Support Computing Facility
OSCN orbiter specification change notice
OSCR orbiter software change request
OSCRS orbital spacecraft consumables resupply system
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSDH Orbiter System Definition Handbook
OSE operating support equipment
OSE orbital support equipment
OSE orbiter support equipment
OSE other support equipment
OSEC operations security
OSES operation support equipment/software
OSF orbiter simulation facility
OSF ordnance storage facility
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Act
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSHA operating and support hazard analysis
OSI open system interconnect
OSI open systems interconnection
OSID operating system interface definition
OSLM operations shop or lab manager
OSM on-orbit spares model
OSM operational status monitoring
OSM orbiter service module
OSMP operational support maintenance plan
OSO ocean systems operation
OSO orbiting solar observatory
OSOP orbiter systems operating procedure
OSR operations support room
OSR optical surface reflector
OSRBD operational software reliability benchmark development
OSS Office of Space Sciences
OSS operational SDI system
OSS optics subsystem
OSS orbiting space station
OSSA Office of Space Sciences and Applications
OSSIU orbiter-Space Station interface unit
OSSRH Orbiter Subsystem Requirements Handbook
OST Operations Support Team (GSFC)
OST orbiter support trolley
OSTA Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications
OSTDS Office of Space Tracking and Data Systems
OSTF off-site test facility
OSTO Office of Space Transportation Operations
OSTP orbiting system test plan
OSTS Office of Space Transportation Systems
OT offensive threat
OT operating time
OT operational instrumentation MDM tank
OT operational test
OT operational trajectory
OT optical tracker
OT out temperature
OT overtime
OT&E operational test and evaluation
OT&E optical test and evaluation
OTA operational trajectory analysis
OTA optical telescope assembly
OTB orbiting tanker base
OTC optical test chamber
OTC orbiter test conductor
OTD operational technical documentation
OTD orbiter test director
OTDA Office of Tracking and Data Acquisition
OTE optical test and evaluation
OTE orbital transfer equipment
OTEC Operational Test and Evaluation Center
OTF operational time fraction
OTF optical transfer function
OTH over the horizon (radar)
OTH-B over-the-horizon backscatter
OTK oxidizer tank
OTL ordnance test laboratory
OTLC orbiter time line constraint
OTM output transformation matrix
OTO one time only
OTOS orbit-to-orbit stage
OTP operational test procedure
OTP operations turnaround plan
OTR operating time record
OTS off the shelf
OTS orbital test system
OTS orbital transfer system
OTS orbiter transfer system
OTT optional team targeting
OTV operational television
OTV orbit test vehicle
OTV orbital transfer vehicle
OUP OFS uplink processor
OUSDR&E Office of the Undersecretary of Defense, Engineering
OUT orbiter utility tray
OV orbiter vehicle
OV oxygen vent
OVCO Operational Voice Communication Office
OVDS oxidizer vent drain system
OVEI orbiter vehicle end item
OVI operational validation inspection
OW optical window
OW order wire
OWD one-way Doppler
OWDE one-way Doppler extraction
OWF optimum working frequency
P precision navigation signal
P protected signal
P roll rate (angular rate)
P&C Procurement and Contracts (MSFC)
P&D panels and displays
P&E pricing and estimating
P&E propellant and explosive
P&I performance and interface
P&LRP productivity and long-range planning
P&M production and maintenance
P&MD productivity and manufacturing development
P&P policies and procedures
P&PQ productivity and product quality
P&PQI productivity and product quality improvement
P&PQIC Productivity and Product Quality Improvement Council
P&Q productivity and quality
P&R performance and resources
P&SM procurement and subcontract management
P&TE packaging and transport engineering
P&VE propulsion and vehicle engineering
P(Ls) probability of launch success
P/A pressure-actuated
P/A problem analysis
P/B piggyback
P/B playback electronics
P/C pay code
P/CI payload/cargo integration
P/L parts list
P/L payload
P/L postlanding
P/L purchased labor
P/N part number
P/O provisioning order
P/OF pinhole/occulter facility
P/P patch panel
P/P prelaunch and postlanding
P/P printer/plotter
P/PL primary payload
P/S parallel to serial
P/S power supply
P/T prototype
P/W password
P/Y pitch/yaw
P2I preplanned productivity increase
P3I preplanned product improvement
P3I preplanned production improvement
PA pad abort
PA paging and area warning
PA power amplifier
PA precision angle
PA primary amplifier
PA product assurance
PA public address
PA public affairs
PA pulse amplifier
PAA Pan American Airlines
PAA problem assessment area
PABF Precision Air Bearing Facility
PAC postaward conference
PAC pressure alpha center
PAC probe aerodynamic center
PAC Problem Action Center
PAC program analyzer console
PACA payload accommodation configuration assessment
PACAS personnel access control accountability system
PACC PERT-associated cost control
PACC Problem Action Control Center
PACCS postattack command control system
PACE power and control electronics
PACE prelaunch automatic checkout equipment
PACE producible alternative to cadmium-telluride epitaxy
PACE product acceptance configuration element
PACK payload active cooling kit
PACO parts control
PACO prelaunch automatic checkout
PACRUSS passive and active control of space structures
PACS pointing and attitude control system
PAD preliminary advisory data (crew data uplink)
PAD program approval document
PAD propellant acquisition device
PAD pulse amplitude detector
PADS problem action data system
PADSIM precision attitude determination simulation
PAE preventive action engineer
PAE problem assessment engineering
PAF payload attach fitting
PAF peak annual funding
PAFB Patrick Air Force Base
PAH Payload Accommodations Handbook
PAIS product assurance information system
PAL lower port pressure
PAL parts authorization list
PALAPA Indonesian communication satellite
PALS photo area and location system
PALS precision approach and landing system
PAM payload assist module
PAM propulsion avionics module
PAM pulse amplifier modulation
PAM pulse amplitude modulation
PAM500 payload assist module, test equipment
PAM-A payload assist module, Atlas-Centaur class
PAMB pressure ambient
PAM-D payload assist module, Delta class
PAN polyacrylonitrile
PAN probabilistic analysis network
PAO Public Affairs Office (NASA)
PAP payload accommodation plan
PAP payload adapter plate
PAP personnel assurance program
PAP product assurance plan
PAPI precision approach path indicator
PAPL project-approved parts list
PAR planning action request
PAR precision approach radar
PAR problem accountability record
PAR problem action report
PAR problem action request
PAR product acceptance review
PARB Problem Assessment Review Board
PARS property accountability record system
PARS property accounting and reporting system
PAS payload accommodation study
PAS primary alerting system
PAS problem assessment system
PAS productivity, affordability, and supportability
PASR problem analysis status report
PASS planning and scheduling system
PASS primary avionics and software subsystem
PASS primary avionics software system
PAT problem action team
PAT production acceptance test
PATE performance analysis, test, and evaluation
PATH performance analysis and test history
PATH postflight attitude and trajectory history
PATHS precursor above-the-horizon sensor
PATP preliminary authority to proceed
PATRAN trademark of Prototype Development Associates Engineering
PATS payload avionics test station
PATS program for analysis of time series
PAU probe aerodynamic upper
PAU upper port pressure
PAV pressure-actuated valve
Pave Paws ground radar for SLBM detection
PAW plasma arc welding
PAWS personal Atlas work station
PB phonetically balanced
PB playback
PB preburner
PB push button
PBAN polybutadiene arcylonitrile
PBD payload bay door
PBDF payload bay door forward
PBDM payload bay door mechanism
PBI polybenzimidezole
PBI push-button indicator
PBIC programmable buffer interface card
PBIM programmable buffer interface module
PBK payload bay kit
PBL payload bay liner
PBM program business management
PBP preburner pump
PBPS postboost propulsion system
PBS payload berthing system
PBS program breakdown structure
PBS protective breathing system
PbS lead sulfide
PBTS payload bay transfer system
PBV postboost vehicle
PBW particle-beam weapon
PBW proportional bandwidth
PBX private branch exchange (telephone)
PC personal computer
PC propulsive consumables
PC pulsating current
PC phase coherent
PC photoconductive
PC pitch circle
PC pitch control
PC plane change
PC printed circuit
PC program counter
PC project control
Pc chamber pressure
Pc complexity factor
PC&PM program control and performance management
PCA performance coverage analyzer
PCA physical configuration audit
PCA pitch control assembly
PCA pneumatic control assembly
PCA point of closest approach
PCA polar cap absorption
PCA power conditioning assembly
PCA power controller assembly
PCA production configuration audit
PCAM punched-card accounting machine
PCASS program compliance assurance and status system
PCB Parts Control Board
PCB polyvinyl chloride-bromide (toxic transformer coolant)
PCB power circuit breaker
PCB power control box
PCB printed circuit board
PCB product configuration baseline
PCB Program Change Board
PCC pad control center
PCC payload control and checkout
PCC production control center
PCCB Program Change Control Board
PCCB Program Configuration Control Board
PCCE payload common communication equipment
PCCM program change control management
PCCN provisioning contract control number
PCCP preliminary contract change proposal
PCD procurement control document
PCDU payload command decoder unit
PCE power conditioning electronics
PCE power conditioning equipment
PCF payload control facility
PCG Parts Control Group
PCG phonocardiogram
PCG protein crystal growth
PCI peripheral controller interface
PCI procedure change instruction
PCI program-controlled input
PCIL pilot-controlled instrument landing
PCIN program change identification number
PCK payload command kit
PCL power control list
PCL primary coolant line
PCL primary coolant loop
PCL programming checklist
PCM parts control management
PCM photoelectric cell module
PCM pitch control motor
PCM plane change mechanism
PCM power control mission
PCM pulse code modulation
PCM pulse code modulator
PCM punch card machine
PCMD pulse code modulation, digital
PCME pulse code modulation event
PCMMU pulse code modulation master unit
PCMP Parts Control Management Program
PCMR probability of correct message receipt
PCMS pulse code modulation, shared
PCMU programmable control and monitor unit
PCN page change notice
PCN polyester-coated nylon
PCN program change notice
PCN program control number
PCO postcheckout
PCO postcheckout operations
PCO principal contracting officer
PCO Procuring Contracting Office
PCO procuring contracting officer
PCO program contracting officer
PCO program control officer
PCO program-controlled output
PCOT payload center operations team
PCP power control panel
PCP program change proposal
PCP project change proposal
PCP project cost plan
PCPAS Patriot command post automation system
PCPL proposed change-point line
PCR payload changeout room
PCR payload checkout room
PCR payload clean room
PCR power change request
PCR procedure change request
PCR program change request
PCR project control room
PCR publication change request
PCRB Program Change Review Board (Rockwell launch operations)
PCRB Project Change Review Board
PCRS payload cover removal system
PCRS performance and cost report system
PCS Pacific command ship
PCS primary control station
PCS primary coolant system
PCS probability of crew safety
PCS procedure completion sheet
PCS program control system
PCS project control system
PCS payload checkout system
PCS payload control subsystem
PCS payload control supervisor
PCS performance control system
PCS planning and control system
PCS pointing control system
PCS power conversion system
PCS pressure control system
PCT process control table
PCTC Payload Crew Training Complex
PCTE portable commercial test equipment
PCTO payload cost tradeoff optimization
PCTR pad connection terminal room
PCU payload checkout unit
PCU power condition unit
PCU power conditioning unit
PCU power control unit
PCU power conversion unit
PCU pressure control unit
PCU process control unit
PCV precheck verification
PCV purge control valve
PCVB pyro continuity verification box
PCVL pilot-controlled visual landing
PCZ physical control zone
PD dependency factor
PD program directive
PD project directive
PD project director
PD propellant dispersal
PD pitch diameter
PD pitch down
PD policy directive
PD potential difference
PD preliminary design
PD probability of detection
PD procurement drawing
PD program development
Pd dependency factor
PD&RS payload deployment and retrieval subsystem
PD/ID probability of detection and identification
PDA parallel data adapter
PDA payload disconnect assembly
PDA percent defect allowed
PDA post-DDT&E assessment
PDA precision drive axis
PDA propellant drain area
PDA pump drive assembly
PDAR program description and requirements
PDB performance data book
PDB power distribution box
PDB project development brochure
PDC power distribution control
PDC predefined command
PDC procurement document change
PDCM product data control model
PDCS power distribution and control subsystem
PDCU power distribution and control unit
PDD payload description document
PDD program definition document
PDD program description document
PDE process directory entry
PDES product data exchange specification
PDES product data exchange standard
PDF pocket dosimeter FEMA
PDF probability density function
PDGF power data grapple fixture
PDH pocket dosimeter high
PDI payload data interleaver
PDL pocket dosimeter low
PDL procedure distribution list
PDL Product Development Laboratory
PDL program description language
PDL program design language
PDLAC preliminary dynamic loads analysis cycle
PDLC preliminary design load cycle
PDM payload deployment module
PDM probe data model
PDM processor data monitor
PDM pulse duration modulation
PDOP position dilution of precision
PDP payload data pack
PDP postinsertion deorbit preparation
PDP preliminary definition plan
PDP procurement data package
PDP program development plan
PDP project definition phase
PDR preliminary data requirements
PDR preliminary design review
PDR processed data recorder
PDR program design review
PDR program director's review
PDRD procurement data requirements description
PDRD procurement data requirements document
PDRD program data requirement document
PDRD program definition and requirements document
PDRL preliminary design requirements list
PDRL procurement data requirements list
PDRM payload deployment and retrieval mechanism
PDRR payload design requirements review
PDRS payload data and retrieval system
PDRS payload deployment and retrieval system
PDRSS payload deployment and retrieval system simulation
PDRSS payload deployment and retrieval system simulator
PDS package data system
PDS paradynamic sketch
PDS partitioned data set
PDS pathfinder demonstration satellite
PDS power distribution system
PDS problem data system
PDS product distribution subsystem
PDS production data sheet
PDS pyrotechnic device simulator
PdSi palladium silicide
PDT payload data tape
PDT product development team
PDU pilot display unit
PDU power drive unit
PDU pressure distribution unit
PDU pulse detection unit
PDV premodulation processor, deep-space voice
PDV pressure disconnect valve
PE parity error
PE payload element
PE plasma effects
PE processing element
PE program element
PE program exception
PE project engineering
PE project engineer
PEA payload electronics assembly
PEA preliminary environmental analysis
PEAP personal egress air pack
PEAR program explanation analysis required
PEB Performance Evaluation Board
PEB program element breakdown
PEC proposal evaluation criteria
PECP preliminary engineering change proposal
PEDB payload engineering data base
PEFU payload effects follow-up study
PEG powered explicit guidance
PEGASUS preliminary expert ground analysis scheduler
PEIR project equipment inspection record
PEM plant engineering and maintenance
PEO Project Engineering Office
PEP peak envelope power
PEP plant engineering procedure
PEP power extension package
PEP Proposal Evaluation Panel
PER preliminary engineering report
PERP Parts and Equipment Reliability Program
PERT program evaluation and review technique
PERT-NAP PERT network automatic plotting
PES photoelectric scanner
PET performance enhancement team
PET performance/endurance tradeoff
PET phase elapsed time
PET production environmental test
PET program elapsed time
PETA performance evaluation and trend analysis
PETN petaerythrite tetranitrate
PETS Performance Endurance Tradeoff Study
PF parachute facility
PF payload forward
PF payload function
PF power factor
PF powered flight
PF prime function
PF probability of failure
PF pulse frequency
PFA Palmdale final assembly
PFA probability of false alarm
PFB payload feedback
PFB payload forward bus
PFB position feedback
PFB pressure-fed booster
PFC performance flight certification
PFC postflight checklist
PFC power factor corrector
PFC preliminary flight configuration
PFCF Payload Flight Control Facility
PFCS primary flight control system
PFF postfactory functional
PFK payload function key
PFL primary Freon loop
PFL Propulsion Field Laboratory (Rocketdyne)
PFM pulse frequency modulation
PFN pulse forming network
PFP powered flight program
PFP probability of performance failure
PFP program financial plan
PFP programmable function panel
PFR portable foot restraint
PFRT preliminary flight rating test
PFRX preflight relmat (X-l, 2, 3 . . . 9 or A, B, C . . . Z)
PFS percent full scale
PFS primary flight software
PFS primary flight system
PFT postflight testing
PFTA payload flight test article
PFV probability of failure of vehicle
PG power generation
PG pressure gauge
PGA power generating assembly
PGA pressure garment assembly
PGA programmable gain amplifier
PGC plant growth chamber
PGD&CS power generation, distribution, and control subsystem
PGHM payload ground handling mechanism
PGNCS primary guidance, navigation, and control system
PGOC Payload Ground Operations Contract (contractor)
PGOR payload ground operations requirement
PGORS Payload Ground Operations Requirements Study
PGR planning ground rule (Spacelab)
PGS power generation system (subsystem)
PGSC payload and general-support computer
PGSE payload ground support equipment
PGU plant growth unit
PGU power generating unit
PGWG Particles and Gases Working Group
PH personal hygiene
pH hydrogen-ion concentration (alkalinity)
PHA preliminary hazard analysis
PHD payload handling device
PHF parts history file
PHF payload handling fixture
PHF personal hygiene facility
PHK personal hygiene kit
PHMC probe heater motor controller
PHP payload handling panel
PHP planetary horizontal platform
PHRR payload high-rate recorder
PHS payload handling station
PHS payload handling system
PHS&T packaging, handling, storage, and transportation
PHSF Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility
PHST packaging, handling, storage, and transportation
PHTR packaging, handling, and transportation record
PI payload interrogator
PI preliminary investigation
PI principal investigator
PI procurement item
PI program introduction
PI&A personnel identification and authentication
PIA payload interface adapter
PIA preinspection acceptance
PIA preinstallation acceptance
PIA project impact analysis
PIAPACS psychophysical information acquisition, pontrol system
PIAR project impact analysis report
PIB Pyrotechnic Installation Building
PIC Payload Integration Center
PIC Payload Integration Committee
PIC performance indicator chart
PIC preinstallation checkout
PIC programmable interval clock
PIC pyrotechnic initiator circuit
PIC pyrotechnic initiator controller
PICC payload interface control computer
PICP program interface control plan
PICRS program information control and retrieval system
PICRS program information coordination and review service
PICS photo index and cataloging system
PICS predefined input control sequence
PID prime item development
PID program information document
PID program introduction document
PID proportional-integral-derivative
PIDA payload installation and deployment aid
PIDP product initialization data pack
PIDS portable image display system
PIE payload integration equipment
PIE payload interface engineer
PIECP preliminary impact engineering change proposal
PIF payload integration facility
PIGA pendulous integrating gyroscopic accelerometer
PII procurement instrument identification
PIIN procurement instrument identification number
PILOT program integration and loading tool
PILS payload integration library system
PILS payload interactive library system
PIM payload integration manager
PIM planning interchange meeting
PIM pulse interval modulation
PIMR program integration management review
PIN personal identification number
PINCH payload integration nominal cost hardware
PIND particle impact and noise detection
PIND particle impact noise detection
PIO pilot-induced oscillation
PIO Program Integration Office
PIO provisioned item order
PIO Public Information Office (MSFC)
PIOL periodic input/output link
PIOP payload integration operations plan
PIP payload integration plan
PIP payload interface plan
PIP personnel incentive program
PIP plant instrumentation program
PIP production instrumentation package
PIP project implementation plan
PIP pyro interception plug
PIPA pulse-integrating pendulum accelerometer
PIPA pulse-integrating pendulum assembly
PIPA pulsed integrating pendulous accelerometer
PIR programming information requirement
PIRCS payload interactive requirements collection system
PIRD project instrumentation requirement document
PIRN preliminary interface revision notice
PIRN proposed interface revision notice
PIT passive intermediate tracker
PIT payload integration thermal
PIT preinstallation test
PITG Payload Integration Task Group
PITS payload integration test set
PITS payload interface test system
PIU power interface unit
PIU pyrotechnic initiator unit
PIV peak inverse voltage
PIVR payload interface verification requirement
PIVS payload integration and verification simulator
PIVS payload interface verification summary
pixel picture element
PK probability of kill
PKD programmable keyboard and display
PKM perigee kick motor
PL parting line
PL payload
PL postlanding
PL power level
PL prelaunch
PL private line
PL propellant loading
PLA parachute location aid
PLACE position location aircraft communications equipment
PLAN payload activity network
PLB payload bay
PLBD payload bay door
PLC power line carrier
PLC pressurized logistics carrier
PLC programmable logic controller
PLC propellant loading console
PLCC Payload Launch Control Center
PLCI pressurized logistics carrier interface
PLD program listing document
PLDF payload data file
PLH payload handling
PLHX payload heat exchanger
PLI propellant-level indicator
PLIC payload intelligent controller
PLIM payload installation mechanism
PLIM propellant linear insulation matrix
PLIMHR payload integration management hardware review
PLIMR payload integration management review
PLINS payload integration schedule
PLISN provisioning list item sequence number
PLL phase lock loop
PLM payload management
PLM payload monitoring
PLMS program logistics master schedule
PLN program logic network
PLOS probe line of sight
PLPS propellant loading and pressurization system
PLRV payload launch readiness verification
PLS payload simulator
PLS payload system
PLS personnel launch system
PLS postlanding and safing
PLS primary landing site
PLS propellant loading system
PLSL propellants and life support laboratory
PLSP payload signal processor
PLSR postlaunch service review
PLSS portable life support system
PLT production lead time
PLTS precision laser tracking system
PLU position location uncertainty
PLV payload vehicle
PLV postlanding valve
PLV postlanding ventilation
PLVC postlanding vent control
PM payload management
PM preventive maintenance
PM Procurement Management
PM program management
PM program manager
PM project manager
PM propulsion module
PM pulse modulation
PM payload midbody
PM payload module
PM performance management
PM performance monitor
PM permanent magnet
PM phase modulation
PM phase monitor
PM Policy Manual
Pm maturity factor
PM&P parts, materials, and processes
PMA performance monitor annunciator
PMA preliminary mission analysis
PMAC portable multipurpose applications console
PMAD performance monitor annunciation driver
PMAD power management and distribution
PMALS preliminary miniature air-launched system
PMAP performance monitor annunciation panel
PMAT page map address table
PMATS performance managing and tracking system
PMB performance management baseline
PMB performance measurement baseline
PMC payload monitoring control
PMC permanently manned capability
PMC plutonia-molybdenum cermet
PMC procurement method code
PMD Palmdale (TACAN station)
PMD power management and distribution
PMD propellant management device
PMDM payload multiplexer/demultiplexer
PMEL Precision Measurements Equipment Laboratory
PMF performance monitor function
PMF perigee motor firing
PMF program management facility
PMG Parts Management Group
PMHL preferred measurement hardware list
PMI preventive maintenance instruction
PMI principal maintenance inspector
PMIA parallel multiplexer interface adapter
PMIR program manager's integration review
PMIS personal management information system
PML preliminary materials list
PMM planetary mission module
PMM Property Management Manual
PMMD programmable magnetic momentum dump
PMN program management network
PMO Program Management Office
PMO program management organization
PMOM Performance Management Operating Manual
PMOMI preventive maintenance OMI
PMON performance management operations network
PMP parts, materials, and processes
PMP performance management package
PMP prelaunch monitor program
PMP preliminary mission plan
PMP premodulation processor
PMP program management plan
PMPAG PMP Advisory Group
PMPCB Parts, Materials, and Processes Control Board
PMPCB PMP Change Board
PMPL preferred mechanical parts list
PMPS program management performance system
PMR Pacific Missile Range
PMR parts material request
PMR payload manifest review
PMR payload manifesting review
PMR payload mixing review
PMR performance measurement report
PMR program management review
PMR program manager's review
PMRB Primary Material Review Board
PMRR premanufacturing readiness review
PMS payload mounting structure
PMS performance management system
PMS performance measurement system
PMS performance monitoring system
PMS power management system
PMS program management system
PMS program master schedule
Pms probability of mission success
PMT planning and management team
PMT production monitoring test
PMU plaster mockup
PMU pressure measuring unit
PMV permanent manned vehicle
PMWO preventive maintenance work order
PMYK program manager YK (AF)
PN part number
PN pseudonoise
PNA plan of action
PND passive nutation damper
PND premodulation processor, near-Earth data
PNP prenegotiation position
PNS parabolized Navier-Stokes
PNW program notes and waivers
PO postorbit
PO power on
PO power oscillator
PO project office
PO purchase order
POA plan of action
POC Payload Operations Center
POC point of contact
POC proof of concept
POC purchase order closeout
POCC Payload Operations Control Center
POCN purchase order change notice
POD parameter override display
POD Payload Operations Division (JSC)
POD precision orbit determination
POD production operations directive
PODTG Precision Orbit Determination Task Group
POE pilot operational equipment
POE port of embarkation
POGO Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POGS polar-orbiting geomagnetic survey
POI power-on/off interrupt
POI product of inertia
POI program of instruction
POIC Payload Operations Integration Center
POID power-on/off interrupt delay
POL petroleum, oil, and lubricants
POLAR production order location and record
POLAR production order location and reporting
POM pallet-only mode
POM printer output microfilm
POMS probability of mission success
POMT planning operations management team
POP perpendicular to orbit plane
POP polar-orbiting platform
POP preburner oxidizer pump
POP preflight operations procedure
POP prelaunch operations plan
POP program operating plan
POPU push-over/pull-up
POR point of resolution
POR power-on reset
POR purchase order request
PORB Production Operations Review Board
PORCN production order records change notice
PORD performance and operations requirements document
PORR preliminary operations requirements review
POS portable oxygen system
POS probability of sufficiency
POST payload operations support team
POST Program To Optimize Simulated Trajectories
POT proof of technology
POT proximity operations trainer
POV peak operating voltage
POV pneumatically operated valve
POV proximity operations vehicle
POWG Payload Operations Working Group
POWG Payload Orbital Working Group
POWS project operating work statement
PP partial pressure
PP peak to peak
PP planning package
PP power plant
PP premodulation processor
PP push-pull
P-P peak to peak
PP&C program planning and control
PP&C project planning and control
PP&LS production planning and logistics support
PP&WC process planning and work control
PPA power pitch-around
PPB program performance baseline
PPB provisioning parts breakdown
ppb parts per billion
PPC Payload Preparation Complex
PPC phased provisioning code
PPC preprocessing center
PPCO2 CO2 partial pressure
PPCP postprocessing computer program
PPCU partial payload checkout unit
PPD power pitch-down
PPD predefined process diagram
PPE phase partitioning experiment
PPE premodulation processor equipment
PPEP plasma physics and environmental perturbation
PPF payload processing facility (USAF)
PPF primary processing facility
pph pounds per hour
PPI plan position indicator
PPI proposal preparation instruction
PPI pulse position indicator
PPIL priced provisioned item list
PPL planning parts list
PPL preferred parts list
PPL priced parts list
PPL production payload
PPL program parts list
PPL provisioning parts list
PPM payload project manager
PPM pulse position modulation
ppm parts per million
ppm parts per minute
ppm pulses per minute
PPME Pacific plate motion experiment
PPMS project performance measurement system
PPO preferred provider organization
PPO2 oxygen partial pressure
PPP payload patch panel
PPP peak pulse power
PPQIC Productivity and Product Quality Improvement Council
PPR payload preparation room
PPR program planning review
PPRB Preliminary Proposal Review Board
PPS partial-pressure suit
PPS payload pointing system
PPS pneumatic power subsystem
PPS primary propulsion system
PPS printer/plotter system
PPS product performance system
PPS provisioning performance schedule
PPS pulses per second
pps pulses per second
PPSL program parts selection list
PPT prelaunch package test
PQA procurement quality assurance
PQC procurement quality control
PQC Product Quality Council
PQE procurement quality engineering
PQGS propellant quantity gauging system
PQIC Product Quality Improvement Council
PQIC Productivity and Quality Improvement Council
PQT preliminary qualification test
PR partially reusable
PR purchase request
PR performance report
PR position record
PR pressure ratio
PR pressure regulator
PR problem report
PR procurement regulation
PR program requirement
PR pulse rate
PRA precession axis
PRACA problem reporting and corrective action
PRACA problem reporting, analysis, and corrective action
PRB Panel Review Board
PRB Parachute Refurbishment Building
PRB Paso Robles (TACAN station)
PRB Program Review Board
PRB program requirements baseline
PRCB Program Requirements Change Board
PRCB Program Requirements Control Board
PRCB Program Review Control Board
PRCBD Program Requirements Control Board directive
PRCS primary reaction control system
PRD payload requirements document
PRD personal radiation dosimeter
PRD preliminary requirements document
PRD procurement regulation directive
PRD procurement requirements document
PRD program requirements document
PRD project requirements document
PRDA program research and development announcement
PRE personal rescue enclosure
PRE power regulation equipment
PreSOP Preliminary Sizing Optimization Program
PRF pulse repetition frequency
PRIS payload remote integration system
PRL page revision log
PRL payload retention latch
PRL priority rate limiting
PRLA payload retention latch actuator
PRLA payload retention latch assembly
PRM payload retention mechanism
PRM performance and reliability module
PRM pocket radiation meter
PRM posigrade rocket motor
PRM pulse rate modulation
PRMO producibility, reliability, maintainability, and
PRN program release notice
PRN pseudorandom noise
PRN pulse ranging navigation
PRO planning resident order
PROFS professional office systems
PROM programmable read-only memory
PROMIS project-oriented management information system
PRP personnel reliability program
PRP program redefinition proposal
PRPS programming requirements process specification
PRR parts replacement request
PRR parts rework or replacement
PRR preflight readiness review
PRR preliminary requirements review
PRR production readiness review
PRR program requirements review
PRR project requirements review
PRR pulse repetition rate
PRRB Payload Requirements Review Board
PRS payload retention system (subsystem)
PRS personal rescue system
PRS personnel rescue service
PRS power reactant subsystem
PRS precision ranging system
PRS preliminary requirements specification
PRS primary recovery site
PRS primary rescue site
PRS provisioning requirements statement
PRSA power reactant storage assembly
PRSD power reactant storage and distribution
PRSDS power reactant storage and distribution system
PRSS problem report squawk sheet
PRT pulse repetition time
PRTLS powered return to launch site
PRV pressure-reducing valve
PS parachute system (subsystem)
PS probability of success
PS production sheet
PS payload specialist
PS payload station
PS payload support
PS pointing subsystem
PS power supply
PS pressure switch
PS primary structure
PS prime select
Ps probability of survival
PSA payload service area
PSA producibility, supportability, and affordability
PSA payload support avionics
PSA postsleep activity
PSA power and servoassembly
PSA power servoamplifier
PSA power switching assembly
PSA preferred storage area
PSA presleep activity
PSA pressure switch assembly
PSAC Presidential Scientific Advisory Committee
PSBLS permanent space-based logistics system
PSC parallel switch control
PSC payload support contractor
PSC planetary spacecraft
PSC Program Support Center
PSC program schedule chart
PSC program support contractor
PSC provide station control
PSCL Propellant Systems Cleaning Laboratory
PSCN preliminary specification change notice
PSCN program support communications network
PSCU power supply control unit
PSD phase-sensitive demodulator
PSD power spectral density
PSD Power Systems Division (division of LTV)
PSD program support document
PSDF Propulsion System Development Facility
PSDP payload station distribution panel
PSDP payload system distribution panel
PSDR planning and scheduling document record
PSDU power and signal distribution unit
PSE payload service equipment
PSE payload support engineer
PSE payload support equipment
PSE peculiar support equipment
PSF point spread function
PSF probability of stress failure
PSF processing and staging facility (SRB)
PSF processing and storage facility (ET)
PSF propellant servicing facility
psf pounds per square foot
PSG Power Subsystem Group
PSI power static inverter
psi pounds per square inch
PSI/SCI preshipment inspection and seller configuration
psia pounds per square inch absolute
psid pounds per square inch differential
PSIG Propulsion Systems Integration Group
psig pounds per square inch gauge
psis pounds per square inch scaled
PSIU power and signal interface unit
PSK phase shift key
PSL pressure seal
PSL Program Support Library
PSL program statement language
PSM phase-sensitive modulation
PSM power storage module
PSM product support manager
PSM propellant storage module
PSM pyro substitute monitor
PSN program schedule network
PSO pad safety officer
PSOC preliminary SAC operational concept
PSOC preliminary system operational concept
PSOP peak side on pressure
PSP payload signal processor
PSP payload specialist panel
PSP payload support plan
PSP planetary scan platform
PSP planetary scan probe
PSP positive static pressure
PSP program support plan
PSP programmable signal processor
PSP project schedule plan
PSPA pressure static probe assembly
PSPL priced spare parts list
PSQ personnel security questionnaire
PSR payload safety review
PSR performance status report
PSR problem status report
PSR production safety review
PSR program status review
PSR project safety review
PSRD program support requirements document
PSRR preliminary systems requirements review
PSRS plant service recall system
PSS pad safety supervisor
PSS propulsion support system
PSS payload specialist station
PSS payload status system
PSS payload support system
PSS performance summary system
PSS planning and scheduling system
PSS portable survival shelter
PSS propellant supply subsystem
PSS propulsion subsystem
PSSP payload specialist station panel
PSSR performance status summary report
PSSR performance status summary review
PSSS packet scan status stack
PSST periodic significant scheduled task
PSSU patch survey and switching unit
PST point source transmission
PST point source transmittance
PST preliminary systems test
PSTL pressure model static and transient launch configuration
PSU power switching unit
PSV photographic spatial volume
PSV planetary space vehicle
PSV probability of vehicle success
PSW program status word
PT Advanced Planning and Technology Office (KSC)
PT product team
PT productivity team
PT propulsion test
PT paper tape
PT part task
PT pitch trim
PT pneumatic tube
PT point of tangency
PT power transfer
PT pressure transducer
PT primary target
PTA pointing and tracking assembly
PTA posttest analysis
PTA property transfer authorization
PTA propulsion test article
PTAS performance trend analysis system
PTB payload timing buffer
PTC passive thermal conditioning
PTC passive thermal control
PTC portable temperature controller
PTCC Propulsion Test Control Center
PTCR pad terminal connection room
PTCS passive thermal control system
PTCS planning, training, and checkout system
PTCS pointing, tracking, and control system
PTCS propellant tanking computer system
PTD preliminary technical directive
PTD provisioning technical documentation
PTDDSS PTD data selection sheet
PTI preliminary test information
PTI programmed test input
PTIS programmed test input system
PTL potential termination liability
PTM pulse time modulation
PTO power test operation
PTR preliminary test report
PTR program technical review
PTR program trouble report
PTS payload test set
PTS payload transportation system
PTSF payload trunnion support fixture
PtSi platinum silicide
PTT push to talk
PTU pan and tilt unit
PTV pathfinder test vehicle
PU pickup
PU power unit
PU production unit
PU propellant unit
PU propellant utilization
PUCS propellant utilization control system
PUGS propellant utilization and gauging system
PUV propellant utilization valve
PV photovoltaic
PV&D purge, vent, and drain
PV/PS pressure vessel and pressure system
PVA preburner valve actuator
PVA propellant valve actuator
PVC polyvinyl chloride
PVC pressure-volume compensated
PVD passive vibration damping
PVD purge, vent, and drain
PVDS propellant vent and drain system
PVED Propulsion and Vehicle Engineering Division
PVLA purchase versus lease analysis
PVR precision voltage reference
PVRD purge, vent, repressurize, and drain
PVT passive visible tracker
PVT preflight verification test
PVT pressure, volume, and temperature
PVT pyrotechnic verification test
PVTCS photovoltaic thermal control system
PVTOS physical vapor transport organic solids
PVWA planned value of work accomplished
PVWS planned value of work scheduled
PW plan washer
PW printed wiring
PW pulse width
PWA Pratt and Whitney Aircraft
PWA printed wiring assembly
PWA private write area
PWA product work authorization
PWB printed wire board
PWB printed wiring board
PWBS program work breakdown structure
PWD proceed with design
PWDS protected wire distribution system
PWM pulse width modulation
PWMD printed wiring master drawing
PWS pricing work statement
PWT propulsion wind tunnel
PWW Project West Wing
PY program year
PYR pyro release
PZT lead, zirconate, titanate
Q heating rate
Q pitch rate
q dynamic pressure
Q&A question and answer
QA quality assurance
QA quality audit
QA&T quality assurance and test
QAC quality assurance chart
QACAD QA corrective action document
QAD Quality Assurance Division (MSFC)
QAFM QA Forms Manual
Q-alpha pitch dynamic pressure
QAM QA Manual
QAOP QA operating procedure
QAP QA procedure
QAP quality assurance product
QAR quality assurance report
QAVT qualification acceptance vibration test
Q-beta yaw dynamic pressure
QC quality control
QCB queue control block
QCDR QC deficiency report
QCM quartz crystal microbalance
QCOP QC operating procedure
QCS qualified calibration source
QD quick disconnect
QDR qualification design review
QDS quality data system
QE quadrant elevation
QE quality engineer
QE quality engineering
QEC quick engine change
QEL queue element
QFD quality function deployment
QFD quality functional deployment
QGS quantity gauging system
QI quality information
QIC quality information control
QL quick look
QLDS quick-look data station
QLS quick-look station
QM qualification motor
QMS qualification model spacecraft
QPD quality planning document
QPL qualified parts list
QPL qualified products list
QPP quality program plan
QPR quarterly progress report
QPRD quality planning requirements document
QPRD quality program requirements document
QPRH Quality Planning Requirements Handbook
QPS quantity planning specification
QPSD Quality and Productivity Systems Division
QPSK quadrature phase shift key
QQPRI qualitative, quantitative personnel requirements
QRE quick-reaction estimate
QRI quick-reaction integration
QRIA quick-reaction integration activity
QRS qualification review sheet
QRS quartz rate sensor
QRS quick-reaction sortie
QRSL quick-reaction space laboratory
QSA qualification site approval
QSGVT quarter-scale ground vibration test
QSIM queuing simulation
QSL qualified source list
QSM quarter-scale model
QSS quindar scanning system
QT qualification test
QTP qualification test plan
QTP qualification test procedure
QTR qualification test report
QTV qualification test vehicle
QUADS quality achievement data system
QUAL Quality Assurance Division (MSFC)
QUES queueing model for message dissemination
QUI Quito, Ecuador (STDN)
QUIC quality data information and control
QUIC quality information control
QUP quality unit pack
QVT qualified verification testing
QVVT qualified verification vibration testing
R gas constant
R radiometer
R Rankine
R roentgen
R yaw Rankine rate
R BAR radius vector axis
R DOT range rate to target, (+) opening, (-) closing
R IMP minimum range to avoid plume impingement
R&CC recorder and communication control
R&D research and development
R&DO Research and Development Operations (MSFC)
R&E research and engineering
R&M reliability and maintainability
R&P reserve and process
R&PM research and program management
R&QA reliability and quality assurance
R&R remove and replace
R&R rendezvous and recovery
R&S reliability and safety
R&T research and technology
R&Z range and zero
R/A radar altimeter
R/C radio command
R/C rate of climb
R/C remote control
R/D rate of descent
R/E reentry
R/E right-hand engine
R/I receiving inspection
R/L rate limited
R/L remote/local
R/M reliability/maintainability
R/O roll-out
R/R remove and replace
R/S range safety
R/S redundant set
R/T real time
R/T receive/transmit
R/T receiver/transmitter
R/T reference trajectory
R/T room temperature
R/W read/write
R/W runway
R3 rotary reciprocating refrigerator
R3S rapid records retrieval system
RA radar altimeter
RA range area
RA right aft
RA right ascension
RAAB remote amplifier acquisition and advisory box
RAAB remote amplifier and adaptation box
RAAB remote application and advisory box
RAAN right ascension of ascending node
RABF radio astronomy bandstop filter
RAC Reliability Action Center
RACCS remote automatic checkout and calibration system
RACF Resource Access Control Facility
RACS remote automatic calibration system
RACU remote acquisition and control unit
RAD radiation absorbed dose
RAD research and advanced development
RAD roentgen absorbed dosage
RADC Rome Air Development Center
RADCC Radiation Control Center
RADK radiation conduction value
RADOP radiator optimization computer code
RADVS radar altimeter and Doppler velocity sensor
RAE radio astronomy explorer
RAE range, azimuth, and elevation
RAF requirements analysis form
RAG reusable agenda
RAHF-VT Research animal holding facility verification
RAI radar altimeter indicator
RAI review action item
RAI roll attitude indicator
RAJPO Range Application Joint Program Office
RAL responsibility assignment list
RALPH reduction and acquisition of lunar pulse heights
RALT radar altimeter
RAM radar absorption material
RAM random access memory
RAM Reliability Assessment Model
RAM requirements allocation matrix
RAM research and applications module
RAM resource allocation manager
RAM responsibility assignment matrix
RAMA recap and movement authorization
RAMAC random access method of accounting and control
RAMCS remote automatic measuring and calibration system
RAMP replenishment activity management plan
RAMPS resource analysis and mission planning system
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANC radar absorption noise and clutter
RANN research applied to national needs
RAP reliability assurance program
RAP reserve auxiliary payload
RAP responsibility accounting program
RAPCON radar approach and control
RAPP Resource and Planning Program
RAR resource accommodation report
RAS reacquisition sensor
RAS remote access set
RAS requirements accounting system
RAS requirements allocation sheet
RAS reuse all systems
RASM remote analog submultiplexer
RATCC Radar Air Traffic Control Center
RATO rocket-assisted takeoff
RAU remote access unit
RAU remote acquisition unit
RAUIS remote acquisition unit interconnecting station
RAWS role-adaptable weapons system
RAX remote access computing system
RAX remote access terminal
RAZEL range, azimuth, and elevation
RB radar beacon
RB rubber base
RBA radar beacon antenna
RBA recovery beacon antenna
RBC red blood cells
RBC rotating beam ceilometer
RBDE radar bright display equipment
RBE radiation biological effectiveness
RBET relative BET
RBK right bank
RBL right buttock line
RBMT retrospective bibliographies on magnetic tape
RBN radio beacon
RC radio command
RC reverse current
RC rotation control
RC rotational control
RC radio control
RC range command
RC rate command
RC reaction control
RC recovery controller
RC recurring cost
RC reinforced concrete
RC resistance-capacitance
RCA Radio Corporation of America
RCA remote control amplifier
RCAG remote center air-ground
RCB remote circuit breaker
RCC Range Commanders' Council (DOD)
RCC range control center
RCC recovery control center
RCC redundancy connection control
RCC Regional Control Center
RCC reinforced carbon-carbon
RCC reusable carbon-carbon
RCC rough combustion cutoff
RCCA rough combustion cutoff assembly
RCCB remote central circuit breaker
RCCB Rockwell Configuration Control Board
RCCP recorder and communications control panel
RCI request for contract investigation
RCL reliability control level
RCM reliability-centered maintenance
RCN requirements change notice
RCN Rockwell communication network
RCP Radiation Constraints Panel
RCP right circular polarizer
RCR requirements change request
RCR retrofit configuration record
RCS reaction control system (subsystem)
RCS received command sync
RCS reentry control system
RCS requirements collection system
RCSC reaction control subsystem controller
RCU remote control unit
RCVS remote control video switch
RCY remaining cycles
RD radiation detection
RD reference designator
RD released drawing
RD requirements document
RD root diameter
RDA remote data access
RDA resident data area
RDC reference designator code
RDC request for design change
RDC request for document change
RDC request for drawing changes
RDCS reconfiguration data collection system
RDD requirements definition document
RDF radio direction finder
RDF resource data file
RDGS reconfiguration display generation system
RDL reconfigurable design language
RDM real-time data manager
RDO relational data base operator
RDOC reference designation overflow code
RDOS real-time disk operating system
RDP receive and data processor
RDP requirements data plan
RDP requirements development plan
RDR raw data recorder
RDS Rocketdyne digital simulator
RDT&E research, development, test, and evaluation
RDW response data word
RDW return data word
RE resolution element
RE responsible engineer
RE&T research engineering and test
REA rocket engine assembly
REAM rocket engine assembly module
RECON remote console
RECP request for engineering change proposal
RECS representative environmental control system (Shuttle)
REDAC Rockwell electronic design analysis code
REDB Rockwell engineering data base
REFSMMAT reference stable member matrix
REI range from entry interface
REI runway-end identification
REIL runway-end identification lights
RELMAT relative matrix
RELSAT reliability for satellite (equipment in severe environment)
REM release engine module
REM release escape mechanism
REM release-engagement monitor
REM rocket engine module
REM roentgen equivalent man
RETS reconfigurable electrical test stand
REU remote electronics unit
REVS requirements engineering and validation system
RF new risk factor
RF radio frequency
RF right forward
RF risk factor
Rf risk factor
RFA request for action
RFA RF authorization
RFB ready for baseline
RFB request for bid
RFC radio frequency chart
RFC request for change
RFCA radiator and flow control assembly
RFCA radiator flow control assembly
RFCP request for computer program
RFD requirements formulation document
RFDA radio frequency deployed assembly
RFDU radio frequency and digital unit
RFE request for estimate
RFECP request for engineering change proposal
RFEI request for engineering information
RFHA reusable flight hardware authorization
RFI radio frequency interference
RFI remote facility inquiry
RFI remote file inquiry
RFI request for information
RFO request for order
RFP request for program
RFP request for proposal
RFP requirements and formulation phase
RFPA request for proposal authorization
RFQ request for quotation
RFTCP request for test change proposal
RF-TK radio frequency tracking
RFTS radio frequency transmission system
RFU radio frequency unit
RFW request for waiver (deviation)
RG radio guide
RG rate gyro
RGA rate gyro assembly
RGA residual gas analysis
RGAL rate gyro assembly, left SRB
RGAO rate gyro assembly, orbiter
RGAR rate gyro assembly, right SRB
RGP rate gyro package
RGR repairable generator rate
RGRF repair generation rate forecast
RH relative humidity
RH right-hand
RHC remote hand controller
RHC rotational hand controller
RHCP right-hand circular polarization
RHCP right-hand circularly polarized
RHCTO rotational hand controller takeover
RHEB right-hand equipment bay
RHEC radiation-hardened emulating computer
RHFEB right-hand forward equipment bay
RHL residual hazards list
RHP right-hand panel
RHS right-hand side
RHS Rocketdyne hybrid simulator
RHSC right-hand-side console
RHT radiant heat temperature
RHU radioisotope heater unit
RHW response header word
RHW router header word
RI radioisotope
RI record ID
RI register immediate
RIADB Rockwell integrity assurance data base
RIB radioisotope/Brayton
RIB recoverable item breakdown
RIB right inboard
RIC resistance, inductance, and capacitance
RICA Rockwell interdivisional contract agreement
RICC remote intercomputer communications
RICE remote inertial and control equipment
RICMOS radiation-hard inverse CMOS
RICP real-time interactive computer program
RID review item disposition
RIDI receiving inspection detailed instruction
RIDS Rockwell integrated defense simulator
RIE right inboard elevon
RIF relative importance factor
RIG rate integration gyro
RIGA rate-integrating gyro assembly
RIGI receiving inspection general instruction
RIL recoverable items list
RIL repairable items list
RIM resource inventory management
RIMS RIM system
RIMSS Rockwell International modular satellite system
RIPS radar impact prediction system
RIQ Rockwell International quote
RIR reportable items report
RIS reporting identification symbol
RISC Rockwell Integration Support Contract
RISE-C Rockwell International Shuttle equipment cradle
RISKAC risk acceptance
RISNET risk management analysis system
RISOP red integrated strategic operations plan
RIT request for interface tooling
RIU remote interface unit
RJ/EC reaction jet/engine control
RJC reaction jet control
RJD reaction jet device
RJD reaction jet driver
RJDA reaction jet driver aft
RJDF reaction jet driver forward
RJE remote job entry
RJOD reaction jet/OMS driver
RL reimaging lens
RL return link
RLA repair-level analysis
RLC remote load controller
RLE responsible lab engineer
RLEO request for liaison engineering order
RLG ring laser gyro
RLT return line tether
RM redundancy management
RM right mid
RM reference mission
RM relay mirror
RM remedial maintenance
RM remote manipulator
RM rendezvous maneuver
RM rescue module
RM resource management
RM resupply module
RM&P reliability, maintainability, and producibility
RM&QA reliability, maintainability, and quality assurance
RM/AS risk management/assessment system
RMA reliability, maintainability, and availability
RMA remote manipulator arm
RMC redundancy management control
RME radiation monitoring equipment
RMF RCS module forward
RMG right main gear
RMI radio magnetic indicator
RMOP resource management operation plan
RMP risk management plan
RMRS recoverable maintenance recall system
RMRS repeatable maintenance recall system
RMS random motion simulator
RMS redundancy management system
RMS remote maneuvering system
RMS remote manipulator system (subsystem)
RMS root mean square
rms radian means per second
RMU remote maneuvering unit
RN rate of change
RN resource node
RN Reynold's number
Rnet reconfiguration network
RNP rotation, nutation, and precession
RNS reusable nuclear stage
RNTS regenerative nonventing thermal system
RO radar operator
RO readout
RO receive only
RO recovery operations
RO rollover
ROADS resource and operations analysis display system
ROB right outboard
ROB rigid optical bench
ROC record of comments
ROC request of change
ROCC Range Operational Control Center
ROCC Region Operational Control Center
ROCES ranger orbiter crew escape system
ROD remotely operated door
ROEU remotely operated electrical umbilical
ROI return on investment
ROL remote operating location
ROM read-only memory
ROM rough order of magnitude
RORSAT radar ocean reconnaissance satellite
ROS read-only storage
ROS regulated oxygen supply
ROS removable overhead structure
ROS Rosman, North Carolina (STDN site)
ROSES Rockwell Operational Software Engineering System
ROSS remote orbital servicing system
ROST Rockwell operational system for trades
ROST Rockwell operations system for trades
ROT remaining operating time
ROTI recording optical tracking instrument
ROTV returnable orbital transfer vehicle
RP relative pressure
RP repair period
RP rocket propellant
RPA record and playback assembly
RPA request for procurement action
RPA request for procurement authorization
RPC remote power control
RPC remote power controller
RPD Reconfiguration Production Department
RPE reliability project engineer
RPF rapid prototyping facility
rph revolutions per hour
RPIE real property installed equipment
RPL rated power level
RPL Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
rpm revolutions per minute
rpm rotations per minute
RPO radiation protection officer
RPOC Remote Payload Operations Center
RPP reinforced pyrolytic plastic
RPP reliability program plan
RPS record and playback system (subsystem)
RPS RMS planning system
rps revolutions per second
RPSF Rotation Processing and Surge Facility
RPT resident provisioning team
RPT rudder pedal transducer
RPTA rudder pedal transducer assembly
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
RQ respiratory quotient
RR range rate
RR readiness review
RR register to register
RR rendezvous radar
RR requirements review
RR respiration rate
RRB Requirements Review Board
RRDA rendezvous radar deployment actuator
RRDCT risk reduction data collection task
RREA rendezvous radar electronics assembly
RREU rendezvous radar electronics unit
RRL rudder reference line
RRP rudder reference plane
RRS restraint release system
RRS retrorocket system
RRT rendezvous radar transducer
RRT rendezvous radar transfer
RRT rendezvous radar transponder
RS Rawinsonde
RS redundancy status
RS redundant set
RS refurbishment spare
RS register to storage
RS remote station
RS right side
RS&S receiving, shipping, and storage
RSA rapid simulation aid
RSA rate sensor assembly
RSA rheometrics solids analyzer
RSB rudder/speed brake
RSC range safety command
RSC range safety control
RSCIE remote station communication interface equipment
RSCR range safety command receiver
RSCS rate stabilization and control system
RSCSS range safety command shutdown system
RSD range support document
RSD requirements and specifications document
RSDB Rockwell supplier data base
RSDP remote site data processor
RSEAM Rockwell system engineering analysis model
RSF receiving-safing facility
RSF Refurbishment and Subassembly Facility (KSC)
RSI rate stability indicator
RSI reusable surface insulation
RSIOP red single integrated operations plan
RSIOP Russian strategic integrated operational plan
RSL requirement specification language
RSL resource support list
RSLS redundant set launch sequence
RSMM redundant system monitor model
RSO Radiological Safety Office
RSO range safety officer
RSO resident space object
RSOC Rockwell Space Operations Company
RSPL recommended spare parts list
RSR release schedule record
RSRA rotor system research aircraft
RSRB redesigned solid rocket booster
RSRM redesigned solid rocket motor
RSS range safety switch
RSS range safety system
RSS reactant supply system
RSS restart selectover system
RSS rib structure station
RSS root sum square
RSS rotating service structure
RSSPO Resident Space Shuttle Project Office
RST recessed selectomatic terminal
RSU remote service unit
RSV ready storage vessel
RT real time
RT reference trajectory
RT room temperature
R-T resistance test
RT/LO receiver transmitter/local oscillator
RTAC Research and Technology Advisory Committee
RTAW Rockwell tandem arc weld
RTB resistance temperature bulb
RTC real-time clock
RTC real-time command
RTC real-time computer
RTC room-temperature cure
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RTCC Real-Time Computer Center (NASA)
RTCC real-time command controller
RTCC real-time computer command (uplink)
RTCC real-time computer complex
RTCE rotation/translation control electronics
RTCP real-time communications processor
RTCPS real-time computer program system
RTCS real-time computer system
RTD real-time data
RTD real-time display
RTD resistance temperature device
RTD resistance thermal device
RTDD release to design development
RTE responsible test engineer
RTF return to flight
RTFSS real-time flight safety software
RTG radioisotope thermoelectric generator
RTG range to ground
RTHC rotational-translational hand controller
RTHS real-time hybrid system
RTIF real-time interface
RTLS return to launch site
RTM release to manufacturing
RTM robot task measurement
RTO rapid turn-on
RTOK retest okay
RTOP research and technology objectives and plans
RTOP research and technology operating plan
RTPM real-time program management
RTS range tracking station
RTS real-time subsystem
RTS real-time supply
RTS reliability test specimen
RTS remote tracking station
RTSF real-time simulation facility
RTSS real-time simulation system
RTTV real-time television
RTU remote terminal unit
RTV room-temperature vulcanizing
RTVM requirements and test verification matrix
RU remote unit
RV recirculation valve
RV recovery vehicle
RV reentry vehicle
RV relief valve
RVAO reentry vehicle associated object
RVAS requirements verification and accounting system
RVCF remote vehicle checkout facility
RVCN requirement verification completion notice
RVDISC RV discrimination
RVDT rotary variable differential transducer
RVDT rotary variable differential transformer
RVN requirements verification network
RVR requirement verification revision
RVR runway visual range
RVRS requirements verification review sheet
RVTAPS RV track and prediction simulation
RW reaction wheel
RW read and write
RW response word
RW runway
RWD right wing down
RWE read/write electronics
RWM read and write memory
RYD real-year dollars
RZ return to zero
S stere
S- Saturn stage (followed by Roman numeral)
S&A safe and arm
S&A science and application
S&AD Science and Applications Directorate
S&C stabilization and control
S&E Science and Engineering (MSFC directorate)
S&E sensors and effectors
S&H sample and hold
S&MST space and missile system test
S&PA safety and product assurance
S&SED Satellite and Space Electronics Division (Rockwell)
S* second (astronomical tables)
S/A safe and arm
S/A scheduled/actual
S/A site activation
S/A solar array
S/A spacecraft adapter
S/A subaccount
S/A subassembly
S/A supplemental agreement
S/A swing arm
S/AC stabilization/attitude control
S/B serial block
S/B standby
S/C security code
S/C sensor/controller
S/C signal conditioner
S/C software contractor
S/C spacecraft
S/C splitter/combiner
S/C stabilization and control
S/C strip chart (recorder)
S/C subcontractor
S/CO spacecraft observer
S/DG strap-down gyro
S/E service equipment
S/EOS standard Earth observation satellite
S/F safety factor
S/F single flow
S/F static firing
S/G salary grade
S/G strain gauge
S/I system integration
S/L shop laboratory
S/L space laboratory
S/M scheduled maintenance
S/M service module
S/M service/maintenance
S/M systems management
S/N serial number
S/N service note
S/N signal-to-noise ratio
S/O shutoff
S/O switchover
S/P serial to parallel
S/P signal processor
S/R send and receive
S/R shift register
S/R stimulus/response
S/S signal strength
S/S single side band
S/S subsystem
s/s samples per second
s/s symbols per second
S/U setup
S/V space vehicle
S/V supply valve
S/V survivability/vulnerability
S/VAR survivability/vulnerability analysis report
S/W software
S3 sortie support system
S3/E SBKEW system simulator/emulator
S3E SABIR system simulator/emulator
SA safing area
SA structural analyzer (computer program)
SA subaccount
SA supplemental agreement
SA support area
SA swing arm
SA selective availability
SA shaft angle
SA shop aid
SA signature analysis
SA single access
SA site activation
SA solar array
SA spectrum analyzer
SA&I Systems Analysis and Integration (MSFC)
SAA science and applications mission
SAA south Atlantic anomaly
SAAC schedule allocation and control
SAALC San Antonio Air Logistics Center
SAAS Shuttle aerospace actuator simulator
SAAX science and applications mission
SAB Satellite Assembly Building
SAB Shuttle Assembly Building
SAB source approval bulletin
SAB Spacecraft Assembly Building
SAB Storage and Assembly Building
SABIR space-based interceptor
SABS shared-aperture boresight sensor
SAC sequencing and application controller
SAC Space Applications Corporation
SAC Strategic Air Command
SAC Support Action Center
SACCS SAC automated command control system
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
SACS software avionics command support
SACTO Sacramento Test Operations
SAD Shuttle authorized document
SAD spacecraft attitude display
SAD special adapter device
SAD system allocation document
SADEC spin axis declination
SADPT solar array drive and power transfer
SADT structured analysis and design technique
SADT systems analysis and design technique
SAE shaft angle encoded
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAEF Spacecraft Assembly and Encapsulation Facility (KSC)
SAF Secretary of the Air Force
SAF secured access facility
SAF spacecraft assembly facility
SAF special-access facility
SAFE safing and failure detection expert
SAFE San Andreas Fault experiment
SAFSP Secretary of the Air Force Special Projects
SAGE semiautomatic ground environment
SAGE stratospheric aerosol gas experiment
SAIC Science Applications International Corporation
SAIC Scientific Applications Instrumentation Corporation
SAID Shuttle authorized item document
SAIL Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory
SAINT satellite interceptor program
SAIP spares acquisition integrated with production
SAJ subassembly jig
SAL San Salvador Island
SAL scientific airlock
SAL Shuttle Avionics Laboratory
SAL strategic arms limitation
SAL Supersonic Aerophysics Laboratory
SALC Sacramento Air Logistics Center
SALT standard analysis language translator
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SAM School of Aerospace Medicine (Air Force)
SAM Shuttle attachment manipulator
SAM special air mission
SAM supportability assessment model
SAM surface-to-air missile
SAM system activation and monitoring
SAMP Shuttle automated mass properties
SAMS Shuttle altitude measuring system
SAMS Shuttle attached manipulator system
SAMS Space Acceleration Measurement System
SAMTEC Space and Missile Test Center (VAFB, California)
SAMTECM Space and Missile Test Center Manual
SAMTO Space and Missile Test Organization
SAND site activation need data
SANDAC Sandia airborne computer guidance system
SANGUINE Navy ELF network
SANS stellar autonomous navigation system
SAP strain arrester plate
SAPMD stand-alone pressure measurement device
SAR safety analysis report
SAR support action request
SAR synthetic-aperture radar
SAR system assessment review
SAR search and rescue
SAR site action request
SAR special access required
SAR special action request
SAR special action requirement
SAR storage address register
SAR subsequent applications review
SAR summary analysis report
SARAH search and range homing
SARP safety analysis report for packaging
SARP Shuttle astronaut recruitment program
SARP small autonomous research package
SART stimuli analog refresh table
SAS software approval sheet
SAS software automation subpanel
SAS solar array simulator
SAS solar array system
SAS stability augmentation subsystem
SAS surveillance architecture study
SASCB Shuttle Avionics Software Control Board
SASE standards analysis, synthesis, and expression
S-ASKR semiactive seeker
SASR Shuttle avionics status review
SASR Shuttle avionics system review
SASS spectral agile sensor system
SASTP stand-alone self-test program
SAT static air temperature
SAT surveillance, acquisition, and tracking
SAT systems approach to training
SATAF Shuttle Activation Task Force
SATAF Site Activation Task Force
SATCOM satellite communications
SATCON satellite connectivity simulation
SATE semiautomatic test equipment
SATKA surveillance, acquisition, tracking, and kill assessment
SATO Shuttle attached teleoperator
SATO supply and transportation operations
SATPLAN satellite assessment tool
SATS Shuttle avionics test set
SATS Shuttle avionics test station
SATS small applications technology satellite
SATS station accommodation test site
SATS supplier assessment tracking system
SATS supply and transportation support
SATSIM satellite target sensing simulation
SAU strap-around unit
SAU&SE SDI systems architecture utility and survivability
SAV-D Space Shuttle display development compiler
SAW satellite attack warning
SAW/V satellite attack warning/verification
SAWBOC system analysis with blockout considerations
SB small business
SB space base
SB speed brake
SB synchronization base
SB synchronization bit
SB/M switchable bandpass/mirror
SB/SDB small business/small disadvantaged business
SBA seat-back assembly
SBA Small Business Administration
SBA structure-borne acoustic
SBA switchable beam antenna
SBAS S-band antenna switch
SBCR stock balance and consumption report
SBD schematic block diagram
SBDEW space-based, directed-energy weapon
SBDEWSIM space-based, directed-energy weapon simulation
SBE sub-bit encoder
SBFS Space Businesses Financial Services
SBHC speed brake hand controller
SBI space-based interceptor
SBKEW space-based kinetic-energy weapon
SBKEWS space-based kinetic-energy weapon system
SBKKV space-based kinetic kill vehicle
SBKKVWS space-based kinetic kill vehicle weapon system
SBL space-based laser
SBLIP Space-Based Laser Intercept Program
SBM strategic ballistic missile
SBMS space-based battle manager satellite
SBMS spaceborne battle management satellite
SBNPB space-based neutral particle beam
SBNWS Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station
SBOTV space-based OTV
SBP San Luis Obispo (TACAN station)
SBP sonic boom panel
SBP Strategic Business Plan
SBPA S-band power amplifier
SBR space-based radar
SBS satellite business system
SBS scientific business satellite
SBSS space-based space surveillance
SBSS space-based surveillance system
SBTC speed brake/thrust controller
SBTO speed brake takeover
SBUE switch backup entry
SBX S-band transponder
SC Science Center
SC superimposed current
SC support contractor
SC surface command
SC system characterization
SC system concept
SC separation and control
SC service charge
SC signal conditioner
SC single contact
SC software change
SC spacecraft
SC statement of capability
SC statement of compatibility
SC/SM spacecraft systems monitor
SC/TC spacecraft test conductor
SCA schedule change authorization
SCA system controller assembly
SCA SDI communications architecture
SCA sequence control area
SCA sequence control assembly
SCA Service Contract Act
SCA Shuttle carrier aircraft
SCA simulation control area
SCA sneak circuit analysis
SCA software command analysis
SCAMA station conferencing and monitoring agreement
SCAN selected current aerospace notice
SCAN Shuttle connector analysis network
SCAP Shuttle configuration analysis program
