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- The Art of the Desert -

Twentynine Palms, July 2009


Page 1 - Wednesday July 01:  Cross-country Drive, Meteor Crater Arizona, First Look at 
Fierce Desert, First Look at Newt and Cathy's Place in Wonder Valley, First
               Look at Newt and Cathy's Art

Page 2 - Thursday July 02:  The Art of the Surround, The Art of the Art

Page 3 - Friday July 03:  First Dawn, Joshua Tree National Park, Noah Purifoy's
                Heartbreaking Art

Page 4 - Saturday July 04:  A Tale of Creosote Tea, Centerline Heatwalk, Dust Devil

Page 5 - Sunday July 05:  Through the Pinto Basin, Down Along the East Shore of the
               Salton Sea, A Hundred Miles to Salvation Mountain & Leonard Knight's
               Incredible Explosion of Primitive Art

Page 6 - Tuesday July 07:  Abandoned Homesteader Cabins, Art Inside the Studio,
                Photographs of the Heat Outside, Newt's "Artist's Statement," More
                Homesteader Shacks, Stray Thoughts and Observations

Page 7 - Wednesday July 08:  Taking Cathy's Tree to the Palm Springs Museum of Art
Bonzo the Flying Torpedo Dog of Death Finally Gets Me

Page 8 - Thursday July 09:  Gold Park - Echoes of Desolation

Page 9 - Friday July 10:  Last Day, A Drive to Amboy Crater