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- A Hundred Miles From Nowhere -

Twentynine Palms, June 2010


Page 1 - Introduction

Page 2 - Tuesday June 15:  Flying Through the Air, A Warm Arrival, Gorgeous Night Sky

Page 3 - Wednesday June 16:  Morning Walkaround with Lots of Pictures, and a
                Warning to Please Mind the Sidewinders

Page 4 - Thursday June 17:  Pictures of Art, Ranching with Steve & Robin, Through a
                Glass Darkly

Page 5 - Friday June 18:  Construction, Desert Tortoises, Dogs and Desolation

Page 6 - Saturday June 19:  Hanging the Hood, Art in the Studio and Art in the Home

Page 7 - Sunday June 20:  Desert Dawn, New Boots, Government Surveillance Tree,
               A Walk in the Heat with Bonzo, Faint Echoes of Long-Gone Children,
Mountains All Around You

Page 8 - Monday June 21:  Summer Solstice, Hundred Miles to Corn Springs,
                Petroglyphs, One-Lane Dirt Track of Death We Didn't Take, The Whole World
                as Bleached Bone

Page 9 - Tuesday June 22:  Ranching with Newt on the Shower Enclosure, 45 Minutes of
                Peace & Quiet

Page 10 - Wednesday June 23:  More Art, Vampire Wasps, More Ranching with Newt,
                  Shirtless Heat

Page 11 - Thursday June 24:  Still More Art, Shack Walk with Newt and Cathy, Gathering
                 Dark & Moon

Page 12 - Friday June 25:  Last Day, Hundred Miles to Mitchell Caverns, Impossible
                  Desolation, Carbon Monoxide, Another Beautiful Sky as Dark Descends