SCAPE self-contained atmosphere protective ensemble
SCAR safety change assessment report
SCARS serialized control and record system
SCARS sneak-circuit analysis report summary
SCAT space communication and tracking
SCAT storage, checkout, and transport
SCAT system commonality analysis tool
SCATS simulation control and training system
SCATS simulation, checkout, and tracking system
SCB Schedule Control Board
SCB Selection Control Board
SCB selector control box
SCB Software Control Board
SCB Specification Control Board
SCB steering control box
SCBD seller's configuration baseline document
SCC Safety Control Center
SCC Scientific Computing Center
SCC secondary control code
SCC Simulation Control Center
SCC simulation configuration control
SCC Standing Consultative Commission
SCC System Control Center
scc standard cubic centimeter
SCCB Site Configuration Control Board
SCCB Software Change Control Board
SCCB Software Configuration Control Board
SCCC Spacecraft Command and Control Center
SCCE signal conditioning control electronics
scch standard cubic centimeters per hour
sccm standard cubic centimeters per minute
sccs standard cubic centimeters per second
SCD SCM comparison display
SCD source control drawing
SCD specification change drawing
SCD specification control document
SCD specification control drawing
SCD system concept definition
SCDP simulation control data package
SCDR seller critical design review
SCDR Shuttle critical design review
SCDR software critical design review
SCDR subcontractor critical design review
SCDS secure central data subsystem
SCDU signal conditioning and display unit
SCE signal conditioning equipment
SCE sortie cargo element
SCE Space Transportation System cargo element
SCEA signal conditioning electronics assembly
SCF Satellite Control Facility
SCF sequence compatibility firing
SCF spacecraft control facility
SCF Sunnyvale Control Facility
scf standard cubic feet
scfh standard cubic feet per hour
scfm standard cubic feet per minute
scfs standard cubic feet per second
SCG Security Classification Guide
SCGSS supercritical gas storage system
SCI seller configuration inspection
SCI sensitive compartmented information
SCI software customer inspection
SCI switch closure in
SCIF sensitive compartmented information facility
SCIM Shuttle cargo integration manager
scim standard cubic inches per minute
SCIP self-contained instrument package
SCIP Shuttle cargo integration plan
scis standard cubic inches per second
SCIT standard change integration and tracking
SCIT system concept and integrated technology
SCIU selector control interface unit
SCIU sortie control interface unit
SCL safety checklist
SCL secondary coolant line
SCL secondary coolant loop
SCL specification change log
SCLM stability, control, and load maneuver
SCM schedule/configuration management
SCM software configuration management
SCM software configuration manager
SCM system (subsystem) configuration management
SCM system configuration monitoring
SCM system control module
SCMO Software Configuration Management Office
SCMP software configuration management plan
SCMP system contractor management plan
SCMU satellite control and monitor unit
SCN schedule change notice
SCN specification change notice
SCNP specification change notice proposal
SCO spacecraft operator
SCO start checkout
SCO subcarrier oscillator
SCO supercritical oxygen
SCO switch closure out
SCOE special checkout equipment
SCOMP secure communications protocol
SCOR SMS Comsec Operation Room
SCOS subsystem computer operating system
SCP scanner control power
SCP site configuration package
SCP specific candlepower
SCR SAIL change request
SCR schedule change request
SCR signal conditioner
SCR silicon controller rectifier
SCR sneak-circuit report
SCR software change request
SCR space-constructible radiator
SCR strip chart recorder
SCRAM station crew return alternative module
SCRB Software Configuration Review Board
SCRB STSOC Configuration Review Board
SCRG System Change Review Group (MSFC)
SCRL station configuration requirement list
SCRP Secure Communications Requirements Panel
SCRPC Southern California Regional Purchasing Council
SCRS strip chart recording system
SCS secondary coolant system
SCS serialization card system
SCS service and checkout system
SCS signature control system
SCS spacecraft control system
SCS stabilization and control system (subsystem)
SCS system control station
SCSAP SCS adjust panel
SCSCP SCS control panel
SCSG single-channel signal generator
SCSMSP SCS mode select panel
SCSS satellite control simulation system
SCT signal channel transponder
SCTE S-band communication and tracking equipment
SCTE spacecraft central timing equipment
SCU secondary control unit
SCU sequence control unit
SCU sequential control unit
SCU service and cooling umbilical
SCU Shuttle configuration unit
SCU signal conditioner unit
SCU signal control unit
SCVE spacecraft vicinity equipment
SCW search-complete word
SD signal digitizer
SD solar dynamic
SD Space Division
SD spares disposition
SD specification document
SD&EOSD Strategic Defense and Electro-Optics Systems
SD&FS smoke detection and fire suppression
SD&I system development and integration
SD/AFSC Space Division/Air Force Systems Command
SD/IN Space Division/Intelligence
SD/SP Space Division Directorate of Security
SD/YO Space Division director, Operations Support and Integration, deputy commander for Space
SDA shaft drive axis
SDA source data automation
SDAF SRB Retrieval and Disassembly Facility
SDAG Strategic Defense Advisory Group
SDAP Shuttle descent analysis program
SDAT spacecraft data analysis team
SDB shallow-draft barge
SDB shallow-draft board
SDB small disadvantaged business
SDBC software development baseline control
SDC signal data converter
SDC software development computer
SDC Space Data Corporation
SDC spares disposition code
SDC Strategic Defense Center
SDC Strategic Defense Command (U.S. Army)
SDC System Development Corporation
SDCC Strategic Defense Command Center
SDC-CC Space Defense Command Communication Center
SDC-OC Space Defense Command Operations Center
SDCP summary development cost plan
SDCS SAIL data communications system
SDD Shuttle design directive
SDD software description document
SDD software design document
SDD system for distributed data base
SDD systems development device
SDDD software detailed design document
SDDL software design and document language
SDE software development environment
SDE Space Division evaluator
SDEF Service Development Evaluation Facility
SDF safing and deservicing facility
SDF Shuttle Development Facility
SDF simulation data file
SDF single degree of freedom
SDF software development facility
SDF software development file
SDF system development facility (breadboard)
SDG strap-down gyro
SDH Software Development Handbook
SDH System Definition Handbook
SDHS satellite data handling system
SDI selective dissemination of information
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
SDIF software development and integration facility
SDIL spacecraft DCD interface logic
SDIO Strategic Defense Initiative Office
SDIP Strategic Defense Initiative Program
SDL SAIL difference list
SDL scenario description language
SDL Software Development Laboratory
SDL Software Development Library
SDL standard distribution list
SDL system design language
SDLV Shuttle-derived launch vehicle
SDM Shuttle data management
SDM Shuttle Definition Manual
SDM Subsystem Design Manual
SDM System Definition Manual
SDMB Shuttle Discrepancy Management Board
SDMS Shuttle data management system
SDN safety discrepancy notice
SDN software development note
SDNS secure data network system
SDOF single degree of freedom
SDOPS strategic defense operational planning support
SDP sensor data processing
SDP Shuttle data processor
SDP site data processor
SDP software development plan
SDP standard data processor
SDP strategic defense program
SDP subsystem development plan
SDPC Shuttle Data Processing Complex
SDPLV Shuttle-derived-propellant launch vehicle
SDQA Space Division Quality Assurance
SDR sensor data record
SDR serial data receiver
SDR series dissipating regulator
SDR software design requirement
SDR software design review
SDR Spacelab disposition record (ESA)
SDR storage data register
SDR system design review
SDR systems definitions review
SDRB Software Design Review Board
SDRL subcontract data requirements list
SDRL subcontractor data requirements list
SDRS Shuttle display reconfiguration system
SDS satellite data system
SDS strategic defense system
SDS scientific data system
SDS Shuttle dynamic simulation
SDS Shuttle dynamic simulator
SDS simulation data subsystem
SDS smoke detector system
SDS software design specification
SDS Space Defense System
SDS steering and damping subsystem
SDSS Space Division Shuttle simulator
SDT Shuttle data tape
SDT structural dynamic test
SDTA structural dynamic test article
SDTS satellite data transmission system
SDV Shuttle-derived vehicle
SDVF software development and verification facility
SE support equipment
SE system effectiveness
SE system element
SE system evaluator
SE systems engineering
S-E survivability-endurance
SE&A system engineering and analysis
SE&I systems engineering and integration
SE&TD system engineering and technical direction
SE/FAC support equipment facility
SEA scanning electrostatic analysis
SEA silicon elastometer ablator
SEACF support equipment assembly and checkout facility
SEADS Shuttle entry air data sensor
SEAGA selective employment of airborne and ground alert
SEAID support equipment abbreviated items description
SEAM system engineering and analysis management
SEAPG Support Equipment Acquisition Planning Group
SEASIM system element attrition simulation
SEB scientific equipment bay
SEB Source Evaluation Board
SEB support equipment building
SEB systems engineering branch
SEC sequential events controller
SEC Source Evaluation Committee
SEC split expander cycle
SECO sustainer engine cutoff
SECOR sequential collation or range
SECP SE computer program
SECS sequential events control system
SECS Shuttle events control subsystem