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Pat O'Hare's Place - Page 1

Pat O'Hare was kind enough to let me into his home and allow me take pictures. He is just about as "Cocoa Beach" as it gets, in case anybody was wondering, and my puny skills are no match for such a subject. He is also a Good Man, who has lead a Good Life, and lives in a Good Place. And I blundered through it with a camera and attempted to capture some of the essence of it all. It didn't work, but I tried.

I've been holding on to these photographs for a pretty good little while now, and for some weird reason I've been unable to gather them together into a coherent whole that I can be happy with as a decent photo essay. I've made several attempts prior to this one, and every time I've had to crumple it all up and throw it all away because it just would not measure up. And I'm still unhappy with where I'm going here, but I've decided that I'm just gonna keep plugging away at it this time, and whatever the hell it winds up looking like is what it's going to wind up looking like, and now that I think about it, I'm guessing that I want this thing to measure up to what I believe Pat deserves, and maybe that's my whole problem right there. I don't feel like I'm doing Pat justice, no matter what I do. And, in truth, that's probaly the case. I think maybe I think too much, too. So ok. So here goes, Pat. It's unworthy, and we both know it, but we can play "let's pretend" and we can pretend it's worthy, ok?

So here's a few pictures, to make of what you will.

Pat O'Hare
You wish you lived in a place this nice.
 Simple. Beautiful.  
Down-home Surf-home
Awning Door at Pat O'Hare's place.
Chop Wood, Carry Water.