Reenie P - Letting The Material Speak For Itself

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Reenie is an artist.

Reenie's work is so deceptively simple that it creates problems when you try to describe it.

Reenie works in wood, and the essence of her work is that she examines a raw piece of material with what I can only assume are X-Ray eyes, sees what's inside of it, removes such overburden as may be blocking what's inside of it from view, and then very kindly gets out of the way and lets the wood do all of the talking from there on.

Seems simple enough, doesn't it?

It's not.

You will see.
So I think what I'm going to do is just start out right here with a sprinkling of more or less random stuff to give you a sort of vague sense of the direction in which things are going to go, and then follow that with a page on Reenie's work area, and then follow that with pages of closer looks at the embarrassment of riches which her work comprises.

There are twelve pages, total, in this photo essay, and any one of them contains much that is worthy of extended contemplation. Reenie's work is rich, ramified, and rife with allegory. The more time any one image is given, the more that image will give back in return.

For those of you with large monitors, by all means click any interesting images you find, to look at enlargements of them.

Go down to the bottom of this page, and click some of the numbers. Flip around, and do not worry about where you land, or what you may find there. When something catches your eye, by all means allow it to. Give willingly of your time, and above all else, do not feel compelled to race through these marvelous creations, in an effort to "finish first" or otherwise put the whole thing behind you without having actually seen any of it. Don't do this all at once, please. Be sure to put it down, walk away from it, and return again some other time.

You will see.

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Spare, simple. Deceptively simple. Maddeningly simple. Gorgeously simple.
Indescribeable form, symmetry, and beauty.
Swirls and circles, large and small, on and on, without end.
Mother nature does her thing, and Reenie just rolls with it. Which is exactly how it should be.