Puerto Rico - November 2008


Page 1 - Wednesday November 19:  Arrival Day: David, Bogie, Claudie, Small Fun Stuff at
               Surfer's Beach, A Free Pork Chop, and a Marvelous Puerto Rican Vibe as
               Evening Falls

Page 2 - Thursday November 20:  The Waves Arrive But So Does the Wind, Fun in the
                Late-Afternoon Chunks at Maria's

Page 3 - Friday November 21:  Bogie Escapes!, Jimbo Takes Nothing but Photographs at
               Aguadilla Harbor, Schoolyard's, Tres Palmas, Maria's & Dogman's, but Finally
               Takes Some Waves at Schoolyard's on the Way Home

Page 4 - Saturday November 22:  Working All the Angles on a Dropping Swell at Piston's

Page 5 - Sunday November 23:  Faded Waves Calypso Scene

Page 6 - Monday November 24:  Last Day, The Waves Come Back with a Bang, Almost
                but Not Quite at Tres, Little Malibu Dribble, Weirdiewaves at Rincon
                Balneario, Sendoff Session in Respectable Maria